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Eight Candles and a Tree is for all children and families who celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah Sophie introduces her blend of Hanukkah and Christmas traditions to her friend Tommy in vibrant illustrations and fun to read text Ultimately what matters most to both children is that their holidays are celebrated in the presence of loved ones One in three US couples are in religiously mixed marriages and half of all Jews marry outside their faith according to recent surveys Eight Candles and a Tree is a lively and colorful picture book that fills a content void for young children

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    This is a lovely picture book that helps explain to young readers the holidays of Hanukkah and Christmas Understanding the way different cultures and religions celebrate important holidays is a great way to start building relationship Tommy and his family who celebrate Christmas is invited over to Sophie's house for a Hanukkah party When he arrives he learns about the holiday and enjoys the food and spinning the dreidel But he's confused when he sees their Christmas tree Sophie explains that her father is a Christian and her mother is Jewish so the family celebrates both holidays This book would be a good way to compare and contrast the two holidays

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    A girl has a menorah and a Christmas tree She invites her friend to dinner He asks about it She says her father is Christian and her mother is Jewish So they celebrate both in her house He asks what she likes best She likes both and loves it better because they get the celebrate together as a family