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These 123 tales reflect the rich oral tradition of West African folklore Playful and sly they teem with talking animals and shape shifting tricksters with pacts and promises made and broken and with impossible deeds done through chicanery and magic These tales deal with themes common throughout West Africa and the world Indeed American readers will recognize such characters as Brer Rabbit and the tar baby which had their roots in the folklore of this region Because there is no overlay of Western values however some of the morals may surprise the unsuspecting reader—murder and polygamy cannibalism and cunning witchcraft and revenge spin matter of factly throughout the stories

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    This is a book of folktales translated from their original West African languages rather than retellings in English by Western authors One of the few collections from this continent that do not fall into this trap Also includes an examination of West African folklore studies as the field exists today or at least when it was published