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The BibleWhy should we believe–as Jesus did–that it is ‘the mouth of God’?When did it come into existence?Is it inerrant?What do we need to learn in order to understand it better?How does its teaching change our lives?In From the Mouth of God Sinclair B Ferguson answers these and other important uestions about trusting reading and applying the Bible

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    Really interesting and helpful book exploring the nature and application of the Bible The first part Trusting the Bible explains clearly how we can know the Bible is the Word of God I liked what Ferguson said about the relationship between the Bible's divine and human authorship In one and the same event God is active in a 'God way' while we are active in a 'human way' We cannot collapse these two dimensions into one and apportion say fifty per cent of the action to God and fifty per cent to man p11The second part Reading the Bible breaks down different styles and genres and gives practical help for daily devotion Then the final section Applying the Bible explains the use of God's Word in our day to day lives We do not grow as Christians merely by taking our spiritual temperature Scripture teaches us that maturity comes from the life transforming renewal of our minds That in turn comes from actually understanding and learning to apply God's word to our lives p69All in all a very encouraging book both interesting from a historical scholarly point of view and convicting as it shows that the Word of the Lord is living and active sharper than any two edged sword Hebrews 4v12

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    I'm glad I read this book It was a valuable reminder to me of the importance of taking heed to God's WordWhat I Liked This author made several very valid points on WHY we can trust the Bible as God's infallible Word long with giving some practical advise on growing in our own spiritual walks with God through our in depth study of the Bible I so appreciated this author's helpful hints and helpful suggestions on how to better cling to the Word of God I think this book would also be an excellent resource for new believers as well In a world where God's Word is constantly being undermined and uestioned this book was a breath of fresh air as my resolve was strengthened that I CAN trust God's WordWhat I Didn't Like While I don't think that there was anything I didn't like about this book the writing style was such that it was difficult to keep my attention with this book But that of course is just my personal opinion and other people might find that this book kept them uite interested all the way through I give this book 35 stars for a very helpful encouraging book

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    This is an excellent beginner to intermediate level look at how to study the Word of God I utilized it in an online Bible study and appreciated the breakdown of “Trusting the Bible” “Reading the Bible” and “Applying the Bible” Sinclair Ferguson is an excellent deep theologian and yet he finds a way with his pastoral heart to write a book that is accessible to all I’d hand this book in a heartbeat to a new Christian or someone who has a been a follower of Christ for decades

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    Read this in 10 min slots as a supplement to my main uiet time Comprehensive and helpful overview of why the Bible is worth studying and how to approach itThere must be discipline Otherwise our study of God's word will be crowded out of our lives and become an 'extra' rather than a necessityMake it a priority Eph 516 KJV redeem the time includes a powerful theological motivation even our Bible study is influenced by the cross We must use time as those who present themselves as living sacrifices to the Lord Rom 121 2Read the whole Bible you will be struck by the way the various tributaries of Scripture run together in a massive river of truth and graceMan cannot live by bread alone but by every word that comes from the mouth of God

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    Sinclair B Ferguson presents a concise but well thought out and surprisingly comprehensive book on approaching the Scriptures Though there might be a minute point here and there I would take issue with he spends a far too long arguing a semantic issue between inerrancy and infallibility for example Ferguson presents his perspectives in a logical and clear fashion that often proves uite illuminating His discussion of why the Scriptures can be trusted as the word of God is incredibly helpful never sinking to mere apologetics but instead hinging on the thematic continuity and spiritual conviction of faith His discussion of how the Holy Spirit works through the conviction of God's primary revelation in His word is also helpfulHis methodology lays out clearly and helpfully the urgent need to take the Bible first as what the Bible meant to its original readers Context is vital to study for these works were written by men for men and in order to fully grasp what God is speaking to us in the present we must understand the authorial intent in the past Ferguson rightly critiues the modern day Protestant tendency to immediately interpret Scripture through the lens of what I see in it Keeping the Grand Narrative of Scripture in mind is vital to Ferguson and his later application chapters illuminate not only methods of reading Scripture but reveals significant truths about how Christians ought to approach their walks in Christ in perseverance reflection and constant openness to the conviction of the Spirit through ScriptureFerguson's work is surprisingly in depth for its length and breadth of subject and I found it immensely thought provoking and helpful in thinking through how I approach Scripture I definitely recommend this for anyone who wishes to gain some insight into how to read what has become a sadly misunderstood and often maligned text

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    A must read book for every Christian

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    An excellent introduction to the doctrine of Scripture and to the discipline of Bible study This is a great book for beginners and a great reminder for scholars

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    Excellent aid to help you understand the Bible and it's context and how you might best learn from it

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    This is a theologically reliable insightful yet practical basic book on the Doctrine of Scripture Dr Ferguson explains what the Bible is how we got it why we should trust it how we should study it and how we should be guided by it in our lives This edition includes excellent appendices by John Murray and John Newton on the do's and don'ts of getting divine guidance While this is a basic book it is one which we should read and refer to throughout the seasons of life because the Bible is our light and our spiritual food which we need until we reach glory

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    Ferguson explains the reliability and relevance of the Bible in this worthwhile study of the Scripture Note This is a significantly expanded and revised version of Ferguson’s “Handle with Care” from 1982 He takes readers on a three pronged journey that offers instruction in how to trust read and apply the Bible Writing as one who has studied preached and lived the Scriptures faithfully gives weight to his words and his pastoral heart provides a steady voice