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Ever come across a situation that simply wasn’t right—where someone was getting the dirty end of the stick and you wished you could make things right but didn’t know how? Fourteen year old Jack knows how Or rather he’s learning how He’s discovering that he has a knack for fixing things Not bikes or toys or appliances—situationsIt all starts when Jack and his best friends Weezy and Eddie discover a rotting corpse—the victim of ritual murder—in the fabled New Jersey Pine Barrens Beside the body is an ancient artifact carved with strange designs What is its secret? What is the secret of the corpse? What other mysteries hide in the dark timeless Pine Barrens? And who doesn’t want them revealed?Jack’s town the surrounding Barrens his friends even Jack himselfthey all have Secret Histories

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    I’ve been reading Repairman Jack books since I was in Junior Highlike the character Jack is in this book In fact I started reading F Paul Wilson books IN 1983 which is the year in which this book is set creeepy If you are into slightly supernatural mysterious adventure books you haven’t read any Repairman Jack books no matter whether you are a “young” adult or just act like one when no one’s looking this is a series you ought to investigate Wilson is a master at constructing conspiracies and page turning adventures Pick one up for yourself and the YA in your life There’s even a handy reading guide to the series in the back And if you are already a fan of the author or the character DO NOT let the YA label scare you away How much fun do you think it is finding out what Jack was like as a teen? You get to watch him pull his first fixes Priceless sorry about all the exclamation points

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    Jack Secret Histories by F Paul WilsonI am not a Repairman Jack reader I think I tried one a few years ago and decided that it was too much of a by the numbers actioner with the uber competent hero On the other hand I liked F Paul Wilson forty years when he was writing libertarian science fiction although I didn't follow him when he turned to horror Also I read some of his secret history stories and enjoyed themSo bottom line if there are references to later books in here and I imagine there are I didn't catch themWhat I found was a solid young adult mystery story with a cultic overlay Young Jack is fourteen and it is the summer before entering ninth grade at the local high school He and his friends Weezie and Eddie travel out to the New Jersey Pine Barren and find a body and a strange object They try to ascertain if the object is an ancient artifact but find themselves being stalked And then deaths tied to the strange and secret Septimus lodge start happening around timeIt's up to Jack to figure out what's happening to whomI particularly liked Wilson's Pine Barren setting He has had some other stories in the same setting and it seems that he has local knowledge I would never have considered New Jersey a place for the occult so I was surprised to discovery that the Pine Barrens hold their own mystery

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    As far as boys' adventure stories go this one is top notch Adults will probably prefer something a little sophisticated but REPAIRKID JACK SECRET HISTORIES is sneaky in the way it steadily engrosses you despite its obvious YA limitations and contrivances F Paul Wilson does a fantastic job of simplifying his writing style for young readers while still respecting their intelligence My only real complaint is that the constant stream of references to '80s American culture becomes grating after a while Fans of REPAIRMAN JACK will be happy to know that this book retains many of the dark supernatural elements of Wilson's other novels Be warned though the story here is not self contained If you want all the answers you're going to have to continue on to the next couple installments

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    Start of a preuel series for the Repairman Jack series aimed at YAPretty enjoyable and ties into the overall series very well I am not too much of a fan of preuels where they try to explain the origin of almost everything about a character This doesn't do that just that you can see traits that are being developed

