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I never thought being saved from pain degradation and death could come at such a twisted price He is nightmares made flesh the living embodiment of evil he is everything I fear yet in my darkest hour he is the one who comes for me If he demands my submission in return how can I deny him?

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    More?Is this ever gonna be a full novel? It so needs to be I would buy it in a heartbeat

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    a girl though the author did not mention the female character it does leave a little mystery to the story but she is running and is saved by the darkness and his name is something that is fierce due to magic and giving his soul away find out how by joining Nora Ash's newletter and get it for free this is a in a way a pre log of the into the darkness though not sure if they are the same character as is in this one coming soon to a book shelf near you look at Goodreads and for her new books