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A top selling favorite returns—now with a DVD featuring Sherri Haab• The Art of Resin Jewelry has sold 14000 copies• Value added DVD includes three all new projects plus a special bonus gallery of jewelry• How tos for combining resin with polymer clay for mixed media and moldmaking• Original edition still available ISBN 978 0 8230 0344 0The best selling book on resin jewelry returns—now with an exciting bonus DVD featuring author Sherri Haab The Art of Resin Jewelry still features the same great step by step directions for creating beautiful necklaces pins bangles bracelets earrings and rings with affordable approachable resin Instructions show how to add colorants and other materials how to cast three dimensional forms and how to combine resin with polymer clay for entirely new effects And now this classic title comes packaged with an exclusive DVD ready to light up screens across the country with three all new projects plus a special gallery of inspiring jewelry designs Now it’s even easier for crafters at every level to create stunning resin jewelry—by watching an expert demonstrate her own signature techniues

10 thoughts on “The Art of Resin Jewelry: Layering, Casting, and Mixed Media Techniques for Creating Vintage to Contemporary Designs

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    I have always admired the beauty and versatility of resin for jewelry design and the way it mimics glass without any of the drawbacks Unfortunately I can't get past the fact that it is made from petrochemicals and that crafting with it reuires the use of a respirator I do have to admit that the projects that Sherri Haab demonstrates in this book are gorgeous and inventive

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    I watched the author on Good Things Utah demonstrate one of the crafts resin braceletfrom this book It seemed easy and so creative I've checked out of the library a total of 5 of her books now This one is the most interesting to me

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    The projects in this book are mostly not my style though they show you the wide range of styles and techniues you can use when casting resin What I did love this book for is the in depth instructions and tips I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to try their hand at resin jewelry

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    all of Sherri's books are well thought out and organized I really like how she explains her materials list this book could benefit from step by step info though

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    This is a very nice book with great pictures It taught a few different techniues and had projects which were simple enough for a beginner

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    Good book to start to work with resin well illustrated and explained But still to basic for a advance crafter

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    Really exciting book