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A blade flashed Hardacanut pawed at it slapped against the flat but felt the edge bite his palm He pivoted into the wielder drove his sword up under a shield and cast the dying man down the ladder When Ivar the Boneless heathen Viking king of Dublin rampages through the petty kingdoms of Anglo Saxon England it's a chance for anybody with the courage to master their own fate Hardacanut the Berserker must prove himself worthy of Ivar's elite warband by carving a path to victory at the head of his own unruly band of warriors and freebooters Young Ecbehrt of Bamburgh a young English earl yearns to escape the schemes of his king and flee into a wider world but the Vikings are coming and war is in his blood Meanwhile two ruthless women refuse to accept their place in what's supposed to be a man's world Princess Ymma amateur witch will do anything to become a ueen Lathgertha king Ivar's axe wielding sister needs to take the head of a chieftain in battle in order to join the shieldmaiden Raven Sisters In the Dark Ages anything is possible as long as you have a sword in your hand and warriors at your back

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