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    Today's post is on 'Jack Secret Histories' by F Paul Wilson It is 304 pages including a reading order for all his books at the end It is published by TOR The cover has two boys in silhouette with a bone arm out reached to them It also has the opening line of the book on the cover which is 'They discovered the body on a rainy afternoon' The intended reader is young men but it is part of Wilson's Secret History of the World Series so anyone who likesreads that will get something out of this book There is some language as the two of the main characters are fourteen year old boys but nothing really there is no sex and no gore Some fighting but nothing too extreme There Be Spoilers AheadFrom the back of the book Ever come across a situation that simply wasn't right where someone was getting the dirty end of the stick and you wished you could make things right but didn't know how? Fourteen year old Jack knows how Or rather he's learning how He's discovering that he has a knack for fixing things Not bikes or toys or appliances situationsHere's how it all starts Jack and his best friends Weezy and Eddie discover a rotting corpse the victim of ritual murder in the fabled New Jersey Pine Barrens Beside the body is an ancient artifact carved with strange designs What is its secret? What is the secret of the corpse? What other mysteries hide in the dark timeless Pine Barrens? And who doesn't want them revealed?Jack's town the surrounding Barrens his friends even Jack himself they all have secret historiesReview This is a good strong YA I enjoyed reading it it was a very uick read Wilson does not change his writing style just because he is writing a YA book and I think that is very good It helps this book fit into the the larger world of his Secret History nicely Also when the young adults grow into just regular adults they will have a author ready for them to continue reading This is Wilson's first YA book so there are some things that just do not uite fit like that Jack is emotionally mature that a normal fourteen year old would be He is very aware of his place in the world and of others around him He is honest but the reader can see where Jack is going to be when he becomes an adult There is nothing in this book that should stop anyone from reading this The murders do not happen on camera the body is not described so the reader can full in details themselves mostly The language is age appropriate The very mild supernatural elements are just interesting and not scary at all All in all I think that Wilson played it safe with this bookI give this book Four stars out of Five I get nothing for my review and I borrowed this book from my local library

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    There's nothing wrong with this book It's fine It's not uite what I was hoping for Honestly I read it only because I'm trying to read the Secret History of the World booksThis is a young adult novel It deals with Jack as a teenager with all of the uncertainties that come with that At least he's a realistic teen He and his friends have real issues to go along with their teenaged angst I appreciated the effort that it took to do thisThe story wasn't actually that bad However it stops than it really ends I also felt strongly that Wilson was reaching for this story He was purposely trying to show us where Jack developed parts of his later skills set and personality It just all feels like a setup for thatIf you like Wilson read it for completion's sake If not you could take a pass on this for something else of his

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    This is F Paul Wilson's first young adult novel This is also our introduction to the young Jack who will become the famous or infamous Repairman Jack Part supernatural thriller part mystery; Repairman Jack and the stories of the secret history of mankind form the structure of Nelson's epic I was pleased to see that this YA novel would stand on its own and that it works terrifically as a teen mystery The story also hints at the supernatural secret histories behind Wilson's novels and introduces Jack's friend Weezy a girl who thinks and acts for herself

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    The first book of a trilogy that will show Jack as a boy and the things that made him what he is today

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    I love the Repairman Jack books I especially love the three books detailing Jack's first years in NYC which mostly did away with the supernatural elements to the core Repairman novels I just sort of liked the back to basics crime aspect And frankly F Paul Wilson had become a better writer by then Here are the newer Repairman Jack stories where Jack is even younger The year is 1983 and young Jack goes into the New Jersey woods with childhood pals whose names I didn't care enough about to remember Only that the girl reminded me of Lydia from Beetlejuice and her brother was there to be dumb cowardly and give us probably a realistic idea about how kids in real life would probably be in such a situation Look I know this is a YA novel but I'm reviewing it with the same standard as I would anything else YA doesn't mean it has to be dumb and predictable That's pretty much this book in a nutshell I got this vibe like F Paul Wilson decided he'd dull his approach to this project and not be called out on it because you know for the kids But why would any kid bother reading F Paul Wilson in the first place if said kid didn't want to be treated with the same respect as he'd treat an adult reader?That's ultimately the problem I have with this project It's basically just your standard Scooby Doo type thing Scooby is useful here to compare how different our culture is now to back in the early 70s Back in the 70s the gang was a fairly eual team Except for Shaggy and Scoobs both seeming stoners Fred Wilma and Daphne each brought a euality that contributed to the whole Today Fred is portrayed like a privileged white jock with this Leslie Nielson obliviousness while Daphne and Velma do the real work That's or less what F Paul Wilson gives us here except there's just Jack and the brother and sister neighbors he has known most of his young life The sister is uite literally a mix of Daphne and Velma Wilson describes her on the one hand as not uite beautiful and not a moment later Jack acknowledges to himself the pull of her allure and intelligence In fact it turns out she has a considerable amount of charm after all haha Surprise Jack isn't portrayed as being oblivious or dumb to the extent that the brother is Wilson explains the reason Jack has sht between his ears my description not Wilson's is only because Jack has two jobs and his ignorances is presumedly for the purposes of the story The sister knows a heck of a lot about a lot of things it turns out It's like in a lot of movies and books these days where characters have an alarming number of esoteric skills you wouldn't expect people to have It's glibly explained in most screenplays with I have brothers Or Uncle Jimmy served time what do you want? Or I don't know how to boost a car because I'm brown you racist I paid for Harvard as a repo man My favorite is probably the most plausible I wanted to be a magician as a kid I didn't get all that far into this book I gave it time than it really deserved I feel like if you lower your expectations just because of its intended audience then the book is probably patronizing that audience Which is how it feels in books like this when the female characters aren't allowed to have flaws the way males are allowed Boys can be goofballs but girls always have to be super smart and brave They're never afraid I think editors encourage writers to approach it this way to add positive role models to the culture From my point of view that seems likely to backfire You remember how boys were meant to grow up to be John Wayne? Never meant to cry or admit mistakes How'd that turn out?

