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This first novel is a highly entertaining and imaginative journey between fact fiction and fantasy in the depths of a city where it is always two thirty in the morning and always raining The conventions of film noir are lovingly exploited in this entertaining novel New York Times Book Review

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    The Night Mayor takes the cyberpunk concepts of artificial realities powered by AI and ghosts in the machine and inserts a real and obvious passion for classic films noir to give us a fun cyber noir novel Two Dreamers responsible for creating interactive Dream experiences are press ganged by the British government to enter the dreamscape of a dangerous criminal and change the world around him to such an extent that he is forced back in to the real world Only in this Dream he is an all powerful god and in reality he was obsessed with old flatties from the classic Hollywood film noir period the combination providing room for Lee Marvin Claude Rains Edward G Robinson Peter Lorre et al to once skulk around those dark brooding streets of a city where it's perpetually 230am and rainingIt's a fun adventure story that is at its best when utilising the traditional hardboiled narrative approach and loses its way a little in the mirrorshades world of what in this instance can only be considered cyberpunk lite There's a lot of imagination involved from Newman and some real skill to make what could have been a terribly gimmicky concept in to a genuine serious novel that utilises that gimmick to great effect This makes spotting the references to all of your favourite noirs that much fun rather the eye rolling and groaning that you might otherwise expect from other jokey novelsIf like me you're a fan of both of these genres and classic film noir The Night Mayor is a book that should definitely find its way in to your collection

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    In our opinion this note of confusion is at the very heart of the oneiric uality specific to the series Raymond Borde and Etienne Chaumeton A Panorama of American Film Noir‘All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream’ Who said that? Edgar Allan Poe? Or Vincent Price? The Night MayorThis novel should delight all devotees of film noir The plot concerns a manhunt for a killer who has escaped into The City the fugitive’s self constructed virtual reality based on films noir or “flatties” as they’re referred to in the futuristic milieu of the novel The characters experience not just the mise en scène of the films but their actual narrative techniues as they fade out and fade in to travel from one place or another or hear the sourceless moody jazz that accompanies their nocturnal walks Newman throws out references to films and actors than I suspect all but the most obsessive fan could catch I’m sure I missed many but did catch a large number such as mentions in passing of an address of 99 River Street or a restaurant named Mildred’s Appearing in typical characterizations but under their own names are many B list stars and character actors that are the glory of the genre such as Dan Duryea Gloria Grahame Thelma Ritter and of course Elisha Cook JrThe sf content is very derivative of Philip K Dick particularly Ubik with some scenes of high weirdness as characters attempt to re shape the dream world in which they find themselves But Newman does not share PKD’s deep seated ambivalence about reality and while such scenes may bend the character’s minds they never threaten to warp the reader’s orientation There are also a few alternate history hints thrown out early in the novel which are never developed and add nothing that I could see to the story’s meaning The real strength of the book is in the scenes than half of the total which take place in The City and which read something like Finnegans Wake re written by Eddie MullerWe had faded in on Poverty Row I had been in town long enough to know the place It was the worst slum in the City far from the swish Metro and Paramount districts Jerry built tenements cramped together as convincing as cardboard flats Every hotel room had an irritating sign flashing outside the window Every alley had a mangy black cat set to cringe in a flashlight beam When a door got slammed the walls shook There weren’t many people on the streets at any time of the day Extras cost money This was the world of peeling paint tap dancing cockroaches and the constant shadow of the boom mike On Poverty Row life had a low budget and a short running time

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    A curious artefact Written before the internet reduced film buffery to a matter of possessing opposable thumbs this light novel is essentially a relentless torrent of film noir references The central conceit suspiciously similar to the Star Trek episodes A Piece of the Action and The Big Goodbye which aired a year or two before Night Mayor's publication features an inception like dream raid in which a couple of cyberpunks attempt to bring down a super criminal in a black and white always raining dreamscape It's amusingly written and contains a decent number of neat ideas but nothing is inspected deeply and the main purpose of the book seems to demonstrate Newman's encyclopaedic cineaste credentials That's a shame because to me it's at its best when he's inventing rather than pastiching As a final thought most of the films he adores were already fading into obscurity in 1990 and I suspect that to a young modern audience most of the references would be meaningless I enjoyed it but I don't think it could possibly get published today

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    Newman's first novel about a dangerous virtual reality world filled with film noir trappings and characters and clever observations about them is awfully entertaining The time spent in The City where it's always 230 in the morning dramatically shadowed and raining was enjoyable to me than the time spent in the very 'cyberpunk 80s' future world with it's Dreamers sentient computers and government agents but the whole thing moves at a good pace has some great set pieces and was a lot of fun

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    This is a tough one to reviewThe trouble with Kim Newman for me is that I love his topicsnarrativesstory lines but somehow his writing just doesn't jell with me The same happened with Life's Lottery and Anno Dracula3 stars although I want to love it

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    Good story and entertaining enough Pity about the spelling mistakes that a professional editor left in

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    I mean it was fine

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    I'd been waiting for this story to hit Kindle for a while The first handful of pages are the best interpretation of the old fashioned detective noir milieu that I have read in a modern author It was simply fantastic Then the story moved into the SciFi elements and I was for a few chapters until the author detailed the rules and concepts behind what I as reading Once all the world rules and scope was established it was game on againWritten in 1992 it wouldn't shock me if this story had had some influence on the movie Inception There's a lot of genius involved in this story and like seeming all genius there's also a fair touch of madness In a story set within a dream world constructed from a mishmash of old noir films the reader must be prepared for the surreal dream mechanics that take place That was however my least favourite part of the book The author must have an encyclopedic knowledge of the subject matter as the story is a real tour de force of noir tropes and themes Unfortunately I fear most of the references are lost on my limited grasp of the genreStill this was a cracking concept for a story and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it

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    This was Kim's first work of fiction and it has some of the brillance of his later Anno Dracula series of which i am a big fan It took me a few chapters to get into this figure out what was going on but for a finish i did enjoy it even though i have no interest in film noirI did recognise uite a few of the real names used but i am sure a lot of the references went over my head The cyberpunk elements are pretty well done entering a persons artifically created dream world manipulating it while there is also a bigger AI presence watching over all As a side note it's a very short book which you will get through in a couple of days

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    The concept of this book is awesome Professional Dreamers create dreams which the public can plug in to But the plot is straight forward detection and because it happens in the realm of dream Newman is given an easy way out THe problem with working in a dreamscape is that the characters can produce what they need by thought great as a concept but not great for dramatic tension The resolution was too easy and while I enjoyed everything else I felt a bit cheated at the end Still the ideas around it were fantastically creative and if he could have come up with a less predictable plot it would have been a 5 star read