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Hadashi is a boy with simple dreams but his life changes when a horrific accident maims his hand Unable to hold a sword he's kicked out of his dojo home But the Orphan Blade is no ordinary sword When Hadashi comes across the abandoned blade he finds that not only is he able to wield it the sword seems to be wielding him He's not the only one interested in the Orphan Blade though and his ownership draws the attention of the Five Fingers of Death a deadly group of mercenaries who have their own magical and deadly weapons

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    2 starsWellthis is not the kind of graphic novel I thought it was going to be I expected adventure filled with a beautiful friendship shared I did get the friendship part but I certainly couldn’t call this story an adventurous oneI mean there are some events people searching for some artefacts and new discoveries but it mostly was a seuential art themed graphic novel That’s not what I wanted so I really can’t give this work a higher rating despite the cool graphicsTruth is there is 50% of battle in it 30% info dumping or very confusing parts and a 20% of interesting scenes in which we meet new characters mostly and those are actually my favourite moments of the storyAnother problem I had is the main character being so young HE IS 14 YEARS OLD And kills monsters It was actually uite bloody and I’m just happy I wasn’t eating while reading thisAlso there are some characters that had REALLY random names For example a badass woman ‘warrior’ is named Lola LOLA I really stopped my reading for a second when I discovered that to analyze the character Let me just tell you that there is nothing 'Lola' about that characterAnother example there is a guy in this story named Megane MEGANE I really thought about it and came to the conclusion that I don’t know any guy named Megan in my life or even heard read or imagined a guy being called MeganWhile the story and graphics gave me the indication that the story was set in the past but let’s not forget that there is magic implied the dialogs told me otherwise The characters really have a ‘contemporary’ manner of speaking saying things like ‘freaking’ ‘awesome’ ‘ohmygod’ I just thought their manner of speaking didn’t fit the storyANOTHER confusing element I think this is a LGBT graphic novel Why? Well MILD SPOILERS at the end of the story the main character and his new close friend join hands in a very intimate way PLUS there is this picture that makes us believe that they are kissing except that we see the main character’s teeth so I can’t say for sure if they are or not END OF MILD SPOILERSAlso there is this artDoes it not look like they’re interested in one another to you?Final verdict I don’t highly recommend this graphic novel at all I think the best element is the art so if you’re interested in that go ahead read it BUT if what you want has nothing to do with our main characters killing monsters and enemies we don’t even know who they REALLY are then not recommended even a bit ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    I downloaded Orphan Blade with a bunch of other graphic novels on a whim just because they were available on Netgalley Plus I've reading a bunch of graphic novels lately so I thought I'd continue the streakAnyway the book is difficult to rate since I have no idea what it really wants to be I started off thinking it was middle grade or aimed at early teens the writing is simplistic and aiming for dramatic flair Midway through it turned into a real gore fest with a ton of body horror thrown in and I decided it must be for older readers But the plot was unfolding as a typical uest for humanity story as if the author decided to condense every anime he saw into 200 pages so I went with middle grade again But then the book ended with the lead couple kissing and they were not a boy and a girl So I was left with a book that wouldn't fit into any slot or suit any reader Admittedly in this day and age younger children could probably handle a gay couple without blinking and while the reciprocation of the romance came out of nowhere it was nice to see this kind of subversion If it was intended for juvenile readers this is a good way of spreading awareness But I don't believe anyone under the age of 15 or so could handle those cannibalism scenes without screaming Even I felt my stomach turn a bit Just a bitThe art is whimsical and cutesy Uncluttered lines yet detailed backgrounds bring the world of Orphan Blade to life Even the kaiju are rather adorable and I think that's what makes the violence even shocking I have to note a complaint though the font is incredibly hard to read I had to keep zooming in to differentiate letters which would lead to the art appearing all blurry I'm guessing it's not going to get any easier in the physical versionSo the verdict would be that this book would make a good read for younger readers if they don't get freaked out by blood and won't have nightmares about various body parts lying strewn over the floor ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewGet this review and at

