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Cursed to bear 12 sets of twins in 12 years by 12 different men? That is twenty year old innocent Adara Lane’s terrible fate until a reluctant warlock steps in altering one significant part of the spell thus creating a new destiny for both of them Like the heroic knight from her childhood fairy tales he rescues her at the moment the spell is manifested While she’s grateful for his help being bound to an overbearing controlling potentially violent man who may never love her who despises what she is? Wellforgive Adara if she believes she would be better off had he just minded his own business and left the rescuing to someone else But this troubled knight in tarnished armor seems to need Adara as much as she needs himBowie Marston knows he’s damaged goods Home from a tour of duty in Vietnam suffering shell shock the young man discovers his family destroyed because he wasn’t in LA to protect them After witnessing the senseless deaths of his comrades overseas the death of his parents only deepens his disenchantment with the world Blaming his parents’ murder suicide on their involvement in magick Bo vows to never use his own latent powers It’s too late to rescue his family On the other hand it’s not too late to rescue a beautiful young woman caught up in a web of danger Knowing what he does about witchcraft can he involve himself in a spell that spans a lifetime a spell that ties him ever to a powerful witchand all her bless’ed offspring? Can he resist?

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    I have to admit I hadn’t ever really paid much attention to the romance genre before and the fact that Selene Grace Silver's latest offering The Binding of Adara is not only a romance novel but can also be classified as belonging to the “paranormal” and “historical” sub categories I was a bit skeptical at first Okay a lot skeptical But Adara was not without tricks up her sleeve and I found uite a few pleasant surprises that worked to dispel my doubts and preconceived notions about the genreSo let’s take a stroll down Nostalgia Avenue shall we? It’s really a groovy day The Blackbyrds are “Walking in Rhythm” and John Travolta is “Staying Alive” – using his walk to tell us he’s a “woman’s man no time to talk” The mirrored ball overhead reflects the hopes and dreams of the bell bottomed halter topped “disco” generation and bra burners across America are “raising consciousness” about women’s rights Far out Yep you guessed it It’s the 1970’s Like many young people at the time all I wanted to do was strap a guitar over my back stuff a few pairs of hot pants into a back pack paint my thumb for securing free transportation and set out for Hollywood California USA so I could be “discovered” How romantic That is of course until your ride breaks down on the side of the road someone steals your money or makes off with your back pack and cold hard reality sets in Bummer man This is precisely where we first meet our heroine the beautiful innocent and truth be told a bit naïve Adara Lane She’s come to Los Angeles to seek her fortune but ends up instead in a dive hotel in Hollywood alongside a bunch of hard partying Tom Waits wannabes groupies and has beens When her wallet gets stolen with the last of her money in it Adara finds herself all alone in the big city in something of a jam Not one to depend on other people or put them out Adara finds herself wondering what exactly to do nextNevertheless she is not defeated She pulls herself together and thinks rationally about her predicament Not many twenty year old women are self possessed enough to approach their problems in this manner Personally I found a lot to relate to in Adara’s character Although the card carrying feminist in me also found a few of Adara’s subseuent decisions to be cringe worthy it’s apparent throughout the novel that it is Adara herself who remains in control of her fate On the whole she leaves us with the impression that she is a perfectly capable though somewhat flawed female lead which I suspect goes against the stereotypical heroines found in most conventional romance novels While she meets the prereuisites of being young and beautiful she is neither perfect nor so weak that she must depend on a “knight in shining armor” to continually rescue her Rather she is just awakening to her own sense of self because until she winds up in Los Angeles her burgeoning “powers” had been suppressed The “paranormal” aspects of the story also provide the bulk of the fast paced action and chair gripping suspense in The Binding of Adara both of which serve to propel us through the narrative at a pretty good clip from beginning to end There are at least three different sub plots going on in the background as well which add a depth and complexity to the narrative that uite frankly I had not expected to find in a romance novel Firstly picking up where we left off in the previous story Brianna's Bewitching we have the romance between the witch Brianna and her cop boyfriend Jack who doesn’t yet know about Brianna’s um shall we say “gifts” Secondly we have a centuries old over arching conflict playing out between the community of witcheswarlocks of Los Angeles and the “hammers” who hunt them Finally there’s a budding romance between Jack’s partner Hanson and another witch in the community Carrie On top of that we must contend with the tormented backstory of the romantic male lead Bowie Marsden a warlock with commanding albeit untapped powers who is also a Vietnam War veteran Sounds like a lot to keep track of right? Not at all – Ms Silver adeptly weaves all these narrative threads together successfully by the end however ultimately crafting a tale that presents one of the most emotionally satisfying reads I’ve had in a very long time Overall I think it takes courage and skill to write a romantic heroine who is at her very core a survivor and in Adara we have that Strong willed and determined she catches on uickly and is able to adjust from her missteps without losing her sweetness and guilelessness As Adara learns first to “see” then take responsibility for and finally wield her own power with some authority even if it means flying in the face of the norms and conventions of her era we are taken along for a most spellbinding ride I am not ashamed to admit that I’m a convert and find myself very much looking forward to the next installment in the series

