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From award winning author Susannah Sandlin comes the second book in The Collectors seriesHow far will ordinary people go to protect their secrets? The Collectors’ games are as much about manipulating lives as finding lost treasure Everyone is expendable as the ruthless C7 pushes people into gambling with their lives in order to find priceless objects lost to historySamantha Crowe’s secrets could ruin her career while Brody Parker’s could get him killed They become pawns for two Collectors seeking Bad King John’s crown jewels which disappeared in rural England back when Robin Hood roamed Nottingham This time however the Collectors—a ruthless dotcom billionaire and a desperate London detective—might not be playing for the same team leaving Sam and Brody trapped in the middleOne thing’s for sure if either hopes to survive Sam and Brody will have to find a way to overcome their distrust—and their growing attraction—in order to succeed on this winner take all treasure hunt

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    Five Caffeinated reasons to grab your earbuds and listen to Deadly Calm and Cold The premise to the Collector series is a uniue one A group of rich pompous men known as the C7 bet money and use ordinary folks to find lost treasure for them Do you have a secret you want kept hidden? Then you could be their next victim and they will stop at nothing to have you do their bidding I love this premise and the suspense it creates The uest is to find lost artifacts and a deadline to win is set I love how their research resulted in the readerlistener learning about a specific time period and lost treasure In this particular case we are looking for King John’s crown jewels that disappeared in rural England around the time Robin Hood roamed the countryside Sandlin clearly does her research weaving fact into her tales giving it an authentic feel The plot was twisted and the C7 players particularly ruthless They involve a London detective in over his head and a Dotcom billionaire who is determined to win regardless of the cost They hire ruthless thugs to do their dirty work and set out to foil each other Accidents murder and threats abound keeping the reader constantly on edgeSamantha Crow’s past could ruin the career she is pursuing and threats to her family have her manipulated into playing the game Brody Parker has left his past behind and if discovered certain parties would go to great lengths to see him dead Each has a mission and finds themselves an unwilling pawn between the two C7 players The attraction Sam and Brody felt for each other was dangerous since both feared being double crossed and finding themselves at the mercy of the C7 players The incredible tension danger and timeline amped up the sexual tension and it was delightful seeing these two begin to trust each other We get some heat combined with sweet moments and I found myself rooting for them Deadly Calm and Cold was an intense romantic suspense and I cannot wait to read the next novel Each of the books in this series work as standalone but I recommend reading them all This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Book Reviewer

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    Originally published at Reading RealitySo far the Collectors series is turning out to be the love child of every historical conspiracy treasure hunt series that has ever been written If the first book in the series Lovely Dark and Deep is a cross between National Treasure and Titanic then Deadly Calm and Cold is the product of mixing The DaVinci Code with Indiana Jones In other words we have a treasure hunt for a historic artifact with nasty people on the tail or trail of our heroesThe big difference is that all those other fictional treasure hunters are in it for the glory or the thrill of discovery At any rate they volunteered In the Collectors series that is far from the caseThe evil baddies in the Collectors series are those collectors They are a group of very rich and extremely self indulgent self centered private collectors who will stop at nothing to add rare and priceless artifacts to their private collections They are certainly not above a bit of blackmail or even outright murder to coerce experts into finding the prizes they seek For the C7 it’s all just a big game They get their thrills by grinding people into dust and beating their competition the other C7 members to whatever big prize is in their sightsIn Deadly Calm and Cold the big prize is King John’s lost crown jewels Yes I mean that King John the one in the Robin Hood stories Historically he was the signer of the Magna Carta because he was a despotic ruler even for those times His nobles made him sign the “Great Charter” to protect themselves from his excesses King John also really did lose his crown jewels in the area portrayed in the book the east coast of England where Norfolk meets LincolnshireJust as in Lovely Dark and Deep our story features a woman who is a technical expert on the subject at hand and a man who finds himself in the middle of her search but is hiding somewhere off the beaten path for reasons of his ownSamantha Crowe is a graduate student in history on a one term research fellowship in England to delve into the history of King John’s lost treasure She is also vulnerable to blackmail for some less than noble dealings both before and after college She has a juvenile record for stealing to support her addict mother While her motives were kind of good and kind of enabling what happened is understandable But it isn’t info that she disclosed to her university Neither is her method of getting that research fellowship her professor pulled strings to give it to her as a way of getting her out of the country and keeping her uiet about their now over affair She thought it might be love he was just cheating on his unsuspecting wife with his eually unsuspecting grad studentBut sending dirty pictures to the student newspaper will pretty much kill both their careers Or certainly hers When the C7 member decides that the treasure she is researching is worth his time she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place It doesn’t matter that the pictures are photoshopped by the time any investigation figures that out the damage will be doneBrody Parker gets dragged into hunt because his house is part of the land where John’s treasure might be hidden and because he has secrets of his own Brody Parker isn’t even his real name he’s in witness protection as a whistleblower in a major US racketeering case He’s spent years being paranoid that the mob really will track him down C7 thinks he’s the perfect person to blackmail but the same tech skills that brought down a big piece of organized crime make him the perfect person to help Sam turn the tables on the mysterious C7It helps that the C7 is facing a whistleblower of their very own While the “big boss” is hard to find the guy who is playing both ends against the middle is forced to the conclusion that helping Sam and Brody get out from under is his best chance of a new lifeIn the adrenaline fueled treasure hunt Sam and Brody discover that their best chance of a new life is with each other if they surviveEscape Rating B If this series continues to follow the pattern set in the first two books it’s a winner The woman is the expert and while the man is the muscle he never forgets that they are partners he doesn’t take over everything including her Brody just as Shane did in Lovely Dark and Deep has secrets of his own that make him a perfect foil for SamBoth Sam and Brody like Gillian and Shane before them have a lot of damage that reuires the other to help them heal The way that they start out eually attracted but eually untrusting gives them a difficult road to travel towards each other but makes their love story fit the adventureI loved that the treasure was real there is even a nod to the discovery of Richard III’s body and how medieval treasure can still be found The nods to actual historical events grounded the story in a way that some of the antecedents like The DaVinci Code are not fun as they areIn many ways the villains of the series those C7 Collectors come off as a bit too “bwahaha” evil Providing Sam and Brody with the mundane double crosser to negotiate with brought that mysterious band of evildoers down to earthFor a good time with a heart pounding adventure that has a rocky romance at its center add The Collectors to your collection Sorry that pun was irresistible and so is the series

