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Wars of the 20th Century 20 Wars That Shaped The Present World brings together twenty wars from the previous century into one convenient easy to read collection Fully explored are the following wars Cambodian Civil War Vietnamese Invasion of Cambodia Chinese Civil War Landing Operation on Hainan Island Anglo Afghan War of 1919 1947 1948 Civil War in Palestine 1948 Arab Israeli War Bosnian War Kosovo War Nagorno Karabakh War First Congo War Second Congo War Angolan War of Independence Angolan Civil War United States Occupation of Nicaragua 1912 1933 Nicaraguan Revolution 1961 1979 and Counter Revolution 1981 1990 Football War Dirty War Chaco War and 1932 Salvadoran Peasant Uprising Various types of wars are represented eg independence wars civil wars revolutions counter revolutions politicalideological wars borderterritorial wars ethnicsectarian wars etc as are wars from the major continents ie Europe Asia Africa and the Americas Each of the war is treated as a separate article constituting a “chapter” and begins with an explanatory “Background” to the war before proceeding to the combat phases “War” No preliminary knowledge of the wars is assumed; each stand alone narrative uses plain non technical language and basic maps to convey the causes fighting stages results and conseuences of the wars Wars of the 20th Century 20 Wars That Shaped The Present World was written for the general readership and purposed to be used as a casual read or a convenient source of information on a particular country’s military history

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