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Read these exclusive introductions to all your favorite characters to find out what their lives are like at home A new chapter is about to begin at Ever After High and all the students are preparing to start their Legacy Year In just a few weeks it will be Legacy Day when they will sign the Storybook of Legends and commit to live out their fairy tale destiny repeating the famous stories of their parentsThis volume collects together for the first time 12 short tales including five BRAND NEW stories For the first time find out what Dexter and Darling Charming Cedar Wood Lizzie Hearts and Kitty Cheshire were doing just before school started This collection also includes the stories of Apple White Raven ueen Madeline Hatter Briar Beauty Ashlynn Ella and Hunter Huntsman and the fairy tale The Tale of Two Sisters which were previously only available onlineDon't miss this Once Upon a Time special edition of enchanting stories by bestselling and Newbery honor winning author Shannon Hale

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    You don’t have to be familiar with the world of Ever After High to enjoy this book but you must love cutesy short stories with fairy tale characters I could not have been happier to get my hands on this book I’ve read some of these short stories Apple White’s Raven ueen’s and Briar Beauty’s when they first came out but this collection includes short stories of secondary fairy tale characters that are less talked about I am not one for anthologies In fact I could count on one hand the number of anthologies I have read most of them forced on me by teachers but this is different because Shannon Hale is the author for each and every one of them Points of view may shift but the new chapters are never a break with the story— like a continuation of it Although some stories could have been better for example Apple White’s which was only a few pages long I cannot bring myself to lower my rating of this book Not all of them are perfect but all of them made me feel good inside I was able to imagine the world of Ever After High and all of the characters I had met in the web series with ease And the writing is wonderful—no surprise there since the writer is Shannon Hale My favourite story was ‘‘Dexter Charming and the Yellow Eyed Changeling’’ Dexter always manages to make me smile I like that he’s uirky and very different from his brother Daring Charming There are twelve stories in total about twelve different fairy tale characters so it’s pretty complete even though I would have liked to read Cupid’s story Best decision ever to have her move from Monster High to Ever After High however Hexcellent book Blog | Youtube | Twitter | Instagram | Google | Bloglovin’

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    Here are the links to the stories of this book I already reviewedpage 19 Apple White and the ebony haired legacy Apple White's Storypage 31 Raven ueen and the mirror prison Raven ueen's Storypage 45 Briar Beauty and the jewelry thieves Briar Beauty's Storypage 63 Madeline Hatter and the upside down day Madeline Hatter's Storypage 83 Ashlynn Ella and the mysterious woodsman Ashlynn Ella's Story page 99 Huner Huntsman and the forest maiden Hunter Huntsman's Storypage 229 From the Storybook of legends The Tale of Two SistersNow about the other characters in the bookCedar Wood I really feel sorry for her She´s one of the EAH characters i want to see fulfilling her destiny A curse forcing you to tell the truth no matter what is as bad as acurse forcing you to lieDexter Charming Dexter notices details that the others of the Charming family don´t see He pays attention I hope he becomes confident in his actions his skillsDarling Charming Daring´s and Dexter´s little sister She has to pretend being a Damsel in distress but the truth is sshe´s super strong and has time slowing hair It´ll be interesting to see her at Ever After High Dexter could really need someoe to help him out of awkward situations oftenLizzie Hearts Don´t give up hope girl You´ll return home someday Until then Off with their headsKitty Cheshire The only story with narrator footnotes grin Maddie is able to talk to the narrators but kitty is able to sense and to scratch them ^^Also she might be the mischievious trickster kitty of Wonderland but she has also a big heart And you can only grin like a Cheshire cat when you are done with her story

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    What I really love about these books is that while they look like children's books and are very appropriate for all ages there's still a moral hidden behind all the fun nonsense and whimsical tales that can apply to everyone The biggest theme here is to be proud of who you are no matter where you come from who others expect you to be and even what you're made of love you Cedar Wood and don't let anyone else dictate to you who you are Even those who appear most confident like Apple have insecurities And those like Dexter Charming who don't uite measure up to the standards their family sets still have their moments of bravery Especially in this volume we get to hear from all the characters points of view As much as I love Apple and Raven it was a nice change My favorite characters have to be Maddie with her humorous Wonderland nonsense and Lizzie Hearts because I know under her tough exterior she has a kind heart and would make an excellent ueen at least of hedgehogs

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    Would have loved stories from the O'Hare twins or Cupidthe sort of 'lesser' characters at this point to get to know them better

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    Even though the stories collected in this book give us a glimpse into the days before each of our main character's head off to school for Legacy Year which is the story told in the trilogy it will be impactful if saved for last Being familiar with the characters will give meaning to these chapters ALSOyou will have a book hang over after reading the series so this read will let you go back into the world

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    Well I had already read these short stories which did not seem to be edited or revamped for this collectionApple White's StoryRaven ueen's StoryBriar Beauty's StoryMadeline Hatter's StoryAshlynn Ella's StoryHunter Huntsman's StoryThe Tale of Two SistersThe new stories that are found in this collection alone areCedar Wood's StoryDexter Charming's StoryDarling Charming's StoryLizzie Hearts's StoryKitty Cheshire's StoryOf those the only ones with a substantial depth are Dexter and Darling The set that just got released has all the characters uestioning their destiny which was not as evident in the earlier story set I don't think this is consistent with what we see as readers in the Storybook of Legends I don't know why they didn't do characters because the later books start expanding outside just the AppleRaven focus It is nice that they have now collected the stories together for fans of the series but besides the Charmings the collection was a let down

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    It was nice Not shocking but I still liked to delve into the world of EAH Favourite story was about Kitty Cedar probably being close second The Charming stories had their moments too even though I found Dexter my the least favourite not as character but the story as a whole And the others I already rated

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    Meh2015 Reading Challenge a book of short stories

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    I love how they give you of an intro to the other characters of the ever after books definitely a fun read

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    This book base on the series Ever after high This book tell us about the character life a character home Including Apple white Raven ueen Ashlynn Ella Lizzie hearts Cedar wood Dexter Darling charmingKitty Cheshire Madeline hatter Briar beauty and Hunter Huntsman All the series about was writing your own destiny The book is the tale of two sister The very main character was Apple white and Raven ueen The destiny had written that apple white is snow white daughter and raven ueen is the evil daughter Apple white is the person that everyone likes her but raven ueen seems different And this book will tell you about all the character that base on the series Raven ueen wants to make her own destiny because she thinks that we doesn't need to follow the destiny but apple white thinking the opposite But this book is very different to the series because this book doesn't tells about the tale of the two sister but telling about their homes There's 17 chapters and 241 pages