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The year is 2014 Dylan Gibson is 16 and knows there is something unusual about him but he doesn't know what aside from his fascination for things like insects opera old Japanese sci fi movies playing the didgeridoo and the Loch Ness monster After being dumped by his girlfriend Caroline who thinks he's too strange Dylan meets Robyn who's something of an outcast herselfDylan's father works for a big drug company and his mom a former geneticist dropped out of research after a mysterious event When Dylan discovers a mysterious photograph of himself at a younger age he starts to suspect that there may be to his identity crisis than he realized With Robyn's help he begins to investigate the mystery that is his own life

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    I loved it It was an interesting read I think Dylan handled finding out about his situation pretty well considering everything he thought of his life was turned completely upside down I think that the author did great on expressing Dylan's new reality of himself and his familyI think that it was great at the end that Dylan was able to meet others that came from the same cloning experience It would have made it easier for him to deal with the major changes of his new life

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    This concept sounded really cool And if the setting had been a little different I would have given it three stars even if the story was the exact same I didn't like how it seemed to be set in a totally different universe that until 1995ish was exactly the same as ours and then they went nuts It was written in 2006 and set in 2014 Some things were super changed and other things were exactly how it was in the time it was writtenThe characters are classic teen kissing and one other characteristic

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    I finally finished the book It only took a year HA I had other books and somehow I always put this one at the bottom of the list I love the idea of clones I watched the Brazilian novela O'Clone the Clone and premise was very interesting but it didn't explore the affects to the clone or how the world would respond in depth Dylan is having an identity crisis because he seems to like things that other kids his age are not interested The point is that he discovers with the help of his nosy girlfriend that he is actually a clone The story is very short and it's an easy read I think I expected It left me wondering about how is the world would respond to actual cloning The so called bio ethics of the actual cloning Are they humans? I would think so They breathe eat and poop like all of us Do they have a soul? I do think they do I don't think religion has anything to do with our souls just that people make it into a religious argument It's like the test tube babies or IVF babies do they have a soul? They were not conceived by the 'natural' way but we all believe that they do It's like this type of lizard that in order to survive it clones itself to reproduce baby lizards I wish I could remember the name of the species I saw it on Animal Planet It naturally happens in nature so in many ways I wouldn't surprise if it happens in a lab Am I pro cloning? I don't think I am but if they do exist in our world then they have the same rights like all of us They are humans after all

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    What a poorly written book Bad writing bad grammar although that might have partially been the fault of the ebook Too much telling not enough showing What really bothered me though was how anyone who stood in the way of science was the bad guy The scientists deal with issues that have serious ethical ramifications—stem cell research human cloning—but throughout the book there's this antagonistic condescending attitude toward anyone who doesn't simply step aside and give scientists free rein Who should have a say in these uestions of moral import? Apparently not religious groups the government the public or the media The book seems to take the stance that if it's science it's right The scientists alone have the authority to regulate their actions view spoilereven if that means illegally producing a human clone to replace their dead son hide spoiler

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    I liked the first half but i felt like the second half was too predictable and a bit melodramatic

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    My sister read this and loved it so I tohught that I would give it a try Good but not what my sister made it out to be

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    This was one of the first books I read that got me into actually reading I dont know why but when I was 15 it was what did it for me

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    I borrowed this from school it's a really cool book and I highly recommend it to others I also thought the tulpa idea that was briefly mentioned was pretty cool