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Waterloo is one of the defining campaigns of European history The name conjures up images of the terrible scale and grandeur of the Napoleonic Wars and the incredible combined effort that finally ended Napoleon's aspirations of power in Europe Drawn from unpublished first hand accounts and detailed illustrations this comprehensive volume is the ideal resource for studying the intense fighting at the battles of Waterloo and Wavre the final decisive engagements of the Waterloo campaign Those two battles are at the heart of this study which explores the action at Mont St Jean where Wellington managed to hold the French at bay until the arrival of the Prussians under Blücher saw the Allies secure a hard fought victory at the dramatic climax of the '100 days'

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    This is the 3rd part in Franklin's trilogy which is so in depth it is almost magisterialI have previously reviewed the earlier chapters; uatre Bras 1 and Ligny 2 and this does the same thing for the main event at Mont St Jean and the criminally forgotten fighting at Wavre which held off Grouchy from reinforcing the EmperorIt follows the Classic Osprey Campaign formula and if you have recently read the other installments you can skip the commanders plans and background section which have a lot of the same materialAs before every officer who plays any sort of role gets a full name check and potted bio

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    Waterloo 1815 3 Mont St Jean and Wavre is the third and final volume in John Franklin’s excellent Waterloo trilogy The first two books examine the actions fought at uatre Bras and Ligny while this volume not only considers the Battle of Waterloo but also the generally less well known Battle of Wavre Although it is advisable for the potential reader to have read the first two books this title works well as a standalone volumeFollowing a similar format to uatre Bras and Ligny Mont St Jean and Wavre begins by presenting the reader with a useful introduction to the opposing commanders; including Napoleon Wellington Blücher and Gneisenau Next is a brief examination of the French Allied and Prussian armies along with their respective – and highly detailed – orders of battle something which military history enthusiasts and war gamers alike will greatly appreciate The bulk of the book however is taken up by a detailed description of the Battle of Waterloo itself giving the reader a rather enjoyable blow by blow account of the events of 18 June 1815 As already mentioned the lesser known Battle of Wavre is also included which helps bring to a close the Hundred Days campaign that has been so expertly written about by Franklin in this Osprey series Finally some information regarding the aftermath of the battle and the battlefield today concludes the volumeIn addition to the text the book is very well illustrated using existing artwork – some well known and others less so – and images recently created by the talented Gerry Embleton These images along with the custom drawn maps greatly help to bring the book to life There is also a detailed chronology included for those who find these useful in placing the various parts of the battle in chronological orderLate 2014 and early 2015 have seen a plethora of books written about the Battle of Waterloo but Franklin’s trilogy provides a very thorough grounding in the history of the Hundred Days campaign that should appeal to anyone wanting to learn about events 200 years ago Although the author’s academic knowledge and skills are obviously high his books are easy to read and the general reader will not be put off by the use of heavily academic language Overall this book as with the previous two volumes deserves a firm five out of five star rating