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    35 rounded upI read this and the first book back to back although they are in a series they can be read as stand alone booksI liked the characters in this book and the plot was interesting A little suspension of disbelief and I enjoyed the read

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    Deadly Treasure HuntThe collectors of C7 are at it again only this time there is dissent in the ranks The search for King John's crown jewels pits two very different people against each other Two Americans with two secrets that they will do anything to protect On one side we have student Samantha tasked with finding the gems on the other side we have artist Brody who to stay alive must stop her by any means The only way to win is the hardest task of all they have to trust each other If they cant they might has well start digging their own graves I listened to both book 1 and 2 back to back for free with Kindle Unlimited and enjoyed every single minute of these emotionally charged fast paced romantic suspense stories Really hope the author writes in the series

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    Very slow startThis story got off to a very slow start I really had to struggle to stay engaged However by the end I did find myself enjoying it a bit Samantha was a hard MC to figure out there were times that I really liked her character and others where she was a bit obnoxious Her whole “celibacy” thing was of a joke than serious which in the end was fun but was annoying to me as an excuse not to open up to Brody I get that her choices in men really stunk just didn’t ring true when using those words

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    Excellent readThe storyline is believable and kept me wanting to read chapter after chapter I look forward to the next book in this series

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    I liked this a lot better than book 1 Much suspense Romance was great too I liked Sam and Brody

