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Storytelling is a common form of communication that people engage in nearly every day When elevated to an art however a talented storyteller has a spell binding ability to bring a story to life Now you too can learn the art and weave your own magic The wonderful world of storytelling is revealed in this uniue resource manual for both beginners and seasoned performers Comprehensive in scope it includes many ideas for finding writing adapting and presenting stories The text is divided into three sections Choosing Stories to Tell Developing Original Ideas and Presenting the Story Story examples and exercises embellish the text throughout and make it very readable Each chapter concludes with discussion uestions and activities This is a uality comprehensive textbook for oral interpretation 288 pages 512 x 812 paperback

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    The only issue I have with this book is how much of it is in bold print to signify that this is a story that is being told Ugh Other than that there are some great ideas on developing the storytelling art and I will go back to some of them when I teach my Storytelling class in May 2014 I liked the definitions and the section on using your body and voice since the performance of the story will probably be the least natural element for my students Since my students will be telling their own stories and only in oral form the planning chapter seemed less useful but then I thought about repurposing the same ideas into a feedback tool in addition to the ideas contributed by the class as to what makes a good story I think that will provide a great mechanism for immediate feedback to each performerI'll have a speaker come in to talk about what stories do for the teller and Cassady touches briefly on this concept as well

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    I enjoy giving speeches and I'm always trying to learn how to improve my speeches so I picked up this book to help me I already knew before I started reading this book that stories are very important to good speeches and anytime you want to influence or persuade someone Despite my interest in the subject I didn't get far with this book It is terrible The example stories weren't compelling and there were LOTS of them After reading a couple of uninteresting stories I skipped a few and started reading Mr Cassady's comments They were few and not helpfulI wondered if perhaps part of the reason the stories weren't compelling to me is that they seemed very outdated I couldn't relate to some of the references and the word choices seemed oddWhatever the reason I found nothing useful or interesting in this book I can't recommend it at all