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Miss Jessie's is a memoir and business guide rich with inspirational life lessons and uniue business advice from Miko Branch the Chief Executive Officer of the dynamic Miss Jessie’s — the company that revolutionized the hair care industryWhen Miko and her sister Titi were children their grandmother Miss Jessie taught them independence and showed them the value of being “do it yourself” women all while whipping up homemade hair concoctions at her kitchen table As co founders of Miss Jessie's Miko reveals how she and Titi applied those lessons to create a successful business from scratch A family memoir with a wealth of practical business advice and handy hair tips told in Miko's funny and relatable voice Miss Jessie’s is her remarkable story — from her childhood learning independence as a latchkey kid in Jamaica ueens to building a highly regarded company with her sister in their shared home salon in Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn Miko reflects on her hard won insights working for her autocratic iron fisted father and how the self sufficiency she learned in childhood helped her blossom as a single mother with bills to pay a child to raise and a dream to pursue She speaks honestly of her mistakes and successes and of her role as an industry leader negotiating multi million dollar deals while at the same time restoring the self esteem of natural and curly haired womenCharming and enlightening chock full of entertaining stories and invaluable instruction that can be applied to any business and illustrated with 16 pages of photos Miss Jessie's confirms that with effort the American Dream is possible

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    Okay so before I share my thoughts on how incredibly inspiring this book is I want to mention how irked I am that they have the title listed incorrectly on here I scanned the barcode on the back of the book and this is the title that popped up even though the image of the book's front cover says something totally different; but I digress LOLI've heard of the Miss Jessie's brand but haven't had the pleasure of using any of their products I am also fully aware of the passing of their co founder Titi Branch Still I was interested in knowing how the Branch sisters got their start so I borrowed their memoir from the library Their story is very inspiring even for people like me who don't have a small business of their own These sisters hustled their butts off to accomplish their professional goals they literally setup their own manufacturing distribution center in the basement of their brownstone Given the instant gratification age that we live in reading about this level of ambition and hard work is refreshing especially for those of us out here who understand that consistent success reuires rolling up your sleeves and being willing to learn do everything I'd love to hear Miko Branch speak in person one day in the future

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    I read a pre final edited galley copy This is s great and deeply revealing read I have been inspired to get my career and ideas in action Miko's warmth and natural love shines through in the bookTiti and Miko changed the world This book is s chance to see how it all happened

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    In the preface Ms Branch demystifies some of the traditional concepts to be a multimillion dollar company such as needing a MBA money to transition into a business contacts andor loans or find investors She exemplifies that it is not so much about a money enterprise but the authentic reflection of what you stand for She adds your uniue life stories into your business dreams She has given jewels of inspiration to aspiring business or entrepreneurs Be the best representative for your brand You have to dress act and have manners because it speaks highly about your self worth and also has a direct impact on your business relationships With trends what works for you and disregard the rest With your challenging experiences makes you a better business leader; we also have to understand the sacrifices as well as the rewards of becoming an entrepreneur may be short on many things in business and still succeed but you can't even be short on passionShe also states know when it's time to make a change We have to discern or be alert to the right moment for making a leap because nothing holds you back than clinging to the safety of status uo and add complacency What I gathered from this reading do you pay attention to your failed moments to catapult you into your successful season? Wrong path can lead to your motivation Right thing seems to be the easiest revelation

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    As an entrepreneur myself I enjoy reading about others' forays into the world of business Miko and Titi had an amazing story to tell While the copy I received had not been fully edited yet it still contained enough of the basic premise to make me want to recommend this book to many women out there who are entrepreneurs or aspiring ones as it is nice to know that you aren't alone and we all face difficulties on our paths I enjoyed learning about their products and how they were able to make things work without the need to heavy amounts of financing or loans Great read and great way to promote their product which I of course started considering for myself

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    Took about two weeks to get through this book Overall I liked it Something felt a bit off about only one of the sisters writing it and I couldn't uite get over that feeling the whole time I read it I did like the details about their background and how their family influenced their future I was inspired to start my own business but also cautioned and informed to take it slow and be my own best advocate

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    I loved the personal narrative and voice of Miko Branch I felt like she was talking to me the entire time; telling me how she went from her early stage salon in her apartment in Brooklyn to on the shelves at Target and featured countless times in beauty industry media bubbles I highly suggest reading this business tell all if you are creating an innovative and scalable product and trying to break into the retail world

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    Love love love this book Even if you aren't trying to build your own business it's very inspirational

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    Great BookLearning from others on their stride to build a great business

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    This book was nothing short of inspirational I love her easy prose and candor Not only a good read but very good ideas and advise for new and aspiring entrepreneurs LOVED IT