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The Daddy Surprise Since the loss of his wife Alex Ryan has been living a half life But with one phone call Alex discovers he's the biological father of a four year old girland everything changes Single mom Paige Kenner preferred to have a family without the man Now suddenly there's Alex who desperately wants to be a father to her little girl A gorgeous kind and committed father Letting a stranger into their lives is far too dangerous—especially if his presence stirs a part of Paige that she longs to forget

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    Alex Ryan misses his wife who died of cancer They'd planned a family but her illness stopped all that When the fertility clinic calls and tells him owing to a mix up that he is the biological father of a little girl now aged 4 he is desperate to meet herSingle mother Paige Kenner can't believe the news What she thought would be an anonymous donor is at her house looking so much like her little girl that she doesn't need the DNA test she has to insist upon having completed How can she share her daughter's life especially with a man when all her previous encounters with men have ended disastrously? She has to protect Kaylie no uestionBut what she doesn't count on is how she too falls under his spell She doesn't want to but can't seem to stop herself and soon sees in his actions that Alex has fallen in love with her daughter His daughter But can they ever be a real family? Especially when her parents are so unsupportive of her life and are very likely to refuse to accept Alex? Doesn't he still love his late wife and her parents?The crisis comes out of left field leaving both Alex and Paige shaken to the core Thank goodness Kaylie doesn't see the problem But how will Alex and Paige deal with what neither of them ever expected?

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    Did Not Like This Book A Twist That Ruined It For MeI found this story interesting at first and was enjoying the read but after getting into it a little ways it uickly became very redundant The same feelings and emotions over and over again wash rinse repeat She wants himwon't let herself have him and we hearread this continually throughout the book The only reason for giving this two stars instead of one is because of the HEAfinally Alex Ryan lost his wife the love of his life to cancer four years ago He has been merely existing certainly not living His in laws especially the mother in law makes sure to keep him living in the past scared to death that he may move on She is one wacky woman mentally unstable and the bane to his existence in my opinionnot his It was uite sick and sad that she wanted Alex to remain living in the past spending all his time keeping his dead wife's memory alive 247 The really aggravating point here is that Alex allowed this He went to spend the day once a week with the in laws still just as he and his wife had throughout their marriage Instead of speaking his mind and beginning a new life he did whatever she suggested giving into her every whim and he was constantly concerned about her and that fed into her instability I was so disappointed in him for going along with this craziness until close to the end They loved him no doubt but she was determined to keep her daughter alive in her life as well as Alex's so he would refuse to move on She thought of him as a son since his parents were dead and was scared out of her wits that she would lose himPaige Kenner is a single woman who decides to have a child on her own no help from a man thank you very much Using a local sperm bank she had a lovely daughter She had made uite a few bad choices in earlier years mostly due to her horrific parents They are the absolute worst book parents I have ever read about Disgustingly cruel She can do no right For me it was over the top for her parents to be so awful and for Alex's in laws who he looked to as parents to be so controlling of him and his life Just too much for one book It discolored this story and just made it unbelievableAlex and his wife had used IVF to get pregnant but it never happened and then she was diagnosed with cancer and died Alex having the eggs and sperm destroyed One day he gets a call from the sperm bank informing him that his specimen had been mistakenly used and as a result he was the biological father of a daughter He goes to meet his daughter's mother and begins to visit regularly to get to know them They fall in love and life is finally after much angst and struggle very good and love abounds Thenanother heartbreaking tragedy around 80% A cruel twist of fate that nearly destroys Alex and their relationship That is when my opinion changed dramatically from a pretty fair book to one I was sorry I read It ruined the story for me and it failed to redeem itself in my eyes I am a firm believer that there needs to be a balance in books It is disturbing when most of the book is angst filled sad and heartbreaking How much did this author want Alex to suffer through? Wasn't losing his wife enough? Was it really necessary to have this major twist happen to this family unit that was just beginning? Nofor me it was not necessary to add any heartache It tipped the book over the edge The story was much too long and drawn out frustratingly soThis is my honest opinion and I am still upset a day after completing the book It actually left me feeling sick to my stomach and just writing this review is causing upset I am sorry to say that I personally cannot recommend this book I see by the few reviews that I am definitely in the minority but this is simply how the book made me feel I don't like to feel sad heartbroken and frustrated after completing a bookeven taken into consideration that the ending was okay The last 20% was the ruination of 'The Daughter He Wants'

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    Paige was an elementary school art teacher Her parents had never been supportive She had a four year old daughter Kaylie Paige had gone to raise fertility clinic for a donor and Paige had made herself a happy family Alex was a park ranger He wanted a family with his wife but she needed IVF so Alex had made donations for her at the fertility clinic Human error was the message given by the fertility clinic when they explained to Alex and Paige about the sperm mix up For five years Alex had grieved the loss of his wife and now he had a daughter? Alex and Paige start a tentative relationship where Alex would get to know his daughter Fate had other plans

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    Knight’s novel is a sweet story about the power of unexpected events bringing pleasure to our lives Paige’s determination to build a family on her own after her cold upbringing and Alex’s decision to live in solitude after his wife’s death are both happily derailed by happenstance RT Book Reviews 4 stars

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    Cute story full of well developed characters I connected with Paige and Alex right away Their connection was full of heart and heat and it was a treat to see them both care for the little girl One thing I really enjoyed was how the author handled love loss and moving on I found myself scanning ahead anxious to see what happened next

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    I'm sorry but this book took me forever to get into it and even still it was not a good read for meI feel like everything was to drawn out I did like the story line though The little girl was cute but The mama kind of graded on my nerves

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    FunHolds you from the very beginning to the endMakes me laughand had me worried there for a whileA good read

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    If your looking for a sexy and sweet romance this book is for you I thought the characters were great I especially loved Alexwowhe's sexy as hell sweet as can be and still mourning his late wife but when he meets Paige his life turns around for the good and he gets back to being Alex the sexy as hell park Ranger the guy who wants to love again and have a family Paige I loved her personality I thought she was a great mom and loved how she loves her job and excepts the changes in their lives Kaylie is sweet and so damn smart you can't help but love her too But what I loved the most was the getting to know each other stages the sweet kisses the holding hands and the dysfunctional family wow Paige's mother is a witch with a Blol but I love how Paige and Alex rally together and not take crap from either family I loved their hot as hell sex too I loved halloween ok ok I know there are a lot of things I loved about this book But I did want to know what happens next for these two though like how did alex's in laws take the future and will their be another babylol I love a sexy as hell happily ever afteroh yeh and Tuck wow I hope he gets his happily ever after too great story 45 to 5 stars review by Nanee at upallnightreadalldayblogspotcom