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    Adara is new to Los Angeles Jobless and penniless she is desperate When a stranger approaches her she's suspicious of his claim to be her cousin but with proof in hand he convinces her he's there to help Without any other choice she takes Paul up on his offer to take care of her and at first it's a dream come true He moves her to his luxurious home buys her expensive clothes and even hires a designer to do her hair and makeup for a very special party It's a party that changes her life in every way possible Magick is afoot and when a spell goes terribly wrong a handsome stranger is there to alter it the only way possible by tying his life to hers Adara is grateful for Bowie's help but overwhelmed by what the spell means for both of them Adara is stronger than she seems but will she be up for the challenges facing her?Bowie a Vietnam vet is a broken man He uses alcohol to chase away the bad memories of his childhood and of the war He even chases away his own sister Brianna who just wants to help him But when Brianna threatens to go to a wild party alone Bowie's protective instincts kick in When he sees Adara his protective instincts shift to her This novel is set in the 1970s which makes this book uniue for it's genre Hollywood glamour meets seedy desperation in Los Angeles and this is portrayed perfectly at the beginning of the book I was instantly drawn into the story and Adara's plight There's a scene where Adara is really in trouble and Bowie is sent to save her I was a bit dubious about how the author was going to tackle this but it is well explained and well handled Adara and Bowie both have a love at first sight connection before they ever meet and when magick gives their relationship a boost it seems like nothing can keep them apart Well except for Adara's fierce independence and free will Even though the spell and everyone knowledgeable in the ways of magick are telling her she's destined to be with Bowie the father of the twins she's possibly carrying she doesn't want to marry anyone unless it's all about love She's willing to be patient with their relationship even though Bowie doesn't see himself worthy of her patience and love He isn't sure if he has what it takes to make a good husband and since he hasn't fully embraced his role as a warlock he isn't sure if he can help Adara nurture and control her emerging magick Overall this is a beautiful love story not only between Adara and Bowie but also between Brianna and Jack who are ready to take the next step in the relationship that was started in Brianna's Bewitching There's also a hint of another emerging love story so I'm hoping this series will continue so we can see how it all plays out With magick spells rituals the introduction of a dangerous adversary targeting the Witch and Warlock community and trouble brewing in their own hierarchy of Goddess followers The Binding of Adara was an extremely fast paced exciting romantic read I'd recommend to all lovers of paranormal romance

