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It’s the first night of Hanukkah and the mouse family secretly looks on as Mr Silman lights the first Hanukkah candle Then they watch Rachel Silman open a gift from her family a beautiful dollhouse with a wraparound porch and tiny lace curtains Just the right size for us whispers Mindy Mouse While the Silmans are asleep the mouse family explores the dollhouse On each night of the holiday they enjoy the small pieces of furniture and dishes of food that magically appear Finally on the eighth night of Hanukkah a small miracle occurs showcased nicely in Michelle Shapiro’s colorful gouache illustrations

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    This one didn't do a lot for me If the reader doesn't know about Hanukkah already it might leave one with uestions than answers Also why didn't the little girl find the Jewish mouse family the little male mice were wearing yarmulkes in her new dollhouse a little creepy? Maybe I wasn't feeling very imaginative when I read this book

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    Summary Each night of Hanukkah Rachel receives something new for her dollhouse It's the mice who come at night who enjoy these pieces Review Ummm I didn't love this book for two reasons 1 It didn't really talk about Hanukkah except in the sense that Rachel got presents It did say that her dad said prayers when he lit the candle but that was it The focus was on the presents 2 Ick What girl sees a family of mice living in her dollhouse and encourages them Blegh I appreciated the spirit of giving that Rachel had for the mice but I didn't register it enough to make up for the present focused nature of Hanukkah I mean at least they could have explained the menorah?

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    35 starsThis cute little picture book makes for a fun Hanukkah read We get to see a few Hanukkah traditions and we get to see a mouse family enjoy the new home the little girl has made for them from her Hanukkah giftsNot a masterpiece but a fun and cute book that I would recommend

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    DelightfulFantastic children's book Rachel shares her Hanukkah gifts and doll house with the mouse family Love the parallels in the story A great read

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    Absolutely adorable

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    i learn something every day got 3 Jewish reads i didn't know mice were Jewish i was curious so good great illustrations well done

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    I liked this book only because it showed diversity in religion which I think is important because not every student will share the same religion As for the story itself it was very predictable after a few pages into the story I did not like the rest of the story because it did not have much to do with Hanukkah it just mentioned the little girls family practicing lighting a few candles I do not think it could be used solely alone for teaching students about the religion but it is a cute story about mice living in a doll house

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    A mouse family lived in Mr and Mrs Silman and their daughter Rachel's home In the house family there is Mama mouse Papa mouse and their children Mitchell and Mindy It was the day of the year to celebrate the Jewish holiday Hanukkah The mice rushed up and out on the couch to watch Mr Silman lift the sham me candle say prayers and light the first Hanukkah candle which is the middle candle of the Menorah Then it was time to give Rachel her first gift which was a beautiful doll house Mitchell and Mindy mouse decided that the doll house was just right for their family Mr Silman took the doll house to Rachel's room and when Rachel fell asleep the mice family explored the doll house On each night of Hanukkah Mr Silman lit another candle in their Menorah and Rachel received another gift First there was a tiny wing back chair and a matching stool The third night there was a little sofa The little girl Rachel woke up at night to peek in the doll house windows to watch the happy mouse family There were gifts given with each candle that was lit for the doll house tiny plates of tiny latkes with apple sauce on them potato pancakes More furniture was added along with Hanukkah gelt which is chocolates wrapped in gold paper that look like coins Dreidel a special shaped top a Hanukkah cloth for the dining room table and best of all a miniature Menorah the mice family can use for their very own This Menorah had electric candles to keep the family safe Rachel watched the Mice's activities and when she went to bed she pulled up the covers and smiled Michelle Shapiro Illustrated this book Her excellent illustrations are done in gouache The pictures are colorful uncluttered and fun to study This book is excellent for children who do knot know about Jewish traditions to learn about them I think this book is a useful tool to fight against prejudices This is a very delightful book and I highly recommend it

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    This is a trimmed down version of my review to view the full review visit The Book RambleThis cute children's book is perfect for Hanukkah as it tells the story of a family of mice who get to enjoy their Hanukkah as one little girl shares her gifts with them each night I enjoyed the story enough though I think it was a little dull The illustrations were not my favourite they were all painted but they were a little bland without much depth While it's not my favourite Hanukkah book ever I do think it was cute enoughThe story is a little dull it just basically consists of a list of gifts the girl gets each night that the mice react to I think the writing was a little advanced for young kids as there were a lot of vocabulary words beyond the level of children who would be reading picture books stillThe art was alright It's all painted and looked alright the one issue I had was there was so much empty space when there could have been a lot done on each page It was just rather boring to look at There was a lot of big empty spaces painting one colour without any depth and I would feel uite bad showing this to a kid because there's not a lot to look atThere aren't a lot of options for kids Hanukkah books or at least I never felt there were growing up I think this was alright though there are definitely others I've liked a lot better

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    The Silman Family is celebrating the 8 nights of Hanukkah but they are not alone Throughout the story a small family of mice join in on the celebration Rachel Silman receives a beautiful doll house as her first gift of Hanukkah As the eight night's of Hanukkah continue Rachel continues getting presents from her parents These presents include different pieces of small furniture for her doll house Rachel becomes aware that the mice have been exploring the doll house and enjoys watching them do so Kroll exposes the reader to different traditions that take place during this celebration Some of these traditions are lighting the eight candles of the menorah receiving gifts and spending uality time with your loved ones As the mice family watch the Silman family they mimetic the way that the Silman's celebrate Hanukkah in the doll house The illustrations by Shapiro include colorful bright colors and cartoon drawings