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Tony's comics are my favorite kind funny warm and deeply human You will tear through this book and immediately want to read Nick Bertozzi Persimmon Cup and The Salon Kickstarter funded compilation of Finn and Charlie are a Hitched comics

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    The fourth volume of Breed's Finn and Charlie Are Hitched webcomic series described as a ueer hipster slice of life this collection features Breed comic regulars Charlie and Finn a married couple and their friends as they navigate relationships jobs and social issues This collection includes vignettes about parenting the nuances of open relationships and knowing your own worth at your job Breed's characters are lively relatable and poignant as they go about their daily lives It is a great reflection on everyday problems and the humor within

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    From my back cover blurbI find Tony Breed's Finn and Charlie are Hitched consistently charming and sneakily subtly funny His characters and dialogue hum with their own peculiar offbeat rhythms It's a winner for sureThat's my story and I'm sticking to it A delight from start to finish

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    Months of waiting15 minutes worth of reading That being said I loved the content and am very glad I supported this project through Kickstarter My only complaint is that I want