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Vicky Thompson has secrets big ones and lots of them She knows it's wrong of her to start working at Open Skies and not tell anyone the truth but she doesn't have a choice It's not just herself that she's protecting All she's asking for is a chance just one chance to start againBy contrast Phil Dobson is nothing but totally open and honest about where he's come from he's known neglect and violence and alcoholism but he's built a new life for himself He's steady and strong and stable and he always knows when someone is hiding something And Vicky is hiding a lotAs their attraction builds Vicky is torn if she gives in to her desire shouldn't she tell Phil about her past? But if she tells him all the things that have happened and that she's done she'll surely lose him Or maybe just maybe he'll understand and want to protect her But what if even Phil can't keep her safe from the human monster who hunts her?

10 thoughts on “Open Eyes (Open Skies, #3)

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    I loved this one loved it I was intrigued by Phil the fact that he was so honest and open about his past not many can stand up and be counted like that And despite his rough past he was so very gentle and caring with Vicky sensing that this was what she needed even though she kept her secrets close to her chestVicky suffered years of abuse from her husband and was on the run I love me a woman on the run story and this one was executed so well A gentle caring alpha and a damaged woman that grows in confidence and self belief told in a fabulous story I loved it yep it bears repeating45 stars

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    Great readI loved Phil's and Vicky's relationship It had a lot of ups and downs but it was very good and it was another good read from this author

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    Good not super great I'm still at three stars because no one story gets resolved in these books and there seemed to be some pieces missingThis is about Phil and Vicky Phil's the cowboy with the hot body weathered face and checkered past whose found redemption on Open Skies Then there's Vicky who's a looking for a second chance after fleeing a troubled marriage and attempting to protect her child and her mother from the abusive husbandI felt like this relationship was so slow going that I couldn't get a handle on it We saw only glimpses at breakfasts but no other interaction then 8 months later on her birthday and her day off they get together? What do these two have in common? I'm not getting itWe still get glimpses into Julie and Jake and Rob and Tammy's relationships and all the sex they have but I felt like I understood those couples better than P and VThere is an extraordinarily violent scene near the end that you need to prepare yourself for The other books did not have violence in them so the detail was surprising And I wanted to see some revenge on the ex and walked away feeling unfulfilled in that department After that violent scene I feel like we're then rushed through to the ending The author could have done a better job with waking us through that time period where Sonia comes to the ranch and Phil and Vicky continue to grow the relationship

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    4 – 45 Stars Once again MJ gives us two strong lead characters I loved Phil he was so open about his past it was really refreshing to see someone without any skeletons hidden away ready to pounce Even with his very violent and dark past he still came over as a caring and very likable hero he was so gentle with Vicky but still an alpha I just loved him Vicky was so strong to make her escape from her idiot fucktard poor excuse of a husband and also get her daughter away from him she just couldn’t see it However with Phil there to show her she started to see herself as everyone else did a strong beautiful woman worthy of care and love

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    As someone on the older half of her lifethis story wss great It is a story of hope strength and courage which led to triumph It follows right in with the rest of the series This story is much better at standing on its own as well Again I marked off for the mid scene sexual encounters I feel these wrre unnecessary and did not add to the storyline I recommend this story to 14 due to violence and adult themes

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    I liked this than book 2 and that's partly because I was already really interested in Phil He was a great character with his complicated past I just found myself wanting the stories in this series have seemed really short There was one chapter focusing on Tammy and Rob and I found that I didn't care at all I did like catching up Julie and Jake and I'm interested to see what will happen next

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    Yay I so wanted Phil to get his own story and this one made me very happy He meets a woman who has known nothing but violence and is looking for the opposite He knows he has a very violent past but believes he can be what she needs The uestion is can he keep himself in check when her abusive past bleeds into the present? This was a short but great story and I enjoyed it thoroughly

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    This was tough subject matter I enjoyed the book this series I'm looking forward to book #5 It ties into the authors Curves series I'm reading this one because of that I liked this book because it was a believable timeframe I liked seeing Vicky grow We needed that for the story to progress

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    Phil you brilliant kind and gentle man Vicky should have kept away from you but how could she? You were exactly what she needed to show her what a beautiful person she was and how much she had to offer Loved that the couple was older makes a change

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    35 stars