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Two months without a major crisis has lulled Jamie and his friends into a false sense of security Graduation weekend their lives are thrown into chaos once again when a seven year old runaway girl shows up on Fred's doorstep desperately needing their help Sammi Price is a Shadow Witch with a rare power that has enabled her to find the people who are best able to protect her from her abusive foster father Duane Gundy He's violent obsessive and fiercely determined to track Sammi down and bring her back at all costs and Jamie his friends and their families must pull together like never before to stop this relentless madman

10 thoughts on “Shadow Witch (Wizard Born, #4)

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    WonderfulThis is a fantastic book I found it a great story and I am now going to read book five and I hope Geof Johnson writes many books in the near future

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    Really love this series Easy to read and feel good book

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    What do I sayThis is a fantastic book A couple of words not suitable for children under 12 There are sentences that either have words missing or they do not make sense But I can't wait to read next book

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    made me want to read the next book most of the action at the end