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In the far distant future the sun's premature expansion has irradiated Earth sending humanity to the lowest depths of the seas hidden within radiation shielded cities while probes scour the universe for inhabitable worlds to relocate to After tens of thousands of years a single probe returns crashing on Earth's surface a now alien place no human has seen for many millennia Freuent collaborators RICK REMENDER BLACK SCIENCE Uncanny Avengers and GREG TOCCHINI Last Days of American Crime Uncanny X Force dive into an auatic sci fifantasy tale following two teams from the last remaining cities undersea as they race to the most unexpected alien world of all the surface of Earth Special introductory issue features 30 full pages of painted art

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    Anyone who follows my reviews knows that I love Remender's writing and I uickly snapped up Low and added it to my collecting list at my comic shop but I found myself a little perplexed Low is a weird story a very weird story in a good way but weird reuires a bit of exposition to ease your audience into the world you've createdRemender starts the story in media res with characters speaking about things that are common in their world which is a problem since a reader needs to fill in the gap Usually comics start with an internal monologue explaining the events that have lead up to the current situation but Low doesn't That being said even the lore heavy intro did not discourage me from reading Low takes place in the future where humanity has retreated beneath the ocean and their resources are dwindling as the hope of finding a habitable world seems less likely We follow a hopeful woman whose two daughters are kidnapped by raiders Remender still has the ability to tap into his characters and make them relatable Tocchini's artwork is astounding the entire city of Salus seems alive thanks to his amazing artwork I do hope that the lore is explained as further issues are published

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    Oooh interesting story with such pretty art Sun radiated earth forcing humanity under the sea Considering getting Vol 1 collected edition for this hmmm

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    Shiiiit That was really cool Can't wait to read

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    Y'know I too was ridiculously distraught the first time I heard that one day the sun was gonna eat our beautiful Earth and that everything we ever do or love is all for nothing and while I chose to eat my feelings after learning this Rick Remender chose to make a comic called LowI really like how hopeful and dire this world is And I find it both amusing and fascinating how overly poetic and technical everyone talks They speak like well read scientists It may not be commoners we follow but they are still human in spirit and they are still funnyIf I have one issue it's simultaneously one of its highlights The ARTThe art is beautiful and glorious truly uniue and unlike anything I have ever experienced but it's also so damn sketchy that it's often difficult to even understand what is going on half the timeAnd it's kind of a problem It took me out of the action a few times It feels like unrealized concepts and it can have an effect on the story that this is a concept of an idea than it is a fully created projectIt wasn't enough to hurt the item And at the end of the day I am still reserved to call the art in this book goodBut it just doesn't stick the landing where Black Science did for me I will keep going It's too interesting to stop But I worry it may end up in my category of reading chores when all is said an done

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    Check out my full review on all the Image Firsts Compendium Volume 1 here

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    In the distant future humanity will descend to the lowest depths of the ocean and live there One of these such immigrants is the Caine family They seem to have uite the heritage in the land of Salus We meet Johl and Stel as they prepare their daughters Della and Tarj to go on some kind of rite of passage involving a helm suit that only a Caine can wear On their journey their ship is attacked by a group of bandits who bear grudges against Salus but Caine family in particular for some past grievances They take the helm suit and the girls and one of Johl's eyes The first thing that's going to get you about this comic is the artwork Wow Haven't seen graphics like that since uhm never before But that's not the only catch the writing is good Rick Remender does a good job although at some point he could do with a subtler layering of the information can't remember half of anything that was said in that history lesson oh and that wrong spelling of BOUT on page 8 Otherwise dope comic excited about this first volume DELIRIUM OF HOPE

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    This issue is a solid 4 to 45 for me The writing alone with worth 4 stars Factoring in the absolutely gorgeous art nearly kicks it up to 5 stars but I'm trying to leave room for improvement in future issuesAlthough similarities can be drawn between Remender's Black Science in the family focused story and the art style that doesn't take away from the presentation of the comic itself It's very well done I can't stop staring at some of the pages for the beautiful lines and delightful use of colour As for the writing I'm a sucker for stories that deal with family and the characters are well written and likable I love the relationship between Johl and his wife Stel I'm not usually a fan of children in anything but theirs are actually kind of cuteI'll be picking up the trade paperback to catch up on this series

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    Undersea actionGood color artworkAn image freebie Undersea battles near the end of the world Looks good so far Sort of a dystopian Atlantis

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    Good premise particularly as explained in the Afterword but somewhat middling executionRead a digital edition

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    Despite the fact that the story really didn't need to start with naked people having a post coital philosophical discussionbanter I really enjoyed Low and I think that it's a promising first issue for a series I'd also like to see of the strong female lead Stel who's superpower is optimismpositive thinkinghope and whether or not Rick Remender can maintain this without it coming off as too sappy in a pretty harsh sci fi setting Although I really like Tocchini's art particularly the landscapes in uote because it's under water and techscapes of built human habitats it's a little bit information dense and busy Also sometimes his faces look a little weird