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This Updated Career Guide For Teens Draws On The Principles Of What Color Is Your Parachuteto Help High School And College Students Zero In On Their Favorite Skills And Find Their Perfect Major Or CareerNo Idea What You Want To Be No Worries This Fun, Rewarding Guide Draws On The Time Tested Principles Of The Career Classic What Color Is Your Parachuteto Help You Discover Your Passions, Skills, And Potential College Majors And Dream Jobs Why Now Because When You Identify Your Interests And Passions Early, You Can Make Informed Decisions On What Additional Schooling And Tuition Debt Makes Sense For Your Chosen Field With Fresh Updates On The Specific Challenges Of Today S Job Market, This New Edition Features Activities And Advice On Information Interviewing, Social Media, Internships, And Most Importantly, It S Packed With Big Picture Advice That Will Set You Up To Land The Job That S Perfect For Who You Are And Who You Want To Be Enlightening Remember the original hanging around my house, and this is written for teens without cheesy references My high school seminar students will benefit from the practical strategies IF my grant for a class set of books is funded No I love CSI so I will be in forensic scientist These activities will provide an avenue for informed choices. Was very helpful in allowing me to discover myself It reconfirmed what I felt was the right career path for me and gave useful insights into job searching, financing my education and basically, how to find the right job once you know which job you want However, given my situation being outside of the US and all, some parts of the book were not as applicable but still good to know. I am ashamed of myself On the very same day that I started reading this book, I gave it up I started reading it because I had decided that I would use this summer in a productive way The particular productive way was to explore different career options, then what I would need to study in college to pursue those careers, and then start narrowing down my college options.This book really didn t help me with that I got bored quickly, and quickly gave it up Not to mention, it also made me feel pretty crappy about my lack of transferrable skills Needless to say, I quickly lost interest and stopped reading. DISCLAIMER I RECEIVED THIS BOOK FOR FREE AS PART OF THE BLOGGING FOR BOOKS PROGRAM, IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW NO OTHER FORM OF COMPENSATION WAS GIVEN, AND ALL OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN THIS REVIEW ARE MY OWN OVERVIEW I love science I love computers, making them bend to my will programming them, and technology That all adds up to Computer Science, of which I will major in However, that decision hasn t always been concrete In order to major in the sciences, one had to possess an inordinate amount of intelligence, I thought I ain t that smart, I thought So, I took personality tests, major quizzes, everything I could get my hands on Still Computer Science Still, I wasn t sure I scoured the sites of colleges I was interested in, but they didn t answer my question Am I really qualified for this Then, I started to read books like WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE Cue light bulb moment.I got the skillz, and I can totally pursue my major With confidence, ya ll.Many of us are at that stage of life when deciding a career path is, well, stressful So, I had high hopes for this book Now, at first, I thought WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE was going to be one of the follow your dreams kind While I m all for my dreams of becoming a published author, I m not exactly smart enough to make any real money off my writing yet So, I typically avoid books like that They re a little impractical.Thankfully, this book surprised me The authors know what they re talking about, and even this Google addict learned a whole lot about careers and college majors It s easy to pick a college major once you discover what kind of jobs you re interested in The authors of this book know how to talk us youngsters Its language is simple, and any technical jargon is explained This book is an excellent resource, written to help you do just that.WHAT S IT ABOUT There are three sections to WHAT COLOR IS YOUR PARACHUTE view spoiler DISCOVER YOUR DREAM JOB And Plot to Get ItON THE WAY TO YOUR FUTURE Help If You Don t Know Where to GoLAND YOUR DREAM JOB Create Your Ideal Life and More hide spoiler I thought this book was helpful for the most part In my opinion certain parts of the book are best to read at certain points in your life Like part one is best to read when you re in 8th or 9th grade and part three is like for when you re in college, searching for your first job dealing with your major I found this section kind of over whelming since I m not there yet I m only going to be a senior in high school I would recommend this book to anybody who wants advice for finding a perfect job career and interview question etc. This book has a lot of helpful information and advice I read it through, and now I want to go back and do some of the exercises that I think will be helpful as I start my own business I liked how the writing was professional, but easy to follow and to read I would recommend this to any of my teen young adult friends, with the reminder that the world thinks differently than Christians, and so the why we do what we do may differ a bit from the book s philosophy May your future dream job, and your future life, be lived to the glory of the Lord God. I flipped through this book and think it may be a good resource for teens who are not sure who they want to be Although my kids seem to be set on their chosen professions, I will keep this book in mind in case they change their mind Just to note, this book seems like a lot of work You really need to be determined and motivated to zero in on the best fitting profession in order to benefit from this book. While this was very useful to me and the exercises appealed to me, I found that I just didn t want to put the effort required into copying all the charts and pictures and everything so I could actually do them I borrowed the book As a result, I didn t really get much from it I still liked it, though, and it s a wonderful book, which is why it has three stars.