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This is the 3rd edition of this text New in this edition is my translation of an old Philippe Lenormand instruction sheet c1850 from German into English in an effort to understand the original or traditional meanings of the cards My goal in writing this e book was to organize my notes about the original images and traditional card meanings used by cartomancers during the decades after the Lenormand deck made its first appearance in Germany during the 19th century I was also interested in the names given to the cards and the linguistic connotations and implications of those choices of words In the Appendix of edition I have reproduced some of the public domain information about coffee grounds divination to which the Lenormand owes much of its symbolism as well as stories related to the Lenormand card images because these stories were part of the popular culture of the time The Lenormand cards used to illustrate this text are the creations of Jose Manuel Belloso Talavera of Barcelona who kindly gave permission for their use in this text If you read this book and would like to give feedback please consider leaving a review here on

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