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A perfect chilly read for steamy summer nights Alexa P Sexy Stories IncImaginative and so very hot Lorien definitely knows how to write a sex scene that is both racy and withholding for just the right amount of time Anonymous Erotic Reads DailyThe Grey SightAn Erotic Paranormal Novella about ghosts graveyards and things that make you moan in the nightLily Harrow is your not so average ancestry obsessed woman who prefers graveyards to bars and history over the present In particular she has always been to drawn to the mysterious grave of a man without a past a grave belonging to one Chase Husher When lightning strikes uite literally a traumatic and erotic event she is gifted with the Grey Sight The Grey Sight enables her to see Grey Walkers an ancient clan of houses dead set on murdering those with the sight Among the walkers is the handsome Chase Silver Tongue Husher Lily's mysterious obsession and soul mate Chase devastatingly sexy and famous for his clever way with words has waited a very long time for Lily Harrow and will let nothing alive or dead get in his way For she has aroused something deep within him and he will have to fight to keep and consume every inch of herIn Lily Chase has found a willing playmate for the bedroom who can give his life the meaning it lacks In Chase Lily has discovered that the man of her most intimate sexual desires is also the one who holds the key to her survival and her futureTogether Lily and Chase will scale cliffs leap from trains and unleash a forbidden and uncontrollable passion that could crack the very foundations of the Grey Walker's existence

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