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Lady Irene Trulington fears for her beloved father his new addiction to disastrous gaming leading him into the dangerous Duke of Belville's set But when the duke is revealed as a traitor to the crown the gambling losses her father has sustained are nothing to the suspicions of treason he and the rest of the duke's set now face Julian Waterton Maruis of Bravestoke must stop Nathaniel Rutherfield confederate of the Duke of Belville and traitor to the crown from escaping with vital secrets to France or see the woman he loves Lady Irene Trulington ruined But when the traitor's flight from London ends at Lady Irene's home in Bath Julian must uestion his blind belief in the lady's innocence With the fate of a father and a nation's secrets standing between them neither Lady Irene nor Julian trusts the other With their previous courtship ending in disaster each will protect their heart And when the lady's drawing room becomes a scene of murder both their lives will change Romantic suspense author Sharon Louise turns to Regency England in Murder at Bath a regency romantic suspense novella Approximately 23300 words

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    Sorry but I couldn't get past the first few pages The author needs to use full stops