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Impressions Of An Expatriate is an honest firsthand examination of one expat's experiences living in China dealing with culture shock racism and assimilation From his encounters with children grown in cages to bears fighting to the death in a pit at the base of the Great Wall Jelen’s poems leave little to the imagination with haunting vivid portraits that will take you on a trip

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    Peter Jelen's writing is refreshingly original and always highly entertaining Black humour deviance astute observations and tightly written it's just brilliant This book is also a great insight into the expat experience with none of the utopian Instagramblogger bullshit many expats and travellers like to project It's brutally shockingly honest Peter is one of my favourite writers a big talent

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    I absolutely adored this book It was so easy to read unlike most poetry I don't even now if I'd call it poetry It was like a friend telling you a story about his experiences in China Made me want to go there

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    There is not a bad poem in this book and one great ending after another and each poem a world in itself and when read together a universe unfolds A book of much than impressions Interesting as hell Highly accessible poems written in crystal clear language provide a look not only into a culture Chinese but into a poet's mind and heart Funny provocative bittersweet and a clearer look into Chinese culture than any guide book ever written could provide Wayne F Burke

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    Good stuff Wonderful poetry chapbook Peter Jelen's IMPRESSIONS OF AN EXPATRIATE CHINAPeter Jelen sent me an advance copy of his chapbook IMPRESSIONS OF AN EXPATRIATE CHINA and I read it all in one sitting Couldn't put it down I think it's great It knocked my socks offI think IMPRESSIONS OF AN EXPATRIATE CHINA is amazing vivid details rich kind of felt sensory overload when I finished reading it A rush of sights and sounds and smells and sensations Told directly and clearly in a conversational tone that made me feel like I was listening to the author relating first hand his adventures and impressions of living in China Jelen's poems created a vivid and intense picture of the things he saw and heard and smelled evoked detailed and precise images that linger in my mind as I write this I first saw his poem The Great Wall at the BareBack Magazine website He posted it there as a sample of the poems that are included in his EXPAT chapbook BareBack Magazine is the online and print journal that Jelen edits and publishes When I first read The Great Wall at the BareBack website I wrote and told Jelen that I think his poem The Great Wall which appears on pages 39 41 of his chapbook is wondrous and amazing and vivid and disturbing a great poem wonderful Sigh And after reading the entire chapbook I now know that there are MANY poems in the book that I feel the same way about vivid wonderful memorable poems told directly clearly almost dispassionately yet with the sense that as Jelen observes everything going on all around him and as he sees it happening he's taking it in and becoming wise in the ways of the world losing any innocence that he might have had replacing it with a sense of world weariness and yet world amazement at the same time Learning lessons that seemed downright painful How To Lose 30 lbs in Three Months for example Getting sick from the water that he was drinking a terrible thing to have gone through And as I read that poem I felt that I as well as Jelen was learning the true meaning of 3 grades of water I also found Context page 18 downright educational Finding out what one could buy for a certain number of kuai Those kinds of details just added another level of reality to the whole situation of living where he was living Jelen is generous in the details he provides and creates a vivid and enthralling picture of a very alien place At least a place that seems VERY alien to me I think it's a great book I am grateful that Pete Jelen sent that advance copy to me I understand the publication date is set for September 1 2014Once IMPRESSIONS OF AN EXPATRIATE CHINA gets published I definitely recommend that people buy a copy of this chapbook People should read this chapbookThere was one thing that came through to me as I read IMPRESSIONS OF AN EXPATRIATE CHINA that I hadn't really thought about before I once asked Jelen a Canadian citizen why he lives in South Korea that's his current place of residence and I think he said something like hell I don't know why I'm here But I think something he said in the afterword of the EXPAT book kind of answers my uestionWhen you get to be thirty years old it's hard tofind yourself fascinated and excited In China every day wasfascinating and exciting for me and I can't say I've been able toduplicate the freuency of those feelings sinceI think I kind of get it now I think Peter Jelen likes excitement and adventure I think he's young and restless and well kind of wildAnyhow I enjoyed IMPRESSIONS OF AN EXPATRIATE CHINA immensely and I highly recommend this chapbook I hope it achieves the wide readership that it very much deserves My advice Get a copy of Peter Jelen's IMPRESSIONS OF AN EXPATRIATE CHINA just as soon as it becomes available Good stuff Wonderful poems Carl Miller Daniels

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    Having read Peter Jelen's fiction I was thrilled to see his book of poems release This collection does two important things it provides a view from inside another part of the world not experienced by most AND it generously offers Poet as Narrator There are many poets who write well but are unable or unwilling to connect with their reader through the poems Walking away from these poems one knows Jelen or can guess one knows an older version of him Honesty is there humility appropriate detail humor unfortunate circumstancesLIFE in other words And Jelen also experiments on the page to get his point across often with visual assistance beyond the words This is a small but fine fulfilling book of poems Fresh direct accessible yet daring exactly what poems in my opinion should be I do anticipate his next collection and recommend this book to anyone considering themselves a fan of progressive modern poetry

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    I could almost hear the author talking as I read the poems written in a raw and honest voice the poems were enlightening interesting and at times both disgusting and hilarious I have never been to China but after reading this book I feel like I can speak to and possibly provide third party insight on any discussions on living in China in the future I also enjoyed the context interludes between poems I look forward to reading works by Peter Jelen in the future

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    Great little book of poems I particularly enjoyed the casual style of the poetry Felt like a conversation happening between the author and reader By the end of it I felt as if I was in China or at least gained an insight into what it would be like to live there

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    WOW Completely aware of what Jelen is going through over there My favorite poem is Goodbye Shanghai it completely summed up the book

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    I'm not huge on poetry but this is a must read I loved Jelen's casual narrative style Everyone will learn something from this book