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    The young adult trilogy of Repairman Jack books kicks off with Secret Histories also by F Paul Wilson Jack last name withheld is a teenage boy who rides around the town of Johnson New Jersey named as such because President Andrew Johnson stayed the night there once with his two best friends Weezy and Eddie Weezy is a conspiracy theorist who believe there is a secret history of the world that is being covered up while Jack just likes hanging out with Weezy While on one of their adventures the three kids discover a dead body that has been mutilated and a strange cube that contains an even stranger object inside After discovering it Jack begins to make connections about his local town and mystery of the death and object As a preuel series to the Repairman Jack series Wilson has some interesting opportunities and challenges to work with In the adult series we never really discover how Jack becomes such a formidable individual How does he become a master of being incognito using weapons defending himself and solving mysteries? When the first book The Tomb 1984 begins Jack is already adept at performing “Fix its” for people is living under the radar and has all the same skills he is using by the end of the series He also has a supporting cast of characters that he already has history with Gia his girlfriend Abe the arm’s dealer and Julio the barkeep being the primary three Being published in 2008 there were also 11 or 12 books worth of books exploring Jack’s mindset and we know the fates of his mother father brother and sister already but not much about their youths The largest challenge Wilson faces though is that his series is a supernatural one and Jack enters The Tomb as a skeptic As readers we’ve either had 24 years or 11 novels of work to see Jack evolve from a skeptic to a believer regarding things like the Adversary the Otherness the Ally and Mother It doesn’t make any sense for him to experience supernatural events in the preuel novels or else he would not be a skeptic when The Tomb begins Wilson obviously wants to tie events from Jack’s youth to his adventures in the present so he must walk a tightrope of having the absurd occur but have Jack not believe or remember what he experiences when he is older For the most part he succeeds on both levels in this book Jack begins to collect skills lock picking fix its and a moral compass while not being totally aware of the supernatural events happening around him The closest he gets to being a believer is seeing a shadowy movement at night time and an apparent government cover up however both are certainly events that could be explained away by an adult remembering the fancies of childhood later on Wilson also does a nice job of developing Jack’s dad and brother Tom as characters foreshadowing the sorts of men they will be when Jack is an adult Unfortunately his mother and sister Kate are both as one dimensional here as they are based on what we know of them in the adult books I imagine it will be difficult to read the next two books and still believe Jack is a skeptic when he is an adult On top of that Wilson has written a second preuel series about Jack’s first years in New York that will likely add to that problem while probably focusing on this supporting non family characters in the adult books As a standalone book this one is very fun however Jack’s fix involving his friend Steve is as brilliant as anything he comes up with as an adult and what we know of the mystery is enough to keep the reader anticipating the next adventure