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Though one of the lesser known illnesses Lupus affects an enormous number of people worldwide there are one million sufferers in the USA alone and is far prevalent than many better known illnesses such as MS and leukaemia Lupus is a disease of the immune system resulting from the over production of antibodies Typical first symptoms include skin rashes hair loss joint swellings fever; however it can then go on to start affecting major organs particularly the kidneys with a resulting risk to life It is a disease that predominantly affects young women between 15 and 40 In spite of its high incidence little has been written for the sufferer Fortunately the options for the Lupus sufferer have improved markedly in recent years with the advent of self help groups and improved drug treatments The long term prognosis is therefore far favourable now than it has been in the past As head of the Lupus Research Unit at St Thomas' Hospital and life president of Lupus UK Graham Hughes has an unsurpassed knowledge of Lupus

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    It is still very surprising to find books about Lupus an illness that is such a mystery It is a thin book though I really liked this books because even though it was written by a Doctor he made it accessible to everyone No complicated speech and he explains clearly easily every medical aspect No long paragraphs nor technical words complicating everything nor it's a fatalist book Typical from books about medicine I had previously read Lupus books written by Lupus patients and the usual pamphlets from different Lupus organisations and Hospital but this book gives a different point of view From the doctor who daily treats Lupus patients But without making of it a research paper or complicated book for only doctors I've had Lupus for than 13 years already and at the brining you start reading all you can about it you try to understand what you're going through what is Lupus Then you feel oversaturated by the readings and it seems that you read the same thing everywhere This also happens because the mystery Lupus is how different it is for everyone and that there is no improvement yet in the therapies no news But in this case with this book I can tell that I learned different thingsA Kidneys are called the silent organB Dipsticks for checking proteinC About blood pressureD Tips about antimalarial drugsE Diet and Lupus His different point of viewAnd some others Finally about haemolytic anaemia he states that it is a rare cause in Lupus for low haemoglobin Which in my case has been something very usual common and the first thing affected when having a flare So yes Lupus can be so diverse It is difficult to lock it in a spreadsheet and follow a list