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    I was really excited when Ms Silver asked if I wanted to review this book since I had loved Brianna’s Bewitching so much I couldn’t wait to start reading this book because of a couple reasons Reason 1 I wanted to find out how Brianna and Jack were doing and I was so excited that they still had a very important role in this book Reason 2 The blurb got me Plain and simple when I read the blurb I knew that I had to read this storyI was really pleased with how the story played out; I do believe that Ms Silver did a great job at keeping the excitement and suspense going throughout the story Even the smutty scenes that took place where done with elegance and class they were not crude in the slightest The characters were really well written and detailed There wasn’t anything that I was left hoping for when it came to themThere is a ton of action that happens in this book and some of it kept me on the edge of my seat wanting to know what was going to happen next I do believe that Ms Silver did a great job at keeping me drawn into the story but still left me wanting for The one thing that I am a bit upset about hence why it’s not a 5 star read from me is that I didn’t realize that there would be somewhat of a cliffhanger in the story It’s not an insane one by any means I just had a few uestions that were left unanswered but I’m hoping that with the next book those will all be toldOverall I completely loved this story and I really can’t wait for the next book to be releasedCopy provided for reviewReviewed by Crystal Marie for Crystal's Many Reviewers

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    The setting Los Angeles 1970’sAlone in the world after her grandmother’s death Adara finds herself drawn into a cult ritual of witches and warlocks on the eve of Samhain where as it turns out she is fated to be the main attraction in an orgiastic mating ceremonyA reluctant warlock Bowie is a Vietnam vet who attends the ceremony only to protect his sister He thinks What but how can he stand by when the pretty girl who’s intrigued him all evening finds herself in danger?Adara and Bowie along with Bowie’s sister Brianna and her cop lover find themselves facing a nameless group of unscrupulous cult members seeking to use them to accomplish their evil plans What to do? Who to trust? How does Adara’s mysterious past fit into this scenario? And is this attraction between Adara and Bo real or the result of a Halloween night spell?It’s a rare talent for an author to create alpha males as well as strong females who can not only manage them but also combine with them to make one powerful duo And that’s what Ms Silver has done here not only with Adara and Bo but also with Brianna and Jack from Brianna’s BewitchingThe sexual attraction between them is immediate and compelling but the emotional angle reuires trust and that’s not so easy when you’re suddenly thrust into a dangerous world of magick and goddesses and hidden agendas A happy ending is an exception rather than the rule in this paranormal world and while they are allies now there’s no guarantee they’ll be together in the end

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    Another really good book in the Witches and Warlocks series this time mainly focusing on Bowie Brianna's brother and Adara Again the author has created likable characters that you can't help but root for This book is definitely not like the light fun tale of Brianna and Jack's courtship but a much tense and danger filled story Bowie is a very tortured soul who's calmed and centered just with the presence of Adara Their relationship begins unconventionally and with it a mounting danger begins I loved the interspersed chapters showing us behind the scenes details of Jack and Brianna's life and how they're adjusting and adapting especially once Jack learns Brianna's a witch Well drawn characters including secondary characters tension and danger an interesting plot with enough romance to make everyone happy I'm intrigued by the whole shifting reality concept and the major shift at the end of this book has me anxious for the next chapter in the overall story Another book I'd recommend you read

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    Adara left her hometown for LA to find any clue to her non existent father Low on funds well broke since she was mugged she´s rescued by her cousin brought to his house and now he´s wanting her to join in the Samhain festivities What she never saw coming was that she´s the sacrifice for the evening Bo didn´t want to come to this celebration but his sister didn´t take no for an answer Now he´s coerced into a major part of the sacrifice he´s to become the Goddess Consort and impregnate her with her first of twelve sets of twins by different fathers Not wanting Adara to become a chattel to her lousy cousin he alters the prediction and takes on the roll of her mate for all their children to come The ordeal is taxing enough for both but little do they know that this is just the beginning PNR romance Witches Warlocks mystery action and smutty fluff in a great combo If you´ve read the preuel you´ll get to see from Brianna and Jack as wellDisclaimer I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review

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    I had serious issues with the drugging and sexual assault of the heroine Also she's a doormat and goes along with the decisions other make for her because she is surviving Bah Grow a spine get an original thought in your head and make a decision for yourself I'm fine if it agrees with what someone else has suggested I'd just like to see Adara's thought process as to WHY she is making the decision beyond survival