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This collection of thirty two poems represents over twenty years of writing Much of my early poetry is about love and the natural world; and as I’ve aged my poems continue to be about love and the natural but with deeper textures and a greater sense of awe Much of this poetry is born out of the deep yearnings for connection and the sensory intensity connected with my own difficult and ecstatic experiences of transformation My poems have taught me two very important things about myself that creativity is an act of prayer that can connect me to the Divine forces of the universe It is both personal and universal and comes in an infinite ray of shapes sizes and colors; and love is the most powerful force in the universe It is both the union between the Sacred Warrior and the Great Goddess and the web that binds us all together Putting this collection together reuired answering a deep internal call to share these private mediations; and through this sharing of my inner voice there is a deep acknowledgement of gratitude for the spirit of the muse that has guided me so gently and with such conviction toward the light all of these years