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More than 4 million babies are born in the United States each year and that means there are than 4 million expectant dads wondering what the next nine months of pregnancy will mean for them and their relationship with their spouse or partner  What better way to prepare men for impending fatherhood than by giving them a step by step guide with advice tips stories and pictures ranging from the positive pregnancy test to the delivery room 

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    Lame Advice for guys who are total douchebags by a guy who kind of reads like a douchbag under cover The type of dude who would advise you to tell your wife she doesn't look fat even if you think she does too irritated after 3 or 4 chapters to bother finishing it but I do acknowledge that there are guys who are such pricks that they wouldn't think of this common courtesy be nice to your wife do extra shit while she's pregnant and don't bitch about it type advice and that it's probably good that there's something out there that's telling them to be decent human beings Really though if you can't figure this kind of stuff out you probably shouldn't have kids in the first place anyway dude

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    I agree with Esmeralda's review Someone should write a book for expectant fathers that assumes that we actually want to have a child

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    Mastered Now on to the next challengeUpdate If anything this book made everything seem way harder than it actually is

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    One of the best book out there for guysit really helps to make dad feel a part of the pregnancy and he will be a better husband and father because of it

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    I jumped around in this book looking for advice in specific subjects The author mixes his own advice with stories submitted by mothers and father about their own experiences Many time I found the book to be reassuring and overall thought it was useful

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    Dad's Pregnant Too This is a great guide to help dad prepare and enjoy the first nine months of his childs life You know how it is Focus is all on mom after all she is carrying the baby But where does dad fit in after the deed is done? Well here is a way for him to know where and what to do What type of partner is he? How he can make mom feel special The trap of those baby stores where everything looks like you need it And all those in between things like the baby's development and why mom's mood keeps swinging Even how to navigate sex with your very pregnant partner I feel that this is something that all dad's need No matter if this is kid #1 or #5 A refresher course if you ask Yeah even us moms need that too So here is a great go to source for the dad

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    For the most part this is advice that couldn't be obvious Stuff like Don't call her fat and Be kind to her Then there's the gamut of advice to cover different personalities Stuff like Pregnant women might be really grumpy followed by Pregnant women might not be grumpy at all All of this is peppered with corny jokes and repeated pleas to please submit your own ideas to my website so that I can add them to my next book Mr Harlan please don't write a next book Even the few tidbits that I did pick up from this weren't anything I couldn't have gotten from a 10 second Google searchDisclaimer None of the above are actual uotations from the book just recreations Real uotations would have necessitated my re opening the book No thank you

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    This was my first pregnancy book so I don't really have anything to compare it to Daddy's First Pregnancy Book but I found it to be an informative enjoyable read About 90% of the content is pretty much the same stuff that the mother would be reading but there are also discussions on how to be a supportive partner I was also surprised to find how funny the book is though much of the humor is admittedly pretty corny It's definitely a book geared towards hetero cis male fathers but not obnoxiously so at least I thought not So based on zero previous knowledge I recommend this to first time fathers

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    I found this book very informational and funny at the same time It's a great book for any guys who are having a baby The author is really funny and provides a lot of good information about what to expect without getting too technical It also gives some really good advice for how to deal with certain situations during a pregnancy and how to prepare for and deal with the changes that your partner will be going through I gave it 4 stars because there were a few moral viewpoints that I disagreed with

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    IMO much better than 'What to Expect' Practical easy to read without the weird leftover from the 70s or 80s awkwardness that creeps into a few pregnancybaby books I've readThat said you only read a few or one of each of this type of book so all baby book reviews should be taken with a grain of salt I think