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    Almost 25 stars but not uite there I wanted to like this I really did The artwork is fun and playful and reminded me a bit of Avatar The Last Airbender Sadly the story did not live up to it's endThe first thing that hurt this was right at the beginning The prologue I could not read it The font style and size caused my eyes so much pain attempting to read it I just skipped it So this comic and I were not off to a good start One I get past that however it seems to pick up Playful artwork expressive charactersI was happily reading along for awhileThen things get very muddled and violent Habashi our main character gets a short that he uses to defeat monsters and suddenly he is wanted by a deadly assassination team Now I am a manga fan as many may know from my other reviews but this is some far fetched violence even by those standards I mean one girl can have body parts removed including her head and still be alive and fighting The children assassins are probably the most twisted and disturbing I mean these are young kids maybe 10 years old off killing people in a horrible nightmarish manner while their parents stand by cheering them on Crazy The setting of this book seems to be a feudal era of Japan based on artwork but we have characters of all nationalities It is honestly an impressive blend in a way yet is seemed like overkill I got the feeling it was done to as a stance to the no one can take offense and so the author would not be viewed as potentially prejudice It just didn't fit to the rest Same with the very last scene of the book Suffice to say I didn't see that coming nor did it fit I felt it was a statement over anything else Also the style of speak often did not fit to the time period I hate seeing modern expressions where they do not belongSo ultimately I felt this books purpose age group time era era was a jumbled mix We went from what started to look like a middle grade comic to a violent 'Battle Royale' feeling that is for older teensadults So many other things just did not piece together in my mind So many things went by unexplained properly and I ended up having uestions than answers The reason it ALMOST gets 25 stars verses only 2 stars was the artwork It is well doneI was loaned a digital copy of this comic in exchange for a fair and honest review

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    A young boy named Hadashi who after getting his hand bitten off by a hungry haikju monster ends up getting kicked out by the karate teacher who took him in as an orphan When he is taken in by a young ninja boy named Katz and a young woman named Soyako Hadashi has finally found a new home It is only when he steals a magical blade known as the Orphan Blade that his adventures truly begin Will he survive? Read on and find out for yourselfThis was a pretty good read that I had gotten at the dealer's room at MTAC from The Great Escape Comic Store for 7 If you like fantasy action adventure anime graphic novels be sure to check this book out at your local comic book store and online where graphic novels are sold

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    More reviews and no fluff on the blog Longtime comics author Marcus Nick Almand tragically passed away due to cancer this year but Oni Press has released one of his works Ophen Blade a collaboration with Jake Myler The story is a feudal type fantasy with a Japanese manga and culture influenced feel The book is bright and colorful easy to follow and features a young anti hero protagonistStory Sorcerers have unleashed monsters Kaijuu from another dimension They are nearly indestructible it is only until one of the last remaining sorcerers figures out a way to create weapons based from their bones that humanity has a chance to fight back But once the creatures are gone what is to stop the humans from using these devastating weapons on each other? Young Hadashi works at a dojo learning sword art He is irresponsible irrepressible and a challenge to his Sensei But that fecklessness causes an accident in which he loses all but two fingers on one hand Thrown out of the dojo he is trying to survive when he finds a strange blade It molds itself to him and seems to have a will of its own a Kaiju willThe book has a colorful set of characters and weapons Reminiscent of Kubo Tite's Bleach manga each of the weapons has its own personality strengths and ever debilitating drawbacks It was fun to see all the different Kaiju weapons as well as the different Kaiju themselves The book has an exuberance of spirit and personality that comes through in every pageSome of the issues I had with the title is the uneveness of the story and tone as well as a fairly unlikeable hero that everyone adores inexplicably As well in this first volume several important points were never really explained just dumped out there and then abandoned That lack of coherency as well as the somewhat middle grade story and art sprinkled with very adult situations I would love to have shared this with my 12 year old daughter but there were scenes in there that precluded that despite the tone feeling so much like a middle school adventureSo although a mixed bag for me I did enjoy reading it and give it a 35 star ratingReviewed from an ARC

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    I am giving Orphan Blade by M Nicholas Almand four stars but don't be fooled there is room for a lot of improvement in this book The artwork is not consistent and may have been better served as a Manga styled novel and the characters themselves could have better served with a stronger back story But as a beginning to a series this one is very strong right out of the gateSorcerers and Holy men believing they had the power to reach the heavens instead open a portal into another dimension from which flooded monstrosities that would be called the Kaiju The Kaiju set upon destroying all the cities until one day a dead Kaiju is found and from its remains weapons are forged to battle the remaining monsters until finally all were destroyedTime passes and a young orphan student named Hadashi is learning the art of fighting But Hadashi is a poor student and given to long lapses of daydreaming It is in one of these moments that he becomes a thief and in a tragic attack loses three fingers from his right hand Here he is turned out and must become a thief to surviveHadashi is commissioned to secure a particular fish and in doing so comes upon the forgotten weapon made from the remains of the Kaiju; the Orphan Blade He also comes to the attention of Lord Chigiri and his band of assassins knows as the Five Fingers of deathHadashi must find a way to control the Orphan Blade and save himself and his friends from Lord Chigiri and the Five Fingers of Death But yet there is a bigger danger for the Orphan Blade and all weapons made from the remains of the Kaiju call to one another They call to be rebornThe story would it continue and be detailed out is a very good one and the growth of Hadashi from foolish boy into young warrior is done very well as well as the relationships between himself and his young friends Unfortunately with the passing of M Nicholas Almand this may never be realized in its true formOn its own though the Orphan Blade is a very good read

