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PLANT YOUR FEET FIRMLY is an intimate glimpse of Asian America Through the pages of seven short stories the reader is treated to a delicate taste of ordinary people living extraordinary lives—from a cool grandpa to a grieving mother to a disillusioned husband In a sampling MOTHERS AND WIVES lives up to the standard of excellence set by this collection College classmates gather for their regular dinner and drinks all women of distinction and best buds from school mulling over the news that one of their own is divorcing As they share and care there are secrets floating around than ice in their drinks But one member holds her betrayal close to her heart never guessing that a casual uestion could derail her life and cast a naked spotlight on her own marriageAnother juicy offering COSMETICS is the charming funny story chronicling letters between a grandpa “No grandpa Paul for me just grandpa” and his granddaughter This Starbuck’s coffee drinking grandfather is not just another gramps His tongue in cheek commentaries and keen perspective of human behavior will have you laughing all day longPLANT YOUR FEET FIRMLY ON TWO MOVING BOATS is a lesson in political politeness concerning Asian Americans If COSMETICS makes you laugh this story will make you howl—told only as Marie Chow can with humor pathos and an uncanny understanding of the human psyche

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    When I saw the term Asian American in the book description I immediately reuested it Although I'm not an ABC American Born Chinese I'm a Singaporean Chinese So I do have an interest in the other groups After all Asian Americans and non Mainland Chinese are rather different from each other and from Mainland Chinese and Hong Kong ers and Taiwanese so I was really interested in learning about them Since this is an anthology I decided to review them separately looking ata How much I enjoyed itb How 'Asian American' it was Cosmetics Basically a series of letters from a grandfather to his granddaughter I must admit while I thought the grandfather was adorable I didn't understand how this relates to Asian Americans The most is the mention of Orientals vs Asian Americans It seems to be a work of grandfatherly granddaughterly bond and technologyMothers and Wives Again I don't see the Asian American connection here are the protagonists even of Asian descent? I did enjoy the look into the lives of three very different women though as they gossip about their friend and reflect on their pastSomething Positive Something Encouraging The wife is Asian so yay But this book is basically about a guy as he contemplates an affairhow he came really close to an affair because his marriage seems to be breaking down I suppose it's a look at inter ethnic marriagesPlant Your Feet Firmly On Two Moving Boats The titular story and the one I enjoyed the most It's an interesting look at the life of an Asian American in all its complexity It reminded me of the movie It's a Mad Mad Mad World 2 The list form that it's written in seems particularly appropriateEulogy After Plant Your Feed Firmly this was sort of a let down I didn't understand the point of the story It seems to be people reacting to the death of another person but I don't get it The second person narrative doesn't help either It didn't seem particularly Asian AmericanLaughter The second marriage story It doesn't seem Asian American related in any way I don't really like either person in this marriage and I had a hard time feeling sympathy or connecting with themThe Fourth Player A story with a lot of potential It looks at an eccentric Chinese lady from Mainland China but escaped to Taiwan who makes up the fourth person in a mahjong group Told through the eyes of her nosy group mates the story only hints at the complexities in the family I wish this story was elaborated perhaps into a novel because it holds the potential for a lot of depth As it is now it barely scratches the surface All in all most of the stories do not seem connected to the Asian American community The Mad Mad Mad World movies movies two and later are probably a better although dated option If this book was merely marketed as an anthology although I'm not sure with what sort of theme since they all seem rather disparate I would have enjoyed it but as it is I was let down by the absence of Asian American themes Disclaimer I got this review from the author via BookBlogging in exchange for a free and honest review This review was first posted at Inside the mind of a Bibliophile

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    One of the worst books I have read REALLY DISAPPOINTED The reviews sounded great but no don't get it Very Poor