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    Samantha Crowe is an American grad student in London studying ancient history After being courted by a rich American businessman in the past week she accompanied him to his rich hotel last night and now she is alone and hung over How could she have fallen for a bad guy once again? But at least he paid for the room and ordered her breakfastBut when she looks inside the envelope he also left for her her appetite is gone He knows everything about her her childhood and her most recent bad past If she doesn’t do as he wants her to he will ruin her her mother and her previous lover She should have known he was too good to be true what businessman would have been interested in her old research? But apparently he believes she is onto something and now he orders her to find the lost Crown Jewels of Bad King John within 30 days or else He has left her a pile of cash and has arranged for one of his buddies to rent her a car so she can go to Swineshead the place where King John died Some think the monks killed him after he slept with the abbot’s wife others think he was ill already when he went to the Abbey Tom has become a member from the C7 because of his gambling debts and the other members think he can be useful to them He is not a millionaire or a megalomaniac like the others he is just as trapped as Sam is And so he will arrange for Sam to have a place to stay but he really does not want her to find the Crown Jewels and see them leave England into the gready hands of “mr Smith” And so he finds Brody who is hiding in the witness protection program and blackmails him into working against Sam while pretending to help her Feeling really bad about it all he finally confesses to his beloved wife and hopes she will forgive him Donna is not happy with him but it is she who enjoys living beyond their means and she will not give up her beautiful home To his surprise she is even ruthless than he is when it comes to protecting themselves And he is not sure he can live with that Sam and Brody meet and Brody certainly feels homesick after talking to Sam for a while He has not had contact with another American in 7 years But he doesn’t trust her thanks to Tom’s story He thinks she is just a gold digger working for her rich boyfriend But when the elements conspire to push them together they finally start trusting each other and sharing their story or at least a part of it And when they work together they just might be able to win I really enjoyed the first book in the series but I think this one is a lot better The characters are acting a bit natural and I could feel the attraction between them Brody has been badly injured in the past and he still has a limp He is a good man and he had to give up his whole life for it But he has made a new life for himself here in England as a painter and made some good friends And now danger has come to his door again in the form of a pretty young woman in trouble Sam had a really bad childhood with a junkie for a mother and her being the one who took care there was food on the table and rent money no matter how she did it Her mother still depends on her to help her out financially even though Sam has to work multiple jobs to support herself through college And now she has gotten herself in this mess will they survive it? Or will they just be killed as they know too much and might figure out who “mr Smith” really is?The treasure hunt became a bit of a side story while the relationship between Sam and Brody and them fighting Tom and his cronies took the stage I would have liked to learn a bit about the treasure though and I certainly would have liked a little bit different ending Still it was a very enjoyable read and journey to follow I did not foresee a lot of the things that happened and I love being surprised by a good story It has a lot of action and danger and mud but also some emotional scenes and some nice love scenes I look forward to reading the next book and then there were 5 8 stars

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    Deadly Calm and Cold by Susannah Sandlin is a 2014 Montlake publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This is book two in the collectors series but if you haven't read the first book no worries You will have no trouble jumping into this one since it reads like a stand alone Samantha finds herself in a real jam after a brief romantic encounter turns into a life and death situation Samantha's research on King John's lost crown jewels has caught the attention of a group of deadly daredevils who call themselves C7 These men are deadly wealthy powerful and love to play games with peoples lives for fun and profit If Samantha's research is correct she could lead them to the centuries old lost treasure Once they have what they want Samantha would be collateral damage Brody is in what amounts to the witness protection program and is making adjustments living outside of the states When he spots a girl with amazing green eyes and an American accent he is intrigued When he discovers she is out to find a lost treasure he is commissioned by a rogue member of C7 to keep her from succeeding This throws the two secretive people together both going by assumed names both with terrible and painful past and both swearing off the opposite sex for personal reasons However there is a spark between them that is becoming and difficult to deny Can they learn to trust one another in order to get themselves out this serious life or death cat and mouse game they are caught in? I really enjoyed this fast paced adventure full of intrigue double crosses and plot twist and of course a healthy dose of romance on the side The author did a good job of incorporating Brody and Samantha's past into the story without losing momentum The story starts off strong and maintains an even pace through out that kept me turning pages I admit I wasn't all that knowledgeable about the history of the lost crown jewels and found myself doing a few uick internet searches to find out Very interesting Beware You could find yourself reading past your bedtime with one Over all this one gets 45 stars rounded to 5

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    A digital copy of this book was provided to me in exchange for an honest review Deadly Calm and Cold is the second book in the Collectors Series Not having read the first book didn't prove to be a problem at all as the author has deftly managed to weave a fully fresh stand alone story with a strong plot and characters From what I've read of the reviews of the first book the over arching theme of the book with some treasure collectors with sinister motives employing read blackmailing powerless pawns to do the dirty work seems to be the one common factor in the series The story revolves around three main threads the collectors' team C7 who are lethally dangerous and will stop at nothing to attain what they are after which happens to be the coveted treasure targets here; Sam who's running away from a lot of things she would rather leave behind which she finds isn't easy to do especially if her secrets are known to nasty people who can blackmail her to do things to avoid exposure especially if the exposure would stop her research fellowship because she had some under hand dealings with the wrong people and an illicit affair with her professor; Brody under protection fearing his life and safety every moment of his life having been a whistleblower and having had inagreeable secrets from the past The three threads are played against one another the C7 always holding the lead in this power game It doesn't help when Sam and Brody are drawn to each other Can they manage to get together shake the C7 off their trails and finally settle down to a happy life is what the book takes us through The book is a wonderful read combining a fast paced thriller with a historical treasure hunt adventure The narrative is brisk crisp and engaging The characterisation isn't deep as I would have liked it to be presumably because there was no space left in the story to delve into the characters' minds as the plot is so strong and fast that it fills up the book I thoroughly enjoyed the read and I definitely recommend it to lovers of thrillers and adventuresMy rating for this book 4 stars