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Black Butterfly is a compilation of poetry that speaks to the silence of loss the fight for families and love for foster children With consideration to the daily realities that foster children or youth may experience Black Butterfly embodies real life issues through faith based reflections This is a young girl's journey pre and post foster care Black Butterfly speaks wholeness to the fatherless healing to the broken and hope when faith and determination are all that remain This compilation showcases circumstances that impact social and emotional development through a lens of determination THIS IS THE JOURNEY THE VICTORY

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    I won a signed copy through a goodreads giveaway thank you so much Lorna Jackie WilsonThis is a book of poems that I found to be extremely heart gripping Each one was so beautiful and had a story behind it I found that I connected to many of them and had deep thoughts over her wonderful use of words It was very rooted in God and I love that about it If you like poetry or not this a must read

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    Black Butterfly touches the soul of many who like myself may have had identity issues as a teenyoung adult and began the journey of knowing God and themselves I recommend Black Butterfly as a tool to minister to all who desire to begin their journey to change

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    Black Butterfly The Journey The Victory is a beautiful and haunting collection of poetry and prose by a courageous writer who opens her heart despite the tragedies in her childhood and shares her path of transcendence As a social worker and a teacher I have worked with many a foster child While they were in my care I always tried to nurture and support them Some I knew for years; others were whisked away from foster care without a moment's notice leaving me with nothing but a broken heart I have always wondered what happened to themLorna Jackie Wilson not only survived the foster care system but has flourished Her poetry is her raw and honest account of the events that set those events in motion A stanza from her poem Mother's Love is excruciatingly poignantSiblings play with paddle ball while another plays with jacksMother plays with sugar hill and fills her arm with smackEmpty cupboards sing a song for every child to hearGrumbling are the hunger pangs standing in the mirrorThrough a most fortunate foster care placement and a resulting spiritual awakening Lorna was able to take back her power and become the talented woman she was meant to be Her poetry praising her savior is uplifting and nothing short of perfect I fully expect to see much of it set to music in the future Hopefully there will be poetry and prose by Lorna Jackie Wilson We need her as an example for our youth

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    Even if you had not taken time to read through the author’s own notes about her collection of poems what would become patently obvious through her verses would be the love she holds for her family for her fellow humankind and for her Christian faith Lorna Wilson’s choice of words and phrasing moves from the lyrical to the pragmatic and back again but never wanders into cynicism or bitterness Many of her poems reflect her own struggles with fostering in the past but her feelings of honesty and respect for the struggles of all peoples of the world to achieve peace and harmony through faith and dedication are deeply held and shine through – something to be admired in a world of trolls and complainersWhen I began reading it was with some hesitation as one who did not share the same faith as Lorna Wilson However her skill with words and her sincerity overcame my doubts in reading the majority of her poems There were some minor errors through possible typosedits but it did not spoil my overall pleasure Some of my favourites were A Troubled Teen; Game Changers Rule; The Art Of Giving; The Ones We Love and The Voice Of A Little Child But I could not agree or share in the sentiments of Before You Enter Heaven and I found the choice of words ‘ he follows her home’ in He’s Captured Her Heart a bit too creepy and weird Maybe I was being too cynical when I thought it sounded like he was stalking her and I preferred the word ‘escorts’ instead Nevertheless I recommend Black Butterfly as a deeply considered collection of poems to make readers think seriously about their faith and their own sincerity when it comes to genuine feelings of love and respect for others

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    Black Butterfly The Journey The Victory by Lorna Jackie Wilson is a book of the author's poetry compiled into a collection of poems Separated into two sections the poetry compilation and tributes Wilson shares her experiences as a child in the foster care system personal tragedy a life shaped by her love of Christ and as a resilient intelligent and potent black woman and the trials and tribulations of being a survivor Within each verse Wilson lays bare her spirit both broken and made whole in a heartfelt book that will bring solace and inspiration to all those who can relate to the strength of her words and evoke empathy and revelation in everyone elseAs a foster carer myself I was intrigued by the opportunity to read the work of someone who had been in the system and ultimately returned this time on her own terms to care for those who have been placed into a system that often feels hopeless to both the children and their natural parents There wasn't a single line within Black Butterfly The Journey The Victory by Lorna Jackie Wilson that didn't call to the deepest fissure of my heart With poignant words and almost choral formation Wilson has created a gem of a book of poetry that I wholeheartedly recommend to children parents and foster carers social workers teachers and all those who are looking for an illuminated sense of where they've come from and where the path may ultimately leadReview written for Readers' Favorite

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    “Black Butterfly The Journey The Victory” by Lorna Jackie Wilson is a collection of around sixty Christian faith based poems that almost reads like a memoir Wilson puts a lot of herself into this book There are poems about family and tragedy as well as some about euality Most of the poems have a rhyming cadence except for a few like “Strong Black Woman” This is a book dedicated to the praise of God and Jesus as well as to other Christian morals I really resonated with “The Art of Giving” which celebrates those with generosity and encourages people to be giving This is good advice no matter what religion you are The use of rhyme to express ideals and memories in life is done expertly in this book This isn’t really for people who aren’t that into Christianity though There are still a lot of insights and interesting information in this collection of poems and I do recommend that people read it

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    I can remember attending a wedding when the maid of honor stood to speak I knew the relationship between the MOH and the bride was a strong one there was a lot of love there a lot of support in tough times a lot of mutual growth when those tough times separated them It is difficult to generate a heartfelt speech that communicates that much caring faith and love After receiving Black Butterfly The Journey The Victory through a giveaway I wanted to be able to travel back in time to just before that wedding day and hand this book to the her Many of the poems exude the feelings I know she wanted to expressThe poems touch on a variety of lifelong relationships and messages to friends and family Many touch on the African American experience specifically and many are universal There is love and growth as the poems progress I would recommend this book to anyone seeking the right words to express complicated nuanced relationships with family friends and community The poetry itself is written in multiple rhyming styles couplets feminine masculine rhymes

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    Dark and deepI read this book of poetry using Kindle Unlimited Black Butterfly is a superb collection of poems I only reuire two things of the poetry I read elegant prose and rhyming Check and check These poems are deeply inspirational Many will speak of dark subject matter like A Tragedy Others are light hearted and whimsical such as Hopscotch I loved Game Changers Rule for its drive Many of the poems are spiritual My favorite poem from the collection was Before You Enter Heaven He's Captured Her Heart spoke of lifelong romance Clearly there is something for everyone in this collection My hat is off to the poet

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    This beautiful poetry by Ms Wilson shares so much of her life from raw pain to full hope and faith The strength of her faith shines in her love for the Lord God no matter what She uses different poetical structures like rhyming rhythmic beat and powerful imagery I treasure this book because Lorna dares to bare her heart Sometimes I empathized with her and sometimes I just marvel at all she's gone through No wonder she has such a strong faith She needed it to survive

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    A book of poetry Black Butterfly is a good book of poetry There were several poems that I found to be thought provoking A troubled teen strong black woman Brown brother and I am magnificent touched me There were others that I liked but those are still in my head A woman empowered to win is on point yes I said on point The poems seemed very personal I wondered what the author had been through