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The West Asian states of Afghanistan Pakistan Ira and Iran have over the last few decades represented an arc of crisis Characterized by fractured and dysfunctional political elites fraught economic policies and ideological struggles between the forces of authoritarianism and democratization neo fundamentalism and pluralism they embody a mosaic of ethnicities Amin Saikal a distinguished Afghan born scholar of international affairs provides a sweeping new understanding of the complex contemporary political and social instability encompassing the regionCritically comparing democratization and counter insurgency efforts in Afghanistan Ira and Pakistan and examining both recent Western intervention and the history of foreign influence in the region Saikal looks at how US entanglement has affected Pakistani and Iranian domestic politics and foreign affairs How has this influenced the success or failure of the occupation in Afghanistan and Ira? What solutions can be taken to ensure regional security? An informed and balanced overview on a troubled region this book will fascinate general readers and prove essential reading for specialists

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    This book provides a brief but clear and systematic approach to the history of the countries mentioned in the title For me the story of the past and inferences by Americans especially but not only helped me a lot to understand the current situation in these countries that seem to always be at war or about to enter in oneuesto libro fornisce un breve ma sistematico e chiaro approccio alla storia dei paesi citati nel titolo per uanto mi riguarda la storia del passato e delle inferenze statunitensi soprattutto ma non solo mi ha aiutato parecchio a capire l'attuale situazione di uesti paesi che sembrano sempre in guerra o in procinto di entrarci THANKS TO NETGALLEY AND IBTAURIS FOR THE PREVIEW

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    Professor Saikal's books are always good value This one was written before current trouble in Ira and does not have a chapter on Syria

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    Excellent account and introduction of the region