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In this seventh chapter book in the fantastical Kingdom of Wrenly series Clara sets out to prove that girls can be knights tooThe diverse subjects of Wrenly have traveled far and wide to participate in the kingdom’s Grand Tournament Dragons will fly trolls will juggle and knights will duel But when a snobby suire declares that girls can’t be knights it’s time for Clara to prove that she can do anything she sets her mind to With easy to read language and illustrations on almost every page The Kingdom of Wrenly chapter books are perfect for beginning readers

10 thoughts on “Let the Games Begin! (The Kingdom of Wrenly, #7)

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    I enjoyed this book because I like tournaments I also enjoyed this book because I liked the part when Clara won the horse racing contest

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    Look I like this series A lot They've been really wonderful for my son who is a reluctant reader But this one this Let the Games Begin was disappointing I was going to let it go because it is just a uick short book Sawyer read it to me before bedtime It's already better than the uick short books about girls and girly vs nongirly things that were available when I was my son's age Decades ago But it could have been better And just in case the author is reading this here's why yes Clara was a strong female character Confident Resilient I loved that I loved my son reading that But I wish my son had read about a strong female character and her best friend my son's age who stood up for her when it would have been easy to just let her walk off It isn't enough just to be friends with girls who are strong and resilient I want my son to know that he does not have to be and shouldn't be a silent passerby when his female friends encounter misogyny especially when it's uttered right in front of him

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    My Review I have really been enjoying this series so far it has some great adventures and lessons It can also appeal to young boys and girls even with the main character being a boy In this book in particular there is a message about girls being able to do things that boys do sometimes even better if they work really hard I did have a bit of an issue with this one as one of my biggest pet peeves in books reared it's ugly head in a few places the word reign was used in place of the correct one rein; I know it is a weird and minor issue but it is one that really irritates me especially since this book is geared towards younger readers who are still learning and it may lead to confusion But besides that one point it is still a great book and a series that I will continue reading and adding to my shelves

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    My 6 year old son's rating and reviewI really liked that they had the very interesting games and I like how Clara did the games and that she was like the first girl knight I like how she likes horses because I like them too I didn't like that the other boy said girls can't be a knight

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    My kids love these books We are finishing up this series for our January read aloud time

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    Still loving this series although this one did not have the adventure aspect so much Excited to read the rest of the series to see what happens to the dragon

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    Cover I love it It is so bright cheerful and colorful I love that it shows everything on the cover that has been incorporated into the stories so far I love that it will keep the children's attentionThings that I liked I love that what has been written so far with the series as been included in this one book It takes everything that the author Jordan uinn has written thus far and brings it all together I love that it continues the adventures of these little childrenThings that I didn't like I have no issues hereOverall I really enjoyed reading this one I rated this book a 5 out of 5 stars Highly recommend

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    At the carnival Lucas and Clara meet a boy named Gilbert that is a night's suire He laughs at Clara for wanting to be a night Clara gets really mad Will she be able to prove to him that she can be just as good a night as he can be? Read the book to find outI just love this series It is the best series ever

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    My six year old thoroughly enjoyed this Not a complicated story really it’s like a chance to visit a magical kingdom but there were detailed illustrations on every page so this was an excellent bridge between picture and advanced picture books The six year old asked me to buy the series

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    Fiction 117 pgs; More adventures when the kingdom hosts games to test everyone's skills Clara decides to enter the horse race and prove she can ride against Gilbert suire to Prince Lucas' favorite knight Gr 3 4; Recommended