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Jeremy Travers had it all A beautiful wife and son several championship buckles a sizeable bank account But he was no saint losing his son and wife due to his string of infidelities When a career ending accident changed his life he’s forced to look at the man he’d become finding himself sorely lacking any redeemable ualities The only way Lanie Callahan survived her divorce and heartbreak was to distance herself from her ex husband but she would do anything for her son including fighting to restore the father and son relationship that had fizzled since the accident Fighting opposition from her family she pushed to have Jeremy brought in to fill an open position at Whispering Winds Barriers break and walls fall down Not everything is always what it seems and sometimes it’s exactly as it appears When everything else is stripped away can two broken hearts find a way to forgiveness and a second chance?

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    Ok the book was alright but what did it for me was how little the stupid Hero if we could call him that had to grovel to get that heroine back Seriously he admitted that he had cheated on the heroine 3 times on the course of their marriage and what he returns to town gives her a few winks and makes doe eye at her and she is falling into bed with him She was the one that instigated them getting back together She was the one that had to do all the work for them and what did the cheating no good for nothing lying unfaithful dbag have to do??? nothing He got his wife back and his kid I am sure what the author was trying to show us was the growth of the H and how after his accident which by the way was because he was taking his item of the week to go get coffee instead of getting his son the ice cream he wanted So again we see he choose his flings over his kid again So this accident that ruined his career as a rodeo star and now he is having this huge pity party cause awe the pretty baby broke both his legs and his fling of the week dumped him and he lost his contracts and no body is there for him So he uit calling his son and talking to him and having any thing to do with him I just did not care for the book Now If the H had to grovel to win the heroine back that would of made the book for me But 3 chapters in and she is giving into the dbag and they recreate their life again I don't by it What I do buy is that in a year or two the H will be back at it again and cheating on the h And how do I know?? cause he did not have to work to get the h back It was all about him and he did nothing for her The writing was good but honestly after the h slept with the H and they got back together with out any grovel I was just over the book

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    I hated this book Is this book did anything for me was it showed me that a man can cheat and lie to his wife and get away with it What the hell was this writer thinking??? Not only did the Hero admit to the h that he had cheated on her but he cheated at least 3 times on her through out their marriage then when he go hurt and ruined his career it was because he was in an accident with his latest bimbo Yes his son was in the car with him So what does this wonderful sarcasm here do after the accident? he ignores his son and cuts all ties with him Seriously??????? What self respecting woman would take a loser back like that??? What got me the most about the H was the lack of effort he had to put forth to get his wife back Why you ask? because she did all the chasing and running around I mean almost right away she was back in bed with him grossssssssss I would have had him tested by the CDC before touching him again The only good person in the book was the h's brother Even if this writer wrote a book on the brother I am not gonna bother reading anything by her again This clap trap of a book is not a romance book in my opinion it is just not worth the read save your brain bleach for something else

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    I read the first book in the series so didn't bother to read the synopsis Boy do I wish I had This is a lot difficult and deals with cheating Jeremy cheated on Lanie multiple times in their marriage and now they are divorced One of my pet peeves is included Lanie hasn't slept with her current boyfriend even though they've been together for awhile because she's hung up on Jeremy He of course has had no such problem sleeping with other women during and after the marriage This is supposed to be a redemptionsecond chance romance I'm sorry I just don't see how the HEA works Laney is written almost TSL way too much of a selfless doormat What changed him? An accident? I don't buy those kind of death bed conversions If he hadn't got in to said accident would he have kept on down this path? For me at least these genre novels are supposed to be about honorable people I understand that other types of books where romance isn't the focus are different Stories about flawed people who don't necessarily get their HEA For me it'd make sense if Lanie ended up with Clay and Jeremy had to accept that he ruined his relationships and maybe grow and learn for the next one Instead it's the genre romance all leading up to the happy bow in the end Except the hero cheated in his marriage on the heroine view spoiler 3 times I think it was? Until she found out and divorced him hide spoiler

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    this book was horrible I love a good romance but this book was just awful The hero admits to cheating on h and yet she took him back no grovel no nothing Lucky I read this on my kindle or else I would have thrown it in the trash The H was just a loser who needed his ego constantly stroked I for see this loser cheating on the h down the road And why wouldn't he?? he had to do nothing for the h to take his sorry no good for nothing lying cheating std infested bum back She was the one who went after him and some how fell on top of the H and magically was in bed with the loser positive note about the book the cover was nice enough Give it a pass folks

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    Good beach read

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    I think this book was new and different compared to other romance novels where as the sex scenes end up the most important part of the book and this one wasn't like that I liked the fact that you can fall in love and even if you do get a divorce sometimes the person you married is the person you were meant to be with It didn't make the womanweak just because she didn't put her ex through hell even though he did hurt her I really different approach in this book I am sure some of you will like it where as some of you will not but that is what makes the world turn around

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    Didn't think I would like this due to the cheating storyline but turns out I did who would've guessed

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