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Previously unpublished lectures and interviews by the modern age's preeminent media seer informal accessible provocativeIn the last twenty years of his life Marshall McLuhan published a series of books that established his reputation as a world renowned communications theorist and the pre eminent seer of the modern age It was McLuhan who made the distinction between hot and cool media And it was he who coined the phrases the medium is the message and the global village and popularized other memorable terms including feedback and iconicMcLuhan was far than a pithy phrasemaker however He foresaw the development of personal computers at a time when computers were huge unwieldy machines available only to institutions He anticipated the wide ranging effects of the Internet And he understood better than any of his contemporaries the transformations that would be wrought by digital technology in particular the globalization of communications and the instantaneous simultaneous nature of the new electric world In many ways we're still catching up to him forty years after the publication of Understanding MediaIn Understanding Me Stephanie McLuhan and David Staines have brought together nineteen previously unpublished lectures and interviews either by or with Marshall McLuhan They have in common the informality and accessibility of the spoken word In every case the text has been transcribed from the original audio film or videotape of McLuhan's actual appearances This is not what McLuhan wrote but what he said the spoken words of a surprisingly accessible public man He comes across as outrageous funny perplexing stimulating and provocative McLuhan will never seem uite the same againThe foreword by Tom Wolfe provides a twenty first century perspective on McLuhan's life and work and co editor David Staines's insightful afterword offers a personal account of McLuhan as teacher and friendLectures and InterviewsElectronic Revolution Revolutionary Effects of New Media 1959 PopularMass Culture American Perspectives 1960 Technology the Media and Culture The Communications Revolution Cybernetics and Human Culture 1964 The Future of Man in the Electric Age 1965 The Medium Is the Massage 1966 Predicting Communication via the Internet 1966 The Marfleet Lectures 1967 Canada the Borderline Case Towards an Inclusive Consciousness Fordham University First Lecture 1967 Open Mind Surgery 1967 TV News as a New Mythic Form 1970 The Future of the Book 1972 The End of the Work Ethic 1972 Art as Survival in the Electric Age 1973 Living at the Speed of Light 1974 What TV Does Best 1976 TV as a Debating Medium 1976 Violence as a uest for Identity 1977 Man and Media 1979

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    The problem with an essay collection is that some will be inevitably good while others won't suit my interests This book is no exception The talks or essays immortalized within are exceedingly readable but reading them through the lens of now reminds me of the racism cultural imperialism problems and that pervade the text Still it is a book worth reading which encapsulates much of the thought and ideas of Marshall McLuhan I doubt I will ever reread this text but I did enjoy aspects of reading it for a first time as frustrated and skeptical as I occasionally was

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    I missed the dia?I cannot make up my mind about McLuhan Sage or Charlatan? I find all this speed of light and accoustic consciousness a bit meaningless We are never shown the way in which he arrived at his conclusions There is no reasoning just these bald statements It all seems a bit precious now in the age of social media and the all pervasive internet I don't believe he truly saw what was coming Some of his ideas such as the Cadillac with the stagecoach in the rear view mirror seem kind of obvious when you think about them and maybe that is the issue his insights are profound it is they way he tosses them around as one liners that makes it hard to take them seriously

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    Understanding Me is a chronological compilation of Marshall McLuhan lectures and interviews with some context for each provided by the editors As it's basically transcripts of oral remarks it's very readable and probably a good place to start McLuhan wise Funnily enough one of the interviewers Tom Snyder actually says it was easier listening to you than it is reading you p 255 There is a lot of repetition but rather than that being annoying it serves to emphasize McLuhan's main themes and ideas To update his remarks for the 21st century he died in 1980 just substitute internet for TV

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    This book has some outstanding and rare lectures and conference presentations For those interested in McLuhan this is intellectual punctuation for his academic career