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Somehow Gina felt threatenedHer rational mind told her she had no reason to fear Jarvis yet something deep inside warned her of his powerGina had had a schoolgirl crush on Jarvis Now she was woman enough to know that she was being manipulated Her heart was torn between her caring godmother and her godmother's careless arrogant sonThough disturbed and angered Gina had to acknowledge the strong feelings he aroused in her But did Jarvis just want to acuire the Johannesburg property through her or did he really want her for herself?

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    Re Eldorado YW brings us another angst fest galore in this one for the wrecki drama and HP OW craziness this one scores high I leave it to the individual reader to decide if YW reallly makes it work in the end thoThe h in this one is 21 and visiting her godmother when the story opens the h views the godmother as a substitute for her own mother who died when she was 10 The godmother lives in a magnificent house called Eldorado and during the visit it comes out that the mother got it from her estranged husband who died fifteen years earlier The godmother was married they had a son and when they couldn't make the marriage work the godmother demanded the husband's family home to live in She did it to be vindictive and in the process wound up estranging her only child too Both the godmother's husband and her son love the house immensely and feel it is part of their heritage The h discovers that her godmother is very ill her heart is failing and the h is very sad when she realizes that the godmother doesn't have long to live The godmother also does some probing about the h's current relationship status The h is a computer analyst and very good at her job she enjoys it a lot and is also seeing a guy pretty casually and has been for two years Both the godmother and the h's sister in law seem to feel that the h should be married and give her a bit of grief cause she hasn't gone out and fallen in love with the first man who looks at her The h is pretty happy doing her thing she had a crush on the godmother's son at one point when she was 16 and fell out of a tree and onto him However the godmother's son is a big time womanizer and the h very sensibly decides that she can do better than a freuent patron of the lovely lady buffet He also has a very high profile girlfriend at the moment who is a bit notorious So the h dates her guy friend has a lot of other friends and a flat visit's her dad's farm on the weekends and rides her horse Life doesn't get much better in her view The h tries to deflect her godmother's uestions about her love life by asking if she intends denying her son his family home The godmother says she doesn't but she is obviously irate that her son hasn't married yet The godmother does acknowledge that her and her dead husband's mistakes have probably put the son off marriage for life but she has a very calculating gleam about her that causes the h some wariness as she takes her godmother's leaveThen the godmother dies and leaves the h a large amount of money The h doesn't feel she did anything to deserve it and is a bit hesitant about accepting it The godmother's funeral also brings the son back into the h's proximity It soon becomes apparent that the son is very determined to woo the h even tho she is clearly unwilling and also informs him that she doesn't like men who date women behind their girlfriend's backs The H is persisting tho he shows up at her father's farm during the h's weekend visit He keeps calling her at work with the h's assistant who also seemed to think the h should be falling over to throw herself at a man refusing to let the h evade his calls Another employee who should be removed from her position in my pov He shows up at the h's flat with dinner at 1000 at night when she has to work late and when she refuses his dinner invitation later that week he shows up and literally dresses her and drags her outEventually he succeeds in bullying the h into marrying him the h believes they are in love There is also a visit or two from the H's current girlfriend The OW is the typical 2 time married predatory man eater who is very rich from inherited former hubby wealth and she warns the h that the H is not interested in her but using her for some dubious purpose of his own The h figures that the H dumped the OW and that the OW is trying to make trouble so she doesn't believe her The h and H marry and on the wedding day during the reception the h finds out that the godmother made it a condition of inheritance that the H marry the h for a year and live in Eldorado otherwise the house contents get sold and the house becomes a children's home The h is understandably furious and hurt and the honeymoon kinda fizzles except for the H's repeated forced seductions He figures they are married and he may as well enjoy it while he is stuck with it The h is upset and the H doesn't seem to get that sure she is attracted to him but she wanted to be married for love and he lied about pretty much everything She is also irked that the godmother is messing with her life this way and yet she doesn't want the H to lose his home the whole family seems to be pretty ruthless manipulative users and the h is heartbroken and stuck tho she gets some good verbal smackdowns in Things go from bad to worse after the honeymoon with tons of forced seductions and the h resenting it and the H going on about his merry way while telling the h it isn't any big deal The H states that he has to have some compensation for being forced to marry her so the lurve clubbing will continue despite the fact that the two of them can't