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After her mother's untimely death Clara Schwartz became distant withdrawn Her father a renowned DNA researcher lived in a farmhouse outside Leesburg Virginia where in December 2001 he was fatally stabbed by what seemed to be a ninja style sword Police arrested Kyle Hulbert a troubled teen and aspiring vampire Kyle was Clara's friend one of a circle obsessed with role playing gamesDrawing on exclusive interviews with the killer bestselling author M William Phelps reveals a frightening subculture the tragic collision of two young people's dark worlds and its deadly conseuencesIncludes 16 Pages Of Dramatic Photos

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    Short Review This has been sitting on my kindle for a while now so I decided to take the plunge and read it Overall I really liked it True Crime novels are very interesting to me and I think M William Phelps is one of the best TC writers out there I have been slowly going through all his books some are total hits while others are misses This one was a hit for me although my one ualm is that it's a bit too long Some of the stuff is redundant and had he skipped writing the same things over and over again he could have gotten away with a shorter book with the same great content This one revolves are a set of teens and young adults who commit murder against one of their fathers It's a dark and gritty story that certainly makes you think about mental illness If you are a true crime aficionado like me this is a must have

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    Hard to put down but that's with all his books

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    How do you review a book written about your own cousin in law? Yes Clara Jane is my cousin by marriage My aunt and uncle are the only ones that ever believed Clara's side of the story After reading the book despite the author's obvious bias I have to conclude based on the evidence as presented that yes Clara is guilty I think it likely that Clara has been manipulating my aunt and uncle all this time just as she manipulated all of her friends My aunt goes and sees Clara in prison every week from what I understand not sure if my uncle goes every time though he is Clara's uncle Robert's brother I have no problem with that as an act of Christian charity What is really sad is the alienation of them from the rest of the Schwartz family It's like they lost two brothers not just oneWhile the writing was fine I do take away a star due to the author's bias This is the first book I've read by him so maybe it's SOP for him to allow his own opinions to bleed through Even so it was a fairly comprehensive description of the events and the investigation Now after all these years I have no doubts about whether Clara should be in prison I don't know why the judge didn't just give her life though There's no parole for her so she'll be like 68 years old when she gets out Wow

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    I have always looked forward to a new book from MWilliam Phelps but this one was a major disappointment Too much focus on dialogue between the two main characters where the manipulation was going on50 pages or could have easily been cut out More than the usual editorial comments The second half was better than the first I really like this author but not this book

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    I picked this book up at a grocery store and am surprisingly super excited to read this I'm going to force myself to finish The Last Werewolf first since that is for a school projectsigh

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    Another Brilliant ReadAs with all the other books I’ve read of Mr Phelps this is an engrossing read into the mindsets of those accused ultimately found guilty of murder But this book also delves a little into the thought processes of those we would consider to be mentally ill how that illness can be for lack of a better word ‘hijacked’ by others for their own ulterior motives How culpable can someone be if they are not of a sound mind if those around them know what strings to pull in order to achieve their own agendas ? It’s a line of thought that will be left with me long after I’ve turned the final page of this book

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    Now THIS was a book I was in the right mood for Almost 400 pages and I finished it in less than 3 work days which is pretty uick given that weekends are when I get the most of my reading done Yay true crimeMy only complaint is that in the final two chapters of the book Phelps did not appear as knowledgeable about mental illness as I would have liked Nor did he seem to that rehabilitation is possible for murderers although it’s been shown that it can be possible dependent upon the person the crime committed and the severity of mental illness if there are any diagnoses

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    This is an awesome book It was truly a page turner The chapters are really short and it is really easy to read I love when Phelps adds some of his own personal opinion to his books and he did just that in this book At the end he gives you some real food for thought I will have this book on my mind for uite some time I am sure

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    A decent account of the crime and trial but I found the writing to be very dry and a but boring

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    One of the better ones by this author