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Twenty six short stories of occult metaphysical and fantastical horror that will follow you to the visions of your sleepThis is Sharkchild's third tome of terror It is a complete experience on its own and does not need the previous DARK VERSE volumes to be enjoyed

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    Very ready for this book to be over when I finally forced myself to finish it The stories as a whole are not very good There are a few that stood out as ok but not enough to keep me excited for the next story

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    Good writing but Flawed adaptations So I was conflicted as to whether give this book a three star rating or two star rating On the one hand this book is well written in terms of word choice Care was taken to ensure that each story evoked a strong dark atmosphere where humans are mere prey to forces that they cannot hope to comprehend Not to mention that there are a few good stories here I liked the first story about innovation being a force of creativity and destruction; I liked the story involving the preternatural shopkeeper And yet a majority of the stories feel incompleteThe main issue is that a lot of these stories were made to be read for a podcast and thus acted out thus the brevity of the stories which work in an audio format does not easily translate to the written format So the abrupt endings come off as an unsatisfying conclusion rather than a dark ending Further it is apparent that some of these stories are still ongoing which adds to the No ending feeling that most of the stories five offAll in all I am going to give this a two star rating Not because these stories are inherently bad or because the writing is inherently bad but I feel work was needed to capture the element of the story in the written format

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    I picked this up at Wondercon last year because of the beautifully ornate cover I wish it had not taken me this long to get to it because this is a wonderfully imaginative set of horrordark fantasy short stories The stories are well crafted and the imagery and depth of character is superb Absolutely brilliant storytelling and art Not only will you love the writing but the cover is a book lovers dream for displaying on their shelf I look forward to reading the other books

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    Thought I would give these another try but this was worse than the firstlots of flowery overblown prose with vague stories that aren't really stories or at least not frightening or horrifying

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    Beyond the Grip of Time marks the third volume of M Amanuensis Sharkchild’s “The Dark Verse” a series of books collecting stories that first appeared on the podcast of the same name Sharkchild describes these tales as “occult metaphysical and fantastical horror” but that only scratches the surface of the dark dreamscapes you’ll begin to wander as soon as you open the cover This is the kind of cosmic horror and fantasy that takes you both deep inside yourself and farther away from reality than you’d perhaps care to imagine It is indeed a vicarious journey beyond the grip of time and Sharkchild’s singular vision is rendered succinctly through his archaic writing styleThe book itself as a physical object is a work of art The purple faux leather hardcover with its glossy golden illustrations one on the front and one on the back is stunning to look at and soft to the touch and the weight of it pairs well with the psychological weight of the strange tales it contains There are also two full color two page illustrations on the front and back inner cover as well as a one and a half page black and white one preceding each story These gorgeous illustrations provided by John F Stifter are detailed yet still give just an enigmatic inkling of what’s to comeThere are twenty six stories here most of them being only a few pages in length but skimming through the table of contents to see titles like “The Thief of Timeworn Lives and his Fortress” and “The Truncation of Being By Folding Flesh” will give at least a bare idea of the overall tone of the collection These are tales of people entwined in the inner workings of forces far beyond our ordinary range of perception Many of the main characters are either adepts or acolytes in various occult paths Some are merely ordinary people caught up in extraordinary things by no fault of their own Almost invariably there’s the sense that in Sharkchild’s fictional world humanity is merely like a grain of sand in a vast and vastly unknowable desert Whether the story falls into the horror or fantasy genre chaos tends to trump order at times literally tearing it apartThere are stolen and murdered souls dark bargains best left alone the exploration of worlds beyond worlds people playing God in the most clinical manner flesh offered and flesh taken the innocently spoken words of Unthinkable Curses and a whole host of obscene and terrifying creatures brought to vivid life There’s all of this and a lot This third volume of The Dark Verse reads fine as a standalone collection of weird fiction but given the depth of imagination in the stories and the book’s immaculate presentation you’ll likely find yourself wanting to pick up the other volumes as well Beyond the Grip of Time is a beautiful tome all around Highly recommended review originally posted at hellnotescom

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    I met M Amanuensis Sharkchild in person at BookCon in 2014 not too long after this came out I would have bought Vol 1 or 2 if he had any left in stock but he didn't and I decided I liked him during our conversation so I bought this oneHaving then just started delving into Lovecraft this kindled my interest I will say that it certainly nailed most of the vocabulary and appropriately approaches the cosmic horror genre with its otherworldly feelings just beyond human comprehensionHowever I found the stories too often falling flat Conceptually they were comparable to some of Lovecraft's own work and significantly less racist I might add which is a plus to Sharkchild In fact he refrained from referencing that particularity of Lovecraft's entirely I felt that each story was too short and too grandiose I think the genius in Lovecraft's writing is the reader never really learning what's going on but getting hints at what MIGHT be going on Colour Out of Space is my favorite story of Lovecraft's because it never explicitly answers any uestions which makes it all the scarier The narrator in most of these stories explains exactly what's going on which unfortunately removes several missed opportunities for horrorComplete side note I thought the illustrations in the book were gorgeous The book itself will be a stunning visual on my shelf

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    I won this book in a giveaway contest finally finished itI have to say this book is amazing Just like the artwork for each story the tales within are complex and thought provoking Those who disliked this book are readers who like every detail to be written out in simple terms These stories are written beautifully and really take imagination and deep reflection to understand If you love mysteries complex horror or stories that make you think then this book series is for you Honestly the fact that these stories are so obscure makes them so much realistic like situations you might come across in real life The universe itself is difficult to comprehend after all So people who prefer simplicity would do best to stay away Intellectuals on the other hand should love this bookSince volume 3 is the only book from this series that I've read I have already made up my mind to collect the first two I do love psychological horror

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    I won this book from the Goodreads contest and finally had a chance to read it How I received this book has no impact on my reviewI loved the cover and interior design of this book It is a gorgeous book I wish I could say the same about the stories While the writing was good I really just didn't get the stories I didn't understand them I didn't find them scary and mostly I was just plain baffled by them I actually gave up reading about a third of the way through I forced myself to slog through further than I wanted to trying to give the stories a chance but my continuing bafflement at any meaning or plot made me give up I didn't find any of them scary or even mildly thought provoking This really just wasn't for me and I was sad this was the case given the beautiful cover and wonderful illustrations at the start of each story

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    The third book of the trilogyYet another very impressive set of short stories from author Sharkchild I read through all three books always excited to see what the next story would hold and I was definitely not disappointed Now I am going to move on to his next book

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    It was an okay book Not as scary as I thought it would be