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Beneath the factory floor lives an orphaned girl named Veda Watched over by the diligent Assembly a robot that works the production line Veda discovers a uniue power she can speak to machines Under the tutelage of Assembly she learns the three laws of the machines But it's the unspoken secret fourth law avoid the Gremlin that's piued young Veda's interest and leads her down a dangerous and compromising path on her journey of self discovery

10 thoughts on “Veda

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    Sophisticated little sci fiPicked it up thinking I might booktalk it to middle schoolers but decided it was too tricky to follow for a mass audience Human girl grows up in a factory raised by nonhumanoid robots The dialog between the kid and the machines is rendered in symbols similar to the Owly comics by Andy Runton but with much less universal symbols I figured it out but it took some brainFull color lots of detail in the illustrations Creepy little gremlin character takes it a touch out of the sci fi realm for purists I uite liked the originality all toldGive it to fans of the Rust books by Royden Lepp or The Supernaturalist The Graphic Novel

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    Pretty cute little book about a girl raised by machines a gremlin not at the same time There were definitely some times it could have made sense the gremlin messes things up in the factory but is also in charge of the robots sort of? But all in all it was cute and fun

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    Some genuinely amazing moments combine with excellent artwork to produce an awesome book Highly recommended especially if you enjoyed Better Off Ted

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    It was alright i liked it

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    I liked the familial moments between Veda and Assembly and the stark contrast when the Gremlin takes over parenting in a way I thought the premise was really uniue and interesting and I liked the usage of symbols but I didn't really care about Veda I didn't dislike her either and the ending confused me a bit 25

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    Once I got the rhythm of the computer language I loved the flow Super clever premise and the art is bright machine colors against a grey factory background Thought provoking and entertaining all at once

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    Loved this story about a girl raised by the machines in a factory Veda is adorable

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    Probably not the greatest but I really enjoyed it and found the robot language interesting

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    A cute story something like The Jungle Book with machines instead of wolves

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    Veda's mother works at a factory One day finding herself without childcare she brings her young daughter to work with her Not wanting to get in trouble she hides Veda Unfortunately a gremlin gets into the machines and she is killed in an accident leaving her coworkers unaware of Veda hidden away in the factory The machines know and they take on the task of raising her warning her to watch out for those evil gremlins Interesting and well done