MOBI Colin Kerr é A song for ancient ears Kindle ó for ancient Kindle é

A love simmering in the ground for untold centuries waiting for the correct alignment of the stars And then one Halloween eve the moment arrives From out of the wet airless depths of a remote Irish bog Seanchan awakes to reclaim his lost love But the world has changedWhen Irish archeologist Professor Kathy Gallagher discovers an ancient Celtic cauldron from the pagan Iron Age in a bog in faraway County Tipperary she returns to her home village something of a local hero even a celebrity Soon she starts experiencing vivid waking dreams of a past life lived twenty centuries before She recalls tragic forgotten events long buried by time – a gory and horrific human sacrifice prime among them Are these visions of actual events from another life reasserting themselves or mental delusions? Whatever they are they seem to be slowly eroding and undermining the love interest passions and joys of her current one – even replacing them She fears that soon she may be entirely lost to them