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    Weird little book The art is nice and vibrant especially the sections in the blighted areas but the plot is all over the place Like the opening is about a Kaiju which sounds way interesting honestly Then we jump to students in a dojo where the master is drunk all the time for about 20 pages Then we do thief stuff then bounty hunters show up and it's all a big mess The character's relationships are all donked up to character change sides for seemingly no reason and I think 2 of the main character kiss at the end with no warning or lead up Overall uite Meh

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    All right Author back story Almand passed away but his comic was published and released That in itself is a great accomplishment and that's an amazing testament to his friends and fans Unless you knew him beforehand you don't get that tidbit until the end That influences my review because while it might not have been my cup of tea it has a place out there and hopefully this review will help Where the appeal lies 1The ambiguity romance I found it fascinating that this would have made a great GLBT romance where there is no identity crisis in the world they just are or were or sorta kinda going that way It was refreshing to see the unexpected pairing at the end 2The book pace ease of understanding This comic was filled with an ease and fluidity in reading about this world and came jam packed with interesting characters weaponry and world building elements that morphed into this uick adventure The concept while thought out as much as it could be was a fun 3 The Disability Characterization Sooooo you don't have an hand any? It doesn't mean you're not a badass I liked the concept that while you may have to adjust to a new style of fighting people may be uick to discard you you'll find where you fit in and importantly you are still a strong force to be reckon with That being said the only thing I couldn't find appealing was the art I'm not opposed to violence that sounds terrible but i've read plenty of comics that are just as explicit and horrific I honestly think it was the monsters and the blood and it was so completely unexpected and I was eating at the time so I Yet I think my horror readers would love it I'm a super baby when it comes to seeing blood I'm not sure if I shuddered at the monsters typing this out I think what I couldn't handle was the blood It was like watching an exploitation film grace the pages and while I can close my eyes or suint at the screen when it comes on strangely I found that I couldn't look away because I'm trying to read the text bubble and yet I'm trying to close my eyes I'm glad I read it and I'm glad Almand's work was realized I just wish I could be of a fan Thanks for the ARC NetGalley

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    This graphic novel starts off with a fairly interesting premise alchemists open a rift that calls beings from another world that almost destroy all of humanity and civilization Even the process of killing these beings known as kaiji using their remains to make weapons leaves carcasses and desolate areas that are largely uninhabitable Into this world the author introduces a young kid who is determined to be a ninja and is curious and daring than his circumstances should allow He gets into trouble looses most of the fingers on one hand and joins a street gang Then the real trouble starts he steals from a band of mercenaries The sword one of the weapons made from the kaiju protects the owner He and two of his fellows try to run from the mercenaries whose current employer is trying to gather all of the weapons made from one kaiju In the end the kid manages to do it by accident but nothing feels ended despite the impression that there won't be another bookThe action was a bit disjointed There were plot elements that didn't entirely make sense largely because they felt like they were part of something that was incomplete Things also felt a bit rushed Finally I had trouble deciding what age group this was targeting Some of the elements and art style seemed to be aimed at 9 12 year olds but the severity of the violence and gore was definitely intended for older readers no matter the style The language and the colors are unusual for comics for older readers but the content is just not suitable for younger readers Even if the book felt completed or I thought there might be a seuel I wouldn't know who to recommend it to so I don't feel comfortable putting it in the library It really wouldn't appeal to our adult graphic novel readers and our YA readers mostly like manga

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    Thank you Diamond Book Distributors and NetGalley for this free eARCI had a really hard time getting through the first couple pages because the font was sooo small and eligible I had to blow up the images 200% just to be able to read what was going on I was worried because each page took a good five minutes to scroll through I finally gave up and decided that I would just suint and readguess what the words were After a few pages the font and illustrations became much larger and visible I am so happy I kept on with this graphic novel it was really good Hadashi is one of three boys that lives at a dojo After getting his fingers eaten by a blighted frog the sensei kicks Hadashi out Hadashi goes to live with Soyako a girl who lives near the blight Hadashi meets so other characters and ends up in possession of the orphan blade a wooden sword that is super powerful and saves his life on numerous occasionsThe illustrations are very cute and cartoon y I loved the vivid colors and all the characters were all very uniue I felt the story line was too rushed and that is what made me sad As a reader you want to become invested into the characters I felt bad for Hadashi at the beginning The middle was interesting enough to continue reading and the middle made me want to read Then the end came super fast and then it was over I don't feel like I got enough closure I am wondering if this is going to have a seuel or what It seems pretty open ended