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Logan Westin the brooding hunk that steals Kailin Odel's heart in SKIN DEEP Even the fact that she's a panther shifter and he's plain old human couldn't stop the sparks from flying between those twoBut Logan has his own little secrets a history that weighs down on him memories that seem to escape him PYROS tells you where Logan comes from both in the origin of his powers and the source of his troubled mindPyros MUST be read after reading SKIN DEEP because there are major spoilers

10 thoughts on “Pyros (Dark World #0.5)

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    I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of thus book I am a big big fan of this author's work so I am always excited at reading one of her books and this novella did not disappointI loved this storyline seeing the process of a character growing up as it happens instead of as a memory seeing how he became who he is with all the different people involved in this world It is written so well and it drags you into this magical fantasy world that you find that you don't want to leave I am extremely excited to read the next book in this series to see what else happens in this worldLogin is an extremely exciting character you read about and seeing him grow up He has a sense of honour about him and the sort of person that will do what he feels is right He feels very deeply especially his feelings of guilt no matter how unjustified that is He becomes somebody who is really protective of those around him and always wants to keep them safe even if it puts him in dangerI highly recommend this book to readers you can't stop reading this book once you start it its highly addictive

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    I received a copy of this book at no cost from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewThis short novella gives the backstory for Logan Westin one of the main characters in TG Ayer's Skinwalker series Several of the events here are referenced but not fleshed out in the first book of that series Skin DeepThe story is good plot wise and leaves open several new mysteries for readers to await unveiling in the later series books but the writing style is kind of choppy It does a nice job though of shining a light on how Logan became the man that he is For some reason it's listed as number 05 in the series on Goodreads but number 15 on Whichever is correct I strongly recommend reading Skin Deep before Pyros even if you're tempted to try the shorter work first as a kind of test drive as reading them in the reverse order will spoil some of the surprises in Skin Deep It's a nice chunk of information though and helps make some of Logan's uirks make sense

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    This novella was an excellent read and the first book in the series that I've read It's a great introduction to the character of Logan telling his back story from age 13 when he comes into his firewielding powers Whilst it mostly didn't matter that I hadn't read any of the rest of the series before this book none of the action related to any of the rest it would be helpful to know who the organisations mentioned were as it's never really explained and a little confusing hence the 4 Otherwise it's an excellent read and I really enjoyed it with great interactions between characters interesting situations action adventure and relationships I'm certainly interested in reading of the series especially if the samples in the back of the book are anything to go by and would recommend this book to anyone who likes fantasy and supernatural books tooNB I received a complimentary copy of this book but I always give an HONEST review based wholly on my own opinions

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    Even though I didn't do it this way Pyros is best read as a preuel to TG Ayer's Skin Deep it does work if read 2nd as I did but it takes place 1st in seuence so just works better that way I loved Skin Deep One of the several great things about it was following as Kailin Odel slowly learns to trust and then falls for Logan Westin This book is really Logan's back story telling how he came into his powers and the events that impacted and drive him It's actually a pretty great story in its own right and when packaged with Skin Deep it's superb Alone I'd rank it a 4 As a package it's definitely a 5 star read In either case it's highly recommended

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    I have been provided with a copy of Pyros by the author for an impartial review Pyros is a preuel story for Logan Westin who you meet in Skin Deep I believe you can read this story either before or after Skin Deep it isn’t too confusing either way I really enjoyed getting to go back and see where Logan started as it made things clearer on why he is the way he is This was an extremely easy book to read and it was really ended at the right moment because it ends where you first see Logan in Skin Deep and I really appreciated it tying together so nicely

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    I'm not really a fan of preuels and origins but I do love Logan and his origin story was a pleasantly delightful origin that had my full on attention It was uick read for me and just made me fall even in love with Logan than I though possible If you love the world of SkinWalkers the this is a must read I downloaded a complimentary copy of Pyros and voluntarily reviewed it of my own free will

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    Insight into Logan's backstory is the subject of Pyros While we have been told of it as the series progressedhere we are witness to the events It explains much about Logan's controlled demeanor and clarifies the reasons behind the flashes of memory associations that he experiences A valuable resource in understanding the character and his conflicts I voluntarily read an advance copy of this novella

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    Short background story on Logan Westin fire mageI really like this character Logan Westin and glad to know his story Disappointed it was so short and there was not to it but happy to see his early years I'm enjoying this series and looking forward to of them I recommend if you enjoyed the first book Skin Deep I voluntarily reviewed this book after receiving an advanced readers copy

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    So I read this book before reading book 1 in the Skindeep series I found it better to read this way as we get Logan's backstory in this book This means when you start book 1 Logan's back story is established leaving room for the story to developIt's a short read fast paced and leaves you with a few uestions that I hope will be answered as I read the rest of the series A great start

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    I loved getting this look into Logan's background This is a short so there isn't as much action as there are in the full length stories I would also suggest reading Skin Deep before reading this The plot hinted at a lot of things to happen in future books And I think that is awesome because who doesn't love a teaser? I love this series so all this book did for me was fill in some uestions about what makes Logan tick