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Cave canem What fan of dogdom could resist the nine gems of classic storytelling about man's best friend illustrated with twenty winsome portraits of canines at rest and play as seen through the lens of brilliant photographer Myron Beck Dog Tales is a prize package for dog lovers of all agesThe tales range in scope from comic to heartwarming Eric Knight's beloved Lassie Come Home is guaranteed to provoke a tear or two from even the most stoic of readers James Thurber in his hilarious The Dog That Bit People reminisces about a family Airedale named Muggs who didn't bite the family nearly as often as he bit strangers Ring Lardner's aptly titled Dogs tells the tale of four different Long Island dogs of his acuaintance In Your Boy and His Dog Robert Benchley muses on the possible benefits to the moral character of a boy by owning a dog Dorothy Parker in her story Toward the Dog Days takes an affectionate tongue in cheek look at the life and times of a city dogThe dog's eye view is provided by three tales John Held Jr's MacDunald as braw a Scot as ever chewed up a pair of slippers; Don Maruis' Being a Public Character a saga of the heroic escapades of a streetwise scrapper; and O Henry's Memoirs of a Yellow Dog the recollections of a trash can tough aka mutt And although keen observers all agree that a cat has nine lives dogs can have many in Louis Saki's tale with a twist Photographer Myron Beck has captured some of the most adorable poses of doges ever including a soulful dalmation a family of irresistible cocker spaniels a woeful Basset Hound and a loyal Saint Bernard delivering the evening newspaper among others It's definitely not dogma to say that Dog Tales is the gift of choice for the well read dog and his devoted ownerForeword by Richard A Wolters photographs by Myron Beck A perfect book for both dog lovers and lovers of literature filled with nine classic short stories about dogs and wonderful color photographs Includes Dorothy Parker James Thurber Ring Lardner Don Maruis O Henry Robert Benchley and 20 color photographs plus spot art and borders throughout

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    A short little book with some very darling pictures of different dogs The stories are written by people like O Henry Ring Lardner Dorothy Parker and so on Most of them are funny and just wonderful Adorable

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    This was another I had on a shelf for many years before reading it The photographs were stunning the stories from a wide variety of authors less so although I did enjoy the twist at the end of the Saki tale Louis

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    I’m going to be honest I only read this book for Mountain Time because Mr Keller said we had to pick one off the shelf and read it during reading days and this one was the shortest one I will admit I am not a dog person They don’t really interest me all that much but I picked this book anyways This book is set up so every chapter is about a different dog The chapter is usually told by the dog but some of them were told by the owners I think this book kind of gave me a new perspective of what it would be like to be a dog I think this book kind of tries to explain why dogs do things or what they’re thinking But the truth is I’m pretty sure we’ll never know any of those things I think this book is perfect for people who love dogs or who want to learn about them Sometimes this book could be very hard to understand because of the language that was used in some of the chapters I think in some of the chapters they were in different time periods and in places with different accents which is probably why I found it so hard to read As I kept reading this book I kept getting interested in each dogs story because none of them were ever the same or written in the same way Some of the stories were interesting then others One of the stories I found to be really interesting was one about a woman who cheats on her husband and then leaves him in the end but the dog is the only one who knows about the affair I guess it kind of made me think about how people think they’re safe to do whatever they want when they think no one is watching but the truth is someone usually is Whether its a dog or another person This book definitely gave me a different perspective about what its like to watch life from the outside

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    kind of boring Not the best book but definently not the worst that i've ever read

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    A very good book to read when you are in the mood for short stories about our best friend