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Moomin is about freedom tolerance and optimism amid frustration loss and fear —Modern Painters Moomin The Complete Lars Jansson Comic Strip Volume Ten welcomes readers back to the beloved world of Moominvalley where pancakes and jam are a perfectly acceptable supper and wealthy aunts can be altogether too fierce to handle The tenth volume of Tove and Lars Jansson's classic comic strip features the macabre and hilarious Moomin and the Vampire and The Underdeveloped Moomins Together the four stories in this collection display the poignancy whimsy and philosophical bent that constitute the Moomins' enduring appeal

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    The final Lars Jansson book unless volume 11 ever comes out? is ok but Lars's Moomin comics tend to rely on gags and new characters than Tove's did It's still fun and often uite funny but I think I preferred some of the previous volumes overall

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    Kirjan tarinoista parhaimmat olivat Muumit ja vampyyri sekä Muumipeikko ja täti Tämän sarjakuvakokoelman tarinat olivat ehjiä kokonaisuuksia eikä tarinat rönsyilleet kovin paljoa Yksittäiset stripit jaksavat naurattaa vielä monen lukemisen jälkeenkin

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    So cute

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    Mistakenly read this ahead of vol9 thanks to a mistake in my library's call # so this is the last instalment of the comic strip Particularly enjoyed Moomin and the vampire