MOBI In Six Days : Why Fifty Scientists Choose to Believe in à multi

What do geneticist James Allan geophysicist John Baumgardner and electrical engineer Stephen Taylor have in common? They're all respected scientists with PhDs who believe in a literal 6 day creation Drawing on current scientific research and solid scriptural evidence 50 professional scientists witness to the truth of the Genesis account Enlightening

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    Excellent bookIt helped me to realise that God did just what His written Word said He did in GenesisI like to read articles that tell us how big the Universe is anywayYou learn facts like this for examplelike how long would it take with our current technology and with enough engines etc just to get to the first star not our own sun but the star called Proxima Centauri the star that is roughly 43 light years awayThey estimate that it would take 150000 years to get there150000 years to get to the nearest star to the Earth in a Universe with the most current estimates approximately 100 to 200 billion galaxies in the Universe some scientists believe there are a lot some less each of which has hundreds of billions of stars A recent German supercomputer simulation put that number even higher 500 billionThere are spiral galaxies out there with than a trillion stars and giant elliptical galaxies with 100 trillion starsI have to repeat that number again that's just massivegiant elliptical galaxies with 100 trillion starsAs far as to how many stars God created and that are in the whole Universe it's believed that there are a septillion of themthat's 1 followed by 24 zeros or 1000000000000000000000000or a little less or a whole lot Spoiler coming up please skip to the paragraph following the one coming up if you haven't read this book yet you want to be surprised I really enjoy the honesty in this book alsoOne of authorsDr Baumgardner shares on the light from distant starsI'm not a scientist but it has something to do Einstein's Theory of Relativity and how God stretches out the heavens etc No one knows the answer to this particular problem yet but Dr Baumgardner feels that the answer is getting closer This book has turned out to be one of my all time favoritesI really do wished that every Christian would get a hold of this book and read itIt really encourages ones faith and it makes me wonder why this isn't being taught in our schools since there is a lot evidence for the Creation theory than there is evidence for the Theory of Evolution as you'll find out when you read this bookOf course we Christians know the reason for this God's Word tells us about the spiritual battle going on all around usAnd until Jesus Christ comes to set His kingdom up on the earththis is Satan's world system Here's some good news for someoneyou no longer need to buy this book if you can't afford it or whatever the reason might beIf you are online simply type in John F Ashton and go to the site where his name is tied in with the Creation Ministries International siteThen you'll see what I mean Myself I still enjoy reading books the old fashion way and also enjoy giving them as giftsThis would make a great gift for someone to be sure May God bless you and fill you with His love as you abide in Jesus put on the whole armor of God each day and by faith enjoy your fellowship with Him as we pass through this worldAnd remember what the apostle Paul saidwe are afflicted in every way but not crushed; perplexed but not despairing; persecuted but not forsaken; struck down but not destroyed; always carrying about in the body the dying of Jesus so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our body For we who live are constantly being delivered over to death for Jesus’ sake so that the life of Jesus also may be manifested in our mortal flesh 2 Corinthians 48 11Trust in our loving caring LordHe knows what it takes for each one of us to become like JesusWe'll soon be HomeAnd let all things be done with loveGod bless

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    This book is excellent especially for science minded folks It clearly shows how scientific data in all subjects even geology and astronomy can support a young earth and an intelligent designer The propaganda about evolution pervades our world and school systems and it is taboo to believe anything else but the theory of evolution has many big holes in it and many who believe it is true are doing this through blind faith I challenge all students and teachers in science fields to read this and I encourage every person to read this and at the least understand another way of interpreting the data in the study of origins

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    Maybe you haven't made up your mind yet to believe in a literal six day creation or ascribe to theistic evolution Or perhaps you have already made up your mind one way or the other but you want to understand the six day 'side' of things better So you look up a young earth scientist and read his case against evolution Perhaps it is a very compelling case but The thought nags you Maybe this guy is just really good at spinning his story What information has he conveniently left out to make it all hold together? Is this 'what they all say'? Would it hold up in a court with multiple testimonies? If you have ever been in this situation as I have then this book is no pun intended a Godsend After persevering through fifty testimonies from highly educated scientists with a wide variety of specialties and backgrounds I can probably safely make some conclusions about the case for a six day creation Some articles were simple enough to fit on one page while others went so deep into the science of it all that I honestly had no idea what the author was saying That's actually what I love about this book The responders were not forced to fit any sort of framework or standard They were free to speak from their hearts and minds Now I can be free to respond with mineAnd in case you are wondering I began the book believing in a young earth but without any real defense of that idea apart from because God says so I still conclude to believe in a young earth and now I have enough reasons why to well fill a book ;

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    Read this in 2013 to preview for a skeptic friend First few chapters are pretty interesting; after that the reasoning starts to repeat and it gets a bit dull To me what's important about this book is not its content but its very existence Many skeptics believe that biblical creation is an irrational school of thought the sole province of illiterate fundamentalist fanatics When you hand them a book in which 50 scientists assert otherwise that might occasion a bit of rethinking maybe enough to get them to uestion other things like their assumptions about Scripture itself

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    95% 5 StarsI originally gave this 4 stars but it added up to a 5 Good job John AshtonI will say that if you are interested in the topic this is a good book It'll also work well with short attention spans as each scientist only has so much space to explain their reason Obviously there isn't enough room in the book for there to be a comprehensive explanation from each one and so it falls flat in that way I know many would attack this book because of the beliefs espoused however this material is worth reading and thinking on

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    OMGSH This book was so amazing I loved it to death I plan to read it over and over again You just can't believe how many scientist don't believe in creation Everything is right there it should be a duh It was unbelievable

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    It's written by fifty different scientist who work in different areas of science and it's amazing I definitely recommend it if you are into sciencenonfiction or simply are interested in reading about the creation vs evolution issue

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    It’s a great resource with plenty of references to additional reading

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    One of the best cases for creationism I have yet read

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    Need to dip into this book off and on over and over Very inspiring and good for the heart and brain