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A Dog on Barkham StreetAn ALA Notable BookEdward Frost wants a dog of his own And he doesn't want to be bullied by big mean Martin Hastings any Neither wish seems very likely to come true until one day wandering Uncle Josh arrives with a beautiful collie named Argess Suddenly everything begins to change

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    I think I read this ages ago but it must not have made a big impression at the time At least from an adult perspective it's a pleasant uick read that presents good insights into one particular youthful mind I liked how Edward recognizes his own shortcomings The reactions of his parents are interesting not typical but still believable I'm looking forward to reading the other two books in the series The Leonard Shortall illustrations are just perfect for the story

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    First sentence Edward Frost who had his share of problems didn’t see how he’d ever solve the biggest one This was Martin Hastings the bully of Barkham Street Martin was two years older than Edward and there was no solution for this Martin would continue to be two years older until he was a hundred and Edward was ninety eight Edward had a feeling that even then he might not be entirely safePremiseplot Edward our hero has two big “problems” The first is that he is the primary target of the school bully The two are not in the same class but they live next door to each other Martin the “bully” has been held back once possibly twice Edward jokes that Martin is so dumb he probably can’t even read The second is that his “mean” parents won’t let him get a dog To Edward and his best best friend Rod having a dog is the most important thing in the world Edward wants to a avoid Martin at school and home b convince his parents to let him have a dog c magically become good at being responsible without practicing responsibility He’ll get a few opportunities when his uncle a “hobo” or “tramp” comes to stay for a few weeks He brings with him a stray dog that has joined him in his wanderingMy thoughts This was originally published in 1960 It deals with two universals A boy needing wanting having to have a DOG A boy being picked on by a bully The writing is excellent I loved loved loved the narrative voice and style I loved Edward’s relationships with his family and best friend My favorite chapter may be when he tidied up his roomThe bullying I think modern readers would recognize that Edward is a bully too He calls Martin names he insults him teases him for being fat teases him for being held back etc Martin no doubt is a bully physically picking on Edward But who is starting the conflict? Who is inflaming it? Neither is living by the golden rule Neither is showing kindnessI am still not sure what to make of the hobo theme He is choosing not to stay in any one town and not be tied down by a job or possessions He glorifies the wandering nomad life—sleeping out under the stars wherever he wants seeing the world doing life on his own terms uotes “Be sure you soap behind your ears” Edward stopped feeling tender “Mother” he said in a firm patient voice “this isn’t my night for soap”“What do you mean?” she said “It isn’t your night for soap? Every night is a night for soap Soap goes with the bath”“Not with mine it doesn’t” Edward explained “One night soap Next night no soap Why do I have to take a bath every night anyway?” 37It was a funny thing he mused piling things in the box for the Salvation Army that lots of times he asked for things not really much wanting them at all For instance jigsaw puzzles He didn’t actually want any he didn’t even like doing them very much when he got them but the habit of asking was just one he sort of had He asked for Good Humors if the Good Humor Man happened to be around clothes if he happened to be in a store where they sold him toys if he happened to see them in an advertisement or a shop window He guessed that one way and another he asked for something or other every single day whether he wanted it or not Sometimes he got the thing and sometimes he didn’t but anyone could see that the asking annoyed parents 28

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    This was the very first chapter book I read on my own as a little kid Still a charming story Passed it on to two very special boys

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    This could be your typical boy wants a dog and is constantly bullied by the neighbor story Only when you pair it with The Bully of Barkham Street you see that there is much going on here A very nice story on its own but even better when you read both books

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    Matthias' reading page this one aloud to Seamus recently great middle school boy book

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    This book was written by Mary Stolz but the edition I read listed the author as MS Stolz and did not provide any information about the author I wonder if that's because the book is written from the point of view of a boy and she didn't want to scare off boy readers with her name That reminds me of a book I read when I was a young teenager that was written from the boy's point of view I was so disappointed when I saw that the author was female because I was so surprised by the feelings expressed by the 'boy' narrator Oh wellThe events of this book are repeated in The Bully of Barkham Street from the bully's point of view I recommend reading both books

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    A Weekly Reader Book which you would think would have a fairly simple plot It had some depth and insight to it though — dealing with issues such as bullying parent child relationships and especially hoboswanderers It didn’t have simplistic answers and sometimes there were no answers but it was done with a light and sensitive touch I liked it It was like 36667 stars though 😁

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    This one was a read aloud with my boys They loved hearing about Edward Uncle Josh and Argess I found the book surprisingly thought provoking as Edward tries with varying levels of success to see the world from perspectives other than his own

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    This book is fun to read as an adult There are some funny scenes especially the conversation between parents and children As an adult you can relate yourself to many scenes in this story

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    My 8 year old grandson and I read this book together and we really liked it Though the book was written in 1960 it still is very relevant In this book 5th grader Edward has two goals in life to convince his parents that he is responsible enough to take care of a dog and to rid his life of Martin the 6th grade bully who lives next door One day Edward's uncle Josh comes for a visit along with a dog named Argess that he acuired along the way Josh is a wanderer He has no job and just roams the country for new adventures Edward and his best friend Rod are in awe of of Uncle Josh and both fall immediately in love with Argess Josh and Rod eventually find themselves disappointed by Uncle Josh and after a hair raising adventure come to appreciate their parents learn how to handle a bully and are on their way to becoming responsible This heart warming funny and exciting animal story would make a great read aloud for a 4th or 5th grade classroom