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In Central Time Ranjit Hoskote becomes the storyteller of a turbulent epoch We meet Ovid and Ghalib poets in exile or eclipse in these poems which are by turns elliptical conversational and narrative We meet painters who betray their art and sculptors who are betrayed by theirs Fascinated by the enigmas of time memory and evanescence that art invokes Hoskote addresses a range of artists including Bihzad Magritte Masaki Fujihata and Ranbir Kaleka At the same time he retains his affection for the natural world celebrating the textures and intensities of sensuous experience the roughness of stone the dance of light the flowering of touch and the taste of salt and cinnamonA testament to a present shimmering like a mirage between contested pasts and vexed futures this book pivots around moments of encounter a defiant suirrel in Anuradhapura an intriguing collection of objects in a Berlin museum or a man discovering a mass grave near Kabul Written between 2006 and 2014 the hundred poems that form Central Time resonate with the crises of war genocide terror forced migration and the precariousness of belonging

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    Central Time contains powerfully built poems that are at the same time clever vulnerable lyrical stoical intelligent wise and moving Savor the irony in the opening gambit of the prose poem 'For Example' 'The saint maintains his piety through the graphic imagination of other people’s vices We thank him for it' Sudeep Sen New Delhi IndiaThis book was reviewed in the September 2014 issue of World Literature Today Read the full review by visiting our website

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    This is a wonderful collection of poems by an accomplished Indian contemporary poet Recommend