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Join author and historian James C Clark as he chronicles the history of the Sunshine State in this concise and captivating historyIn 1513 Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon first set foot on Florida's east coast The land he discovered was a geographic anomaly so distinctive that astronaut Neil Armstrong said Florida was the first shape on earth he recognized on his return from a visit to the moon 456 years later This uniue state witnessed momentous events from the 1959 arrival of the first Cuban exiles under Fidel Castro to the 1981 launch of the Columbia the first space shuttle

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    Interesting Facts But Inch DeepThis book is an I retesting chronology and has some great factoids but there are few through lines zero analysis and enough obvious factual errors to call much of the book into uestion

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    This is a VERY concise history with each chaptersubject being about 3 6 pages That being said it was a fun and uick read with loads of info and great uality photos My only real complaint is that the editing could've been a bit tighter

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    Needs some editingInteresting book that covers many topics and gives a lot of facts in compact form The book suffers from a lack of good editing both on wording and grammar and some of the facts Overall it is an interesting overview of the state

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    Great Fl historyI really enjoyed reading about all the interesting History on how cities were formed and of all the things that occurred in Florida’s past

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    Superlatives hyperbole typos and uestionable information

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    Florida for new arrivalsRecently moved to the state and found this book to be informative with historical facts and interesting trivia about famous people and places

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    It was an interesting read especially since we are going to be moving to Florida in the summer I always find life interesting if you know the history of where you are

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    An excellent and CONCISE review of Florida's history I found it extremely helpful with building an introduction into a case study I am working on for a class