say anything nice to each other The H and h do manage to establish a truce of sorts but the h isn't too happy about the whole situation The H used her love to manipulate her and she just can't condone that The OW keeps making regular appearances as well she shows up at a restaurant where the H and h are having dinner The H is pretty cold to the OW when she tries to invite herself to their table and there is a nasty OWh encounter in the restroom where the OW tries to figure out how the h got the H to marry her The h doesn't enlighten her and the H tells her she has nothing to worry about with the OW but the h is still uneasy Then the h has a miscarriage She was having a dinner party for the H's birthday when she fell down the stairs She winds up in hospital and then is told about the baby The h is grief stricken cause she did not even know she was preggers The H is pretty standoffish too and doesn't deny it when the h claims he probably wished she had died then he could have the house and his freedom The h goes home to her father's farm to recover the H has nothing to say and on the h's return the H has moved into another bedroom and is studiously avoiding the h Then the OW comes to Eldorado to return the H's tie one day cause he left it at her house and the h is just runs out of patience She returns the tie to the H the next morning along with a pithy little smackdown about how he and the OW deserve each other but they will have to wait to shack up cause she won't be the cause of him losing his home The H feels his integrity is being impugned and tells the h that trust is a valuable commodity and she should try it The h thinks that is rather rich coming from a man who has lied repeatedly but she also loves the H and thinks maybe she should give him yet another chance She calls the H's office to invite him to lunch but is informed that he is out with the OW The H uestions her call when he gets home that night and the h pretty much blows him off since he was out with the OW The H forces a discussion and the h tells him she wants to get her job back The H won't let her and he claims that he is lonely too The h thinks that is hilarious how is he managing to be lonely when he is out all the time working or shacking up with the OW? The H asks how can she believe he has so little decency as to be having an affair and also asks what kind of man she thinks he is The h points out that he had no problems lying to her to get the house and using her feelings for him against her so why should he be any different about cheating? The H still refuses to let her get a job and she asks him why not is it amusing to him to have the OW on tap and the h as backup? This leads to another forced seduction which the H justifies by saying she wanted him too He leaves her a note the next morning he refuses to apologize for his actions but says that they need to have a big discussion about their future The h decides that sooner is better than later and she goes to court to see him defend his client and thinks that maybe she will invite him to lunch after the case recesses The H wins his case but the h is hindered in her lunch invitation when the H goes off with the OW This is the last straw for the h she goes to the family lawyer and finds out that she and the H have to be married and both have to live at Eldorado for year for him to inherit but that doesn't preclude the h having a period away for a vacation if she wants it She decides to go back to her dad's farm for a holiday she leaves a note for the H and tells him she is going to think about her life The h stays at the farm for several weeks while her sister in law keeps telling the h to seduce her husband and just put up with the rest I really wasn't too fond of the woman there was this underlying message from all the secondary female characters that marriage was the end all be all and no matter how much your spouse lies cheats or disrespects you a woman should just be happy to be married and accept all the fertilizer people feed her Then the h gets a call from the H's lawyer that the H wants to file for divorceThe h goes back to Eldorado and the big reconciliation begins with the H saying he will file for divorce and the h saying they can just wait out the year as the house is big enough for them to have separate lives the H starts to say that someone is important than the house and the h badgers him until he admits he has fallen in love with her but as he has treated her so badly he figures divorce and him losing Eldorado is the only way he can prove it He explains that he hadn't slept with the OW since he married the h and the day the h left because he and the OW met up after court was the day that he told the OW to find a new lawyer He says he wanted the OW out of his and the h's life he said his conscience was kicking in and that is why he avoided the h after the miscarriage The h seduces him and tells him she loves him so the divorce is shelved and they are lurvin' it up for the big HEAThis one has all the wrecki angst drama and the H's big confession at the end is okay I had some doubts about his sincerity but the h was happy and so I went with the be happy cause the h is happy trope for this one An epilogue a few years later would have been a big bonus and done a lot for reader reassurance but since there was good chance the H was manipulating the h to keep his house and have his cake with his bit on the side I guess I shouldn't be surprised that YW did not go there Still this one is worth the read for the drama all on it's own YW does the angst very well and if you can avoid the investment in wanting a believable HEA this one is a pretty good read and angst junkies should grab this when they see it

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    35 starsI first read this as a teenager years ago and became an instant Yvonne Whittal fan Her writing reminds me of Penny Jordan's which is a compliment in my eyes Strong passion emotion and tension are all present in this Presents—if that's what one likes which I do A uniue feature that makes Whittal's books stand out in addition to the fine writing is the setting of South Africa I have not read any other books with that locale Apartheid was still active during the time period in which the story takes place but I have never felt any prejudiced undertones in any of this author's books

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    In order to inherit his family home Eldorado Hero must marry his mother's goddaughter The heroine who has always had a crush on Jarvis is wary but he wins her over On the day of their wedding she overhears Jarvis talking about the will and that's where all the problems start There's an OW and lots of sex without words of love view spoiler There's also a pregnancy and a tumble down the stairs This only resolved when Jarvis files for divorce to show that his home doesn't mean as much to him as Georgina does HEA hide spoiler

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    An ambitious title for a mediocre story The Eldorado of this piece is not the famed Inca City nor is this book some swashbuckling adventure in the jungle a la Romancing The Stone Rather it is the name of a mansion filled with antiue tchotkes that the hero can inherit only if he marries the woman his mother has chosen for him The big fat jerk who is decades older than the heroine proceeds to aggressively court her counting on reviving her schoolgirl crush on him and hoodwinking her into marriage without telling her of the clause in his mother's will When she finds out the trick he has played on her she is heartbroken Nevertheless she agrees to have a marriage in name only so the hero can inherit the house free of conditions then they can go on their separate ways once the one year time limit for their marriage runs outDoes the big fat jerk apologize grovel confesses he fell in love with her in the process of conning her respect her wishes for a platonic marriage or make any efforts to court her sincerely in order for the marriage of convenience to ultimately work? Well would he be a big fat jerk if he chose any of those options?Naturally he chooses instead to forcibly seduce her all the way taunting her that her traitorous body speaks louder than her wordsThe heroine who started out feisty smart and level headed with a streak of wildness in her as she tames her beloved stallion Jupiter and gallops round the countryside turns into a melting mush of goo when dealing with her husband and his mistress The evil OW keeps popping up like a bleached blonde Jack In The Box every time the heroine thinks she has made a little progress in her relationship with her husbandThe hero's ultimate gesture of self sacrificing love in order to win back the heroine is tofile for divorce His logic he wants to show her he doesn't care about losing the Eldorado mansion any Oh yeah remember that whole Eldorado deal? eye rollAny comeuppance or setting down of the OW occurs off the page and it is VERY uestionable at that whether the hero really put her off harshly since he wouldn't want to burn bridges with a wealthy influential “client”My guess is that this and future OWs will always torture the heroine while the guy is off paying court to his true love his career I guess I should be happy that the heroine is happy with her lot living in an old dusty mansion and perhaps galloping on her stallion C'est la vie

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    Gina adores Jarvis and she uickly accepts his marriage proposal But when she finds out his reasons for wanting this marriage she is heartbroken Does she love him enough to keep up the charade while knowing that he married her only to get his hands on Eldorado? Can she go through with this marriage?Super angsty story filled with passion misunderstandings and intense emotion Heroine is warm sweet and loving and hero is alpha but he is also a very decent gentle and considerate man I liked how he treated the evil OW and it was obvious to me he was in love with Gina from day one I would have given it 5 stars but heroine's miscarriage kind of ruined the perfection of this book for me

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    This woman had no pride

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    I didn't particularly like this onesomehow the fact that the hero set out to manipulate the heroine by making her fall in love with him didn't sit well with mehe set out to use heroines crush on him for a stupid house he didn't even redeem himself as it was the heroine who came crawling back to himhe didn't even make any effort in their marriage other than brooding or disappearing with the OWI felt bad for the poor heroinehis love declaration at the end was too lame I didn't believe that he really loved the heroine as it took the heroine having a miscarriage and nearly dying for him to realise he cared for herwhat a swine this author doesn't work for me alwaysI hated this herohe was too cold and arrogant and the hero had to practically beg him to declare his lovenot my idea of romance

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    This book is full of misunderstanding and the hero just wanted to use her which I really hated She was a great heroine expect for she did not clear up his misconceptions sooner also I could not see myself doing this marrying for those reasons are just stupid and I would have him tested before sleeping with him Seriously I did not like his attitude towards their physical relationship

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    She was too much self sacrificing for my taste Overall an enjoyable read The plot is good characters are well developed the OW is nasty enough to add a good amount of angst

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    Actually nothing special Jarvis Cain was very annoying I am tired of all of these heroes who go to events lunches dinners or to the houses of the PAex girlfriendclientwhatever and then when the heroine gets insecure and uestions them like Gina did to Jarvis they get all upset and say Oh you should learn to trust because I hate spitefuljealoussuspicious women off She was completely justified in her feelings He married her to get Eldorado a house He fooled her and used her feelings He was dating Lilian Ulrich the OW before the marriage He never clarified for the better his relationship nor did he ever confirm they were done I am happy however that he took some measures to curb the OW's influence and also the way he openly ignored her But being caught with her 50 times out of 51 does make the h feel insecure and that is something to be addressed not put off