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A regular on Good Morning America zookeeper Jack Hanna has charmed audiences with baby elephants and scared the pants off David Letterman with a giant python He's bottle fed newborn gorillas and been kicked out of bed by a tiger cub And now he shares his outrageous funny and sometimes heartbreaking adventures in a long awaited book that combines James Herriot's warmth with Dr Doolittle's whimsyFrom a Tennessee boyhood when he tried to turn the family barn into an elephant house Jack Hanna's life has been filled with animals and with love When he came to the crumbling Columbus Zoo in 1978 he moved the animals out of cages into natural habitats and created a facility acclaimed throughout the world How he did it makes fascinating reading but it's his hair raising escapades with poisonous snakes spectacular foul ups with moat swimming snow monkeys or the poignant rescue of a kitten stranded on a hundred foot dam that make this than a collection of wild and wooly animal stories It's a testament of one man's deep compassion for all the wild creatures of the earth

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    I read this over 20 years ago and remember absolutely loving it It is a funny autobiography Would love to buy this and read it again I just love Jack Hanna

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    I love this book It's not particularly well written but it's not horrible either Jack Hanna is a joy in person or in print so this is not a big stretch to love this book

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    cute to hear the various stories from Jack Hanna's life with animals and how he came about in that career and life

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    Interesting to read about the history of a Zoo which I've volunteered at and too imagine how different it once was Bit of an inspiration moving forward in the animal field This uote may be overused in the zoo world but that's because it so clearly defines part of what zoos today are all about 'In the end we will conserve only what we love we will love only what we know and we will know only what we are taught' Baba Diom 279 I hope Montana never gets discovered at least in the sense that states like Colorado and Arizona have 292

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    This is a lot of fun You learn how he came about being the lead man for the Columbus Zoo and how much he truly loves animals He turned that zoo into one of the premier zoos in the United States Jack Hanna always had a uniue perspective and way about him and it comes through in the book as well Many wonderful pictures too

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    I'm no fan of Jack Hannah and I only read this because I was stuck with nothing else to read The book is just like one of his tv appearances goofy and giving a misleading idea of wildlife If you like him you'll probably like this book

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    Monkeys On the Interstate and Other Tales From America's Favorite Zookeeper by Jack Hanna Doubleday 1989Biography is the backstory to Jack Hanna's love for animals and his career as a zookeeper My rating 710 finished 2003

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    In reply to a child telling Jack that he too wanted to own a zoo Jack replied Do you like to shovel shit? From his own private zoo to directing Columbus Zoo Jack has created a life that many of us would like to have Here's to Jack Hanna

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    Jack Hanna with John Stravinsky RDC M #1 1990 1989 293 Autobiographical account of Jack Hanna America's favorite zookeeper work revamping the Columbus Ohio Zoo and his account of the adventures he had with the animals Okay

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    Good book give you a sense of who